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    38 Products For People Who Don't Have Any Space

    If you've just about run out of room these compact and space-saving things have your back.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Nesting food storage containers in a rainbow of colors to make matching the lid easier than ever (each container has a dot with the same color as the lid right on the bottom!) — and of course, these take up, like, *no* room in your cabinets.

    2. A laundry folding board that'll, in a few quick moves, transform your wrinkled piles of clothes into *neat*, *easy-to-sort-through* stacks o' crispness, which take up MUCH less space in your closet...and even your suitcase.

    3. The newest version (it has a built-in light now!!) of the original basic Kindle so you can save storage space (and money) on all the books you love — you can even check ebooks out from your local library to your Kindle *for free*.

    A hand holding the black Kindle

    4. A durable honeycomb drawer insert to corral your socks, scarves, ties, undies, etc. in style, because a more organized drawer = a drawer that can hold more. Now you can actually see which is which when getting dressed in the morning.

    A reviewer's drawer with underwear in the divider

    5. A folding two-level desk so you can get your WFH on in style without sacrificing permanent space. You can store this right under your bed or couch when not in use!

    The woodgrain and black desk with a computer level and a smaller higher level for display items

    6. A fruit and veggie hammock (seriously, how cute is this tho), to free up your precious counter space for prep work *and* keep your bananas and apples at eye height so you might actually, well, eat one.

    The macrame net hung below a cabinet with wood dowels and hooks

    7. A wireless charger *frame* so when you're not powering up your device, you get a nice little extra bit of home decor. Why clutter up your bedside table with chargers when you can just pop this right on?

    The black frame with a phone propped up inside, getting charged

    8. A set of Shoe Slotz for any Carrie Bradshaw with way too many pairs of pumps to fit into an NYC-sized closet. Just put one shoe on the shelf, top with a ~Shoe Slot~, and stack the other shoe on top. You just DOUBLED your storage space.

    A before/after of shelves showing the shoes stacked on each other using the Shoe Slots, so the pairs take up half as much space

    9. A spice *drawer* organizer so you can turn the messiest part of the kitchen into a clear, easy-to-read assortment of jars and labels. You'll save cabinet space AND never again accidentally add cumin where you meant to add coriander.

    10. A 50-pack of super-slim velvet hangers to streamline your closet, allowing you to hang way more tops, blazers, and dresses (oh so many dresses).

    A reviewer's closet, with lots of clothes because of the slim hangers

    11. A mini KitchenAid stand mixer (it's 3.5 quarts!) that'll be perfectly sized for your counter space. Now you can whip up batch after batch of cookies *and* have enough space for a cooling rack.

    Five colors of the mini mixer next to the full size mixer too show the difference

    12. And a KitchenAid attachment organizer that hangs right from — you guessed it — the bottom of your cabinets to free up precious drawers and keep your dough hook, paddle, and whisk attachments ready whenever the urge to bake strikes (aka every day).

    The attachments and organizer hanging from a cabinet

    13. A zero-installation-required magnetic stove shelf for keeping your most-used seasonings at arm's reach. Who *doesn't* need additional storage space in what is truly the best room in your home?

    The shelf on top of the back of a stove range holding oil, salt and pepper shakers, other spices, and a mortar and pestle

    14. An under-cabinet jar opener so you can keep a very *handy* tool out of sight, out of mind (until you need it for those pesky pickles) and most importantly: out of your drawers.

    A hand opening a jar using the opener mounted underneath a cabinet

    15. A minimalist silverware tray that'll help you save drawer space, make emptying the dishwasher easier and keep the cutlery for becoming ~clutter-ly~. No forking room left in your kitchen?? No problem.

    The organizer in grey with silverware organized at an angle inside

    16. A Command jewelry/bag/scarf organizer to make the most of your doors or closet wall space while adding an elegant touch, thanks to the crystal knob details. And since it's Command, you can feel confident you're keeping the paint work intact.

    The four-knob organizer with a reviewer's necklaces hanging from it

    17. A clip-on silicone strainer, because why waste space on a full-size colander or struggle with losing half of your noodles down the drain?? This bb is smaller AND easier to use.

    A model pouring out pasta water with one hand, with the green strainer clipped on the pot

    18. A set of ~as-seen-on-TV~ Wonder Hangers that'll help prevent those pesky snags and wrinkles caused by overcrowded closets. Time for a shopping spree, because you suddenly have more room!

    An image showing the steps how it hangs five hangers (any kind!) from the one wonder hanger

    19. A shower curtain with built-in mesh pockets so you finally have room for all four conditioners you rotate through, your loofah, and shampoo brush — without getting anything moldy or mildewy. These'll keep everything aired out and dry. Aaaaand off your already-crowded tub ledge.

