Sephora's Weekly Wow Deals Are Here, And I'm Excited About This One

    Ok, you guys, this week you can score several versions of the Foreo Luna 2, a silicone face-cleansing device, for 25% off! Real talk, I am **obsessed** with mine, so skincare addicts, NOW is the time to score yours! It gets your face totally clean (free of makeup, excess oil, dead skin cells, etc!) in 60 SECONDS. Clarisonic, who?? Other stuff is on sale too, but can you tell I'm pumped about this deal in particular?

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    In case you didn't know, every Thursday, Sephora has a WEEKLY WOW sale where several of their best products are 🚨seriously discounted.🚨

    The sale lasts the whoooooole week (but only while supplies last!), so here are all the 🔥 products to add to your cart immediately:

    50% off Buxom Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick — a matte but lightweight lip color that'll plump up lips without making your pout feel slathered in goop all day.

    40% off Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector — highly pigmented creams with light-reflecting properties to cancel out the toughest redness, dullness, dark circles, and more. I'll take one of each, please!

    And 25% off *five* different versions of the Foreo Luna 2, a facial cleansing device that'll honestly be a game-changer when it comes to your skincare routine — it vibrates at up to 8,000 T-Sonic pulses per minute and is covered with flexible silicone ~touch points~ that'll gently remove dirt, makeup, oil, and dead skin cells. Just turn it on and it'll clean your whole face in one minute! Aaaaand you'll get 450 uses for just one charge.

    On a personal note, I have the Luna Mini 2, and I love it so much, I would praise it from the rooftops. My sensitive and acne-prone skin is OBSESSED.

    Luna 2 for Normal Skin — the OG version that'll exfoliate your skin and rid your pores of gunk. After cleansing your face, flip it over and use the bumps on the back in "anti-aging mode," which gently pulses to target fine lines and winkles.

    Foreo Luna 2 for Sensitive Skin — a version with smaller silicone touch points for a gentle, and never irritating, cleansing experience. No tugging!

    Luna 2 for Combination Skin — an option with three sizes of silicone bristles to cleanse your dry areas without stripping them of moisture AND tackle your oily t-zone. It's called a win-win.

    Luna 2 for Oily Skin — the best bet for anyone with shine that won't quit. It has broad, rectangular (rather than round) silicone bristles to whisk away oil and stop acne in its tracks, and like all the other versions, helps your skin absorb product much better.

    Luna for Men 2 — a sleek black model with the same rectangular bristles as the oily skin version above for enlarged pores, breakouts, and more.

    Wash that face, bbs!

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