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21 Harry Potter School Supplies That Will Make You A Total Hermione

Expecto excellent grades.

1. Divination Weekly Planner

With a truly Ravenclaw interior.

2. Hippogriff Quill Ballpoint Pen

3. Hogwarts Luggage Bookbag

4. Harry Potter Textbook Notebooks

5. Post-It Note Monster Books

6. Set of 10 Book Covers

Scribble in the margins at your own risk.

$34.01, Kiko Illustrador on Etsy.

7. Engraved Pencil Set

8. Marauder's Map Mouse Pad

9. Deathly Hallows Hogwarts Lunch Box

10. Hogwarts Library Bookplates

11. Snape Quote Tote Bag

12. Owl Sticky Notes

13. Spectra Specs

14. Productivity Timing Hourglass

15. Wand Pencils

16. Harry Potter Poetry Magnet Set

17. Library Tote Bag

18. Potions & Parchment Candle

19. Felix Felicis Bottle Necklace

20. Washi Tape

21. Wingardium Leviosa Pencil Case