    The clear curtain with nine pockets in different sizes

    20. A curling iron with five interchangeable barrels to create tons and tons and tons of different curl patterns and hairstyles without having to buy or store five separate tools. They range from a tapered wand (.3-.75 inches) to a 1.25 inch clamped curling iron so you can customize your look!

    A reviewer showing the different kinds of curls each barrel creates

    21. A set of Space Saver vacuum bags to squeeeeeze your out-of-season clothes and blankets into their most compact version. Closets can't close?? We got you.

    22. A closet rod you can hang from your existing one so you can make the very most out of your vertical space (and help your little'un reach their favorite outfits without your help).

    The doubling rod hanging from the top built-in closet rod on rubber-tipped hooks

    23. A macrame plant hanger if you've simply run out of surfaces on which to place your little green friends. You can start hanging them from the ceiling now — plus it provides some real lush ~ambience~.

    Six macrame hangers in different colors holding planters of different sizes

    24. A bed frame with built-in storage space that'll corral and reduce the extra stuff in your closet (hello, out-of-season clothes and bedding!) so sweaters can be out of sight, out of mind until the cold weather comes back.

    The bed with the mattress lifted up to show the under-bed storage

    25. An over-the-door plastic bag organizer to restrain your collecting habits, corral your bags, and make it easy to grab one to use without disturbing the whole assortment. Just reach in the hole!

    The black metal organizer with an oval-shaped opening in the middle so you can grab a bag

    26. A five-in-one wine stopper that'll also aerate (so your three-buck ~opens up~ to let the nuances and flavors shine), filter out cork particles, pour neatly, and re-cork the bottle. That's a lot of tasks for such a tiny device. Those giant aerators? No longer needed.

    The wine stopper in a bottle on its side

    27. A handy dandy over-the-door mirror with a secret — inside is a (lockable!) compartment with space for alllllll your jewelry, plus LED lights so you can see your fave pieces ~sparkle~.

    The mirror in white shown closed and open, with shelves for bracelets, hooks for necklaces and earrings, and slots for rings

    28. A wall-mounted trio of seagrass baskets for additional *stylish* storage wherever you need it, like your entryway or home office space.

    The three beige baskets hanging from the wall-mounted metal frame

    29. And from the same store, a mini wall-mounted brass note roll to keep a running to-do or grocery list *off* your counter and *in* your brain. Just add to your list whenever something pops in your brain, and tear off to take on-the-go.

    The brown paper roll on the brass holder

    30. A set of handy-dandy under-shelf baskets you can use in closets! pantries! cabinets! or even the fridge! to maximize all your space. Stacking things endlessly will *not* end well — these will help.

    31. A set of five-rung pants hangers to stow away alllllllllll your jeans and leggings — without hogging up your whole hanging rod. We're preventing clothes from stacking up on The Chair, one slightly weird-looking hanger at a time.

    The hangers with pants, with non-slip coating to keep them on securely

    32. A Cuisinart five-in-one sandwich press, griddle, and grill for a kitchen tool that's the opposite of a unitasker.

    33. A hanging glassware rack that'll add precious storage space under your cabinet *and* add a cool bar-like vibe to your kitchen. Aaaaand make it even easier to pour yourself a quick glass of the good stuff after a long day.

    Six glasses hanging from the black rack under a cabinet

    34. A 30-section hanging organizer to free up your floor space — all your sneakers, ballet, flats, and loafers need a forever home where they won't get dusty (or make you trip).

    A reviewer using two of the organizers to organize their sneakers and shoes

    35. Shelf dividers so you can stack *HIGH* without your teetering tower of sweaters toppling when you're rushing in the morning. No one likes a jumper jumble.

    The white wire dividers separating button-ups and sweaters

    36. A pretty acrylic makeup organizer for displaying your favorite palettes, nail polishes, and more right on your vanity, rather than hogging up bathroom drawers. Live your best beauty YouTuber life.

    The organizer on a counter holding lipsticks, brushes, lashes, and other makeup

    37. A jewel-tone wall-hanging file folder so you can organize all those pesky papers — OUT of your already-crowded desk — and add a touch of color to your drab office. Color-coding FTW!

    The file organizer hanging on a home office wall

    38. And a tufted storage ottoman for a chicly secretive place to store extra blankets, books, or even shoes (idk about you, but I'm always looking for shoe storage), while blending in with your decor.

    The rectangular ottoman with nailhead trim in grey

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