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19 Style And Beauty Gifts For People Who Love To Read

They probably have enough books, so why not change it up this year?

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A hinged book locket with a folded up message personalized with their favorite quote (plus two photos if so choose) to keep close to their heart.

The gold tone pocket that looks like an antique book from the front and pictured with the locket open to show the pleated paper message
Silk Purse Sow's Ear / Etsy

Just add your message in the personalization box (up to 20 words), and if you'd like the photos, upload them to your Etsy Conversation after checking out.

Get it from Silk Purse Sow's Ear on Etsy for $36.05 ($49.92 with the two photos). It's ready to ship in 1-3 business days, so plan accordingly.

Silk Purse Sow's Ear is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and specializes in custom and zodiac jewelry. All of their packaging is made from recycled or biodegradable materials, and they've partnered with to plant a tree for every piece of jewelry they sell.

2. A cap they'll wear to remind anyone who asks them for favors or to (someday!) boring parties — their weekend is *all booked*.

The cap in navy that says "my weekend is all booked" in embroidery with a book on it

Get it from Amazon for $14.95 (available in three colors).

Promising review: "I like this hat! It’s a good size, adjustable, and the graphic on the front is as expected!" —TSH

3. A Pride and Prejudice-inspired sweatshirt in my personal favorite fashion-forward color combo: pink and red for anyone who is very much the Main Character. Lady Catherine didn't know what a COMPLIMENT she was saying to our Lizzy.

Model in the pink sweatshirt with red text
Bookishly UK

But it's also available in grey with black text, navy with rose gold text, and grey with rose gold text!

Get it from Bookishly UK on Etsy for $44.24 (available in women's sizes XS–XXL and four color combos).

Bookishly UK is a (you guessed it!) England-based Etsy shop making literary-inspired giftables.

4. A set of Karen Mabon satin PJs ~covered~ in book covers that'll whisk them away to lovely dreams in their favorite fictional places.

A model in the pajamas with black background and pastel colored books including Dracula, The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, Black Beauty and more

I gotta say, I WANT THESE SO BADLY!!!!

Get them from Shopbop or Amazon for $195 (available in women's sizes XS–L and in pink on sale for $117 on both sites; also available in a short sleeve and shorts set for $118 on Shopbop or Amazon; available in sizes XS–S).

5. A box clutch designed to look like just like their favorite book. These gorgeous purses are *so* detailed in their embroidery, I simply cannot stop looking at them. Good luck choosing your fave!

Frolioli / Etsy

You can also get it personalized with their name, initials, or a date (for free!).

Get them from Frolioli on Etsy: the 100 Years of Solitude one for $172.76 and the Anne of Green Gables one for $172.76 (both originally $191.95).

Frolioli is a Prague-based Etsy shop making all the book clutches your heart dreams of — including a custom listing with WHATEVER BOOK COVER YOU LIKE!!! Just send a photo of the cover, and they'll get back to you!

6. Or an original Olympia Le-Tan Le Petit Prince book clutch if you're...not on a budget at all. Lucky them!

The clutch that looks like the cover of Le Petit Prince
Mode Operandi

Get it from Moda Operandi for $763 (originally $1,090; take the 30% off with promo code TAKE30). Check out all the Olympia Le Tan book bags available at Moda Operandi here — they're *all* 30% off right now!

7. A subscription to Storybook cosmetics monthly palette box — each month they'll get a different eyeshadow palette that looks like a book (and has colors themed accordingly!) plus a liquid lipstick or gloss. Past versions include Sherlock Holmes and Little Women palettes, as you can see below.

The two book-shaped palettes
Storybook Cosmetics

Give a gift subscription from Storybook Cosmetics for $24.99/month (or $34.99 for a subscription that comes with a brush every month).

8. A long-sleeve tee with images of Black women writers like Maya Angelou, Octavia E. Butler, Roxane Gay and more — it's also available in a tote bag so they can bring home piles of books by these authors from their local library or bookstore.

A model in the white long sleeve tee with 25 images of the authors' faces
The Trini Gee / Etsy

You can also customize the shirt if you want different writers on it!

Get it from The Trini Gee on Etsy for $32 (available in sizes XS–2X and three colors).

The Trini Gee is a Black woman-owned shop based in Texas making apparel, accessories and home items featuring amazing art inspired by Black culture.

9. A pair of distressed gold tone quotation mark stud earrings for anyone who is constantly repeating their favorite lines from books.

The earrings

They have over *600* reviews, and 50% off the proceeds are donated to First Book!

Get them from ModCloth for $12.

Promising review: "I'm a writer and editor, so I love wearing these, especially when I have meetings to remind people who the boss is! They're a good size-- large enough to be seen and for people to know what they are, not large enough to be weird and garish. I also like that they are open and closed quotes, so you have to pay attention to which ear you're putting them in-- and your head acts as the quotation." —Du

You can also get a similar pair in sterling silver from Amazon for $14.99.

10. A bookplate necklace that'll make a heck of a lot of sense to anyone who carefully writes their name inside all their books before *daring* to lend them out.

