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    39 Statement Tops That'll Make Your Whole Outfit

    These are the ~cherry on top~ of any clothing sundae!

    1. A ruffle-sleeve top in a soft and stretchy faux suede that'll make a statement while feeling light as air.

    2. A satin-y long sleeve with slightly bold shoulders and a sheer inset plunging neckline for a dramatic look without freezing all night.

    3. An embroidered-yoke blouse, because you deserve a bouquet of flowers that'll never die — and these'll live happily on your shoulders.

    4. An asymmetrical tunic for an elevated look (especially when paired with a long necklace) but a super-comfy feel.

    5. A frayed-edge v-neck sweater to make figuring out what to wear in the morning a less ~distressing~ task.

    6. A high and ruffle-necked sheer tank with embroidered stars for truly *universal* appeal.

    7. A beaded, tie-front blouse that'll encourage you to take the ~plunge~ when it comes to updating your going out wardrobe.

    8. A tulle top in a floral pattern *made out of sequins* for anyone looking for a little something ~extra~.

    9. A mesh long sleeve with detailed studding on the front and a sheer back that'll make any outing feel like a special occasion.

    10. A collared blouse with an illusion bustier that'll make it look like you're a fashion blogger–level layerer — but it's really one piece!

    11. A balloon-sleeve pullover sweater, because even though the mercury is dropping, your personal style is just heating up.

    12. A sheer Swiss dot number with textured trim for '60s pajama vibes brought to the modern day.

    13. A fringed pullover to add a whole new ~dimension~ to your jeans-and-a-top look.

    14. A lovely lace tank your friends are going to need to get used to seeing you in, because you're wearing this every time you guys go out.

    15. A layered, ruffle-bottomed top to add some pep(lum) to your step.

    16. A sheer metallic mock neck for layering under tank or slip dresses or over pretty bralettes for a show-stopping look.

    17. A two-tone, twist-front top you should wear into Sephora to find your two new favorite shades of red lipstick, tbh.

    18. An all-over lace bodysuit so you can tuck it in easily under jeans or a skirt to ~top off~ your look.

    19. A voluminous scuba-fabric top that'll make heads turn in your direction, because you're the star of every party you walk into.

    20. A nubby off-the-shoulder pullover Tyra Banks would call "sweatshirt, but make it fashion."

    21. An asymmetrical twist-front tank ideal for dramatic #OOTD Instagrams.

    22. A sequin cami in a tapestry-like embroidered floral pattern to bring a little sparkle to your everyday outfits.

    23. A short-sleeve, cinched waist top for a sophisticated look you easily can wear to the office and out to drinks afterwards.

    24. A loose-fitting and super-soft maxi tee so you can bring the d-r-a-m-a while staying incredibly comfy.

    25. A puff-sleeve blouse with butterfly-shaped cutouts sure to make hearts ~flutter~ (especially your own) everywhere you go.

    26. A sleeveless chiffon top that'll trail behind you dramatically when strutting your stuff or posing for photos in the breeze.

    27. A boxy tee with rhinestone epaulettes, because why wear a boring one when you can shine bright (shine far, be a star!).

    28. A fringed tweed top for Chanel-y vibes at a far (far, far, far) lower price point.

    29. An oversized knit with a lace-up back for a hint of sexy to go with your cozy. Or because your front needs to stay warm and your back needs a dang breeze.

    30. A 3D fluffy cami to add pop of color and fun, whether you're heading to the office or out dancing.

    31. An oversized snake-print blouse for an effortl-hiss way to let this current trend ~slither~ into your closet — just wear it over leggings or tucked into jeans.

    32. A sequin-sleeve embellished tee to add a little Lucille Bluth to your wardrobe. 😉😉😉

    33. An off-the-shoulder blouse so your feathers don't get ~ruffled~ when struggling to decide what to wear to that party.

    34. A lace crop top you can pop over a sheath dress, cami, or bralette — get ready to repLACE all your other tops with this in all three colors.

    35. A heathered turtleneck with buttons all the way down the back for a ~fashun~ twist on a cozy classic.

    36. An open-back sweatshirt top so you can stun from 360°.

    37. A sequin-bedecked short-sleeve tee with bows on the back so you can enter *and* leave the party with panache.

    38. A simple black top with embroidered bell sleeves so you'll have plenty of room for tricks up them.

    39. And a ringer tee for anyone whose statement to make is "Who's up for some nachos rn? Maybe a marg?"

    When you wear the same pants for the fifth time this week but just change up your top:

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