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    24 Ways To Decorate Your Home Without Making It Look Cluttered

    Organized home, organized mind.

    1. Upgrade your living room with a coffee table that keeps magazines and books at arm's reach but looks clear and clutter-free on top.

    2. Add a touch of greenery without bulky planters with pressed floral artwork in a clear frame to let your walls shine through.

    3. Hang a large mirror with a minimalist black frame to make your space look way bigger and reflect natural light.

    4. Or skip artwork altogether and try an accent ombre wall that adds a lot of style without any extra ~stuff~.

    5. Reduce the appearance of clutter by using transparent "ghost chairs" at your desk, dining room table, or vanity — they'll seamlessly blend into your space.

    6. Free up your floor space by hanging a thick piece of natural wood that works perfectly as a nightstand or end table.

    7. Make your desk or office space uncluttered so you can focus better — hang your headphones from an under-desk hook so they're accessible but out of the way.

    8. And keep your pretty office supplies OFF your desk by hanging them from a simple grid organizer.

    9. Keep things simple and organized with a minimalist end table that doesn't take up a lot of space and stores things neatly.

    10. Or use a nesting coffee table so you can pull out the smaller one as needed.

    11. Up your cool factor with a bluetooth speaker that lights up in seven different colors, opens like an accordion, and when closed, only takes up the space of ONE BOOK.

    12. Hide extra objects in a modern stool with secret storage space in the top AND bottom.

    13. Create extra space you can access easily with a wall mirror that opens up to be a jewelry organizer.

    14. Swap out your bulky coat rack for a large wall hook that can hold a coat, bag, and umbrella — no sweat.

    15. Rather than draping blankets over your sofa or chairs, store them folded neatly in pretty wire baskets for easy access.

    16. Keep your color scheme monochromatic, but add a pop without any extra doodads with a colorful rug.

    17. Customize your space with a shelving unit that converts to a set of three tables.

    18. Keep a few must-haves on a minimalist white shelving organizer that blends right into the wall.

    19. Clean up the area around your sink and the rest of your vanity by storing your pretty beauty and grooming products on a separate organizer.

    20. And contain your less-than-lovely supplies (like Q-tips, etc.) in geometric terrariums to look extra organized and mess-free.

    21. Mount a surge protector on the back of a desk or table to finally get rid of the tangled cords all over your floors.

    22. Clean up your kitchen space and get rid of your counter knife block; store your knives and metal utensils on a magnetic rack (either mounted on on the wall or hidden under cabinets).

    23. Skip the loads of decorative pillows on top of your bed and keep it simple, with just your regular sleeping pillows and one bolster pillow to cap it off neatly.

    24. And choose grid-printed bedding and geometric prints that (at least) IMPLY a sense of order for a organized and cozy retreat that'll make you feel perfectly at home.

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