The gold tone necklace with a scroll that says "ex libris" on it

Get it from Amazon for $30 (also available in eight other book-themed necklace styles.

Promising review: "It's so pretty! The fact that I'm also studying Library Sciences at school I feel this necklace is perfect for me." —Alexa

11. A lion-print silk tie for a subtle nod to Patience and Fortitude, the two marble lions who sit outside the New York Public Library...and the two emotions they feel when someone keeps interrupting them mid-chapter.

The blue tie with white stone lions in a repeat pattern

Get it from The New York Public Library Shop for $50 ($45 if you're a member).

12. A pair of socks that at first glance may seem like regular striped dress socks — but when ~checked out~ (get it?) up close are actually little library sign-out cards.

The white socks with lines and text "author, title, due date" to look like library check out cards

Get them from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in two sizes: small, fits women's sizes 5.5-9 and large, fits women's sizes 8.5-12 and in nine library card colors, plus toooonnns of other sock styles about books generally and themed to specific titles).

Promising review: "A great gift for unstuffy librarians with a streak of nostalgia. Or anyone who loves libraries, for that matter, though today's children may never have seen a date-due card. Quite useful as a visual aid for history lesson beginning 'Back in the day....'. Bonus: Also function as socks!" —SC in SC

13. Or a pair of Poe-ka dot socks for anyone who definitely already has a stuffed animal raven somewhere around their house. "Will you ever lighten up, Dolores?" "Nevermore."

The blue socks with little Edgar Allen Poe faces all over them

Get them from Amazon for $11.99+ (also available in tons and tons of other book-themed options and those '90s ~inspirational reading~ posters, and more!)

Promising review: "I had these on my 2018 Christmas wish list -- along with a Poe-themed mug -- and I did not receive either item (I got lots of other great stuff). So, after visiting Edgar Allan Poe's grave in Baltimore on my birthday in early March, in a renewed fit of fangirl for the inimitable EAP, I came home and ordered both the socks and the mug. I'm here to tell you that the socks completely exceeded my expectations. I thought they'd be thin; they're thick (although not too thick). I thought they'd be on the small size for my size-9 foot; they're generously sized. These are socks made for lounging and lazing. I wish I'd gotten them before spring arrived because I fear I won't get much use out of them until cool weather comes back around, but in the meantime I'm going to enjoy them every moment I can. They're SO comfortable. I love these so much that I plan to buy more Out Of Print items like these socks, as gifts." —Dreamer

14. Byredo's Bibliotheque perfume (with the scent of their post popular Bibliotheque candle) designed to evoke the atmosphere of a library with notes of peach, plum, leather, and vanilla.

The bottle of perfume

Get it from Nordstrom for $180 (or get the candle for $85).

Promising review: "This is my favorite new fragrance. I love the sweetness, the depth , and spiciness that this perfume has. It is a beautiful scent that lasts all day. I have received many compliments. I even spray it on my wrist when I go to bed at night so I can smell it while I am reading. It is lovely!" —voiile

15. A set of book cover enamel pins to place all over their denim jacket or book bag to show their membership in this book club we call life.


There are a whopping 76 different pins available — check out the full selection to choose yours!

Get them from Ideal Bookshelf on Etsy for $11 each.

Ideal Bookshelf is a Hawaii-based Etsy shop that also makes illustrated bookshelf prints (and mugs, totes, notecards, and more)!

16. A canvas ~book jacket~ (lol!!) specifically designed with a front pocket big enough to whole a book so they never have to leave the house without one. I can absolutely picture Jess Mariano wearing this — can't you?!

A model in the white jacket with a striped pocket with a book inside, plus other smaller pockets
Book Shop

Get it from Book Shop for $349 (available in men's sizes S–L and in navy blue canvas and yellow nylon).

17. A Book Brothers sweatshirt to make any literary pun lover chuckle — and make passers by on the street do a double take.

A green sweatshirt that says Books Brothers in the Brooks Brothers cursive font
Book Shop

Get it from Book Shop for $85 (available in men's sizes XS–XL and navy blue and white).

18. A T-shirt or pullover from their favorite local bookstore (with money actually going to support the stores) so they can rep small bizzes in style.


Get them from Bonfire: the AdventureBound Books one for $24.99, the Book Woman one for $24.99 and shop all the local bookstore tees here (available in unisex sizes XS–3X and in several different t-shirt and sweatshirt styles, depending on the design).

19. A reusable shopping bag to make mundane errands feel more like a trip to the library. It's a heavy-duty option sturdy enough to schlep all the groceries to make some literary-themed recipes.... or to carry all 37 books they just checked out.

The bag with several illustrations of people reading in different scenes with text "all booked up"

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

Promising review: "I love these bags. I replace mine about once a year. I usually buy three. I use them for everything. Groceries, taking food and drinks for lunch, each bag holds about one load of laundry on laundry day, gym bag. They are super cute. I used one for a diaper bag. I've been using the bags for about 12 years. I love them." —Melissa Hood

Blue Q (the brand of this bag) also makes a pair of sweary socks perfect for making anyone who dares interrupt their reading go away ($12.99 on Amazon)!

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