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31 Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Rom-Coms

"I'll have what they're having." —anyone watching someone open these gifts.

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1. A pair of Mark Darcy earrings for anyone who thinks he's a real ~stud~. Nice guys *do* kiss like that.

The earrings which look like Colin Firth's face

2. And a simple red lined diary so they can record all their misadventures just like Bridget. Bonus points if you leave a cute note to them in the front reminding them to just pick Mr. Darcy already (always pick Mr. Darcy).

the notebook

3. A Pride and Prejudice-themed, Earl Grey-scented candle (with a miniature Pemberley and lake on top of the candle???? the genius) that's basically like the comfort food of candles. But warning, this little bb might be too cute to burn.

The candle tin

4. A pair of Baby and Johnny FunkoPops to ~heat up~ their overly air-conditioned cubicle or WFH desk. Might I suggest pairing with the 20th anniversary Dirty Dancing sountrack?

5. A top-rated karaoke machine exclusively for singing "Surrey with the Fringe on Top" before inevitably running into their ex and of course, *Ira* before getting into an argument over a Roy Rogers wagon wheel coffee table.

A reviewer's machine with microphones projecting blue and green lights on the walls and ceiling

6. A set of fluffy pens they can twirl like Cher does when daydreaming their way into any sort of lighthearted romantic shenanigans.

The pens in green, pink, blue, and purple with beads in the pens and a faux fur puff ball on top of each

7. An iconic "What, like it's hard?" mug sure to give their morning coffee (and their confidence) a little something extra, dontcha think?

The mug

8. An adorable miniature talking book that plays 15 different quotes from The Princess Bride any time they need a smile on their face. It's basically a little way to tell them "As you wish" every single day.

The set

9. A mid-century inspired print celebrating our favorite 1989 classic for anyone who simply can't think about the Met Museum, autumn leaves, or pecan pie without running the entire "Waiterrr, there is too much pepper on my paprikash" scene through their brain.

The print with the film title, quotes, and an illustration of a dinner set with text "I'll have what she's having" on the plate

10. A six-pack of iconic moments from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (available as enamel pins or stickers!), because this is truly one of the most quotable movies of all time. "BunnnnddNTTT!"

The six styles, including the bridesmaid dress, bundt cake, windex, Aunt Voula saying "what do you mean he don't eat no meet," a greek lettering style house saying "give me a word"and kimono with "how about the word kimono text"

11. A gorgeous and retro stovetop pop corn pot so they can concoct a movie theater-quality snack to go with their fave flick while also evoking a Nancy Meyers movie kitchen ~aesthetic~.

The popper, which is a black pot with a silver lid and wooden hand crank, on a stove

12. Or a box of assorted chocolates from See's, because really does anything else go better?? Maybe they'll even throw 'em at the screen à la Elle Woods.

The box of milk and dark chocolates

13. An absolutely OMG-worthy, gold-plated replica of the Love actually necklace you might want to gift them in secret — may I suggest in a dark corner for doing dark deeds? Oh, and whatever you do, DON'T ask Mr. Bean to gift wrap it.

The gold heart shaped pendant with a pinkish-red stone

14. Build Your Own Romantic Comedy, a choose-your-own-adventure-like book that'll allow them to create up to 100+ possible storylines by choosing between different meet cutes, adorably unrealistic main character jobs, and makeovers. It's the perfect fix for your bestie who longs for the rom-com golden days of the '90s and '00s (same).

The cover of the book

15. A truly amazing The Holiday enamel pin featuring one of the best quotes from the best holiday rom-com of all time (I said what I said) to remind them to be the leading lady of their own life.

The black, white, peach, green, and gold pin with a corsage and the words "I'm looking for corny in my life"

16. A tee that is short and sweet and to the point, and yet somehow sums up their entire life philosophy, personality, and aesthetic taste in two simple words.

Models wearing the black short sleeve tee that reads "Nancy Meyers"

17. A Travel Book Co. tote bag so they'll have somewhere to stash their shopping other than the front of their trousers next time they're in Notting Hill. And if they happen to get orange juice spilled on them while they're there? They know where to go.

The canvas tote with a sketch of the blue bookshop

18. A pair of text bubble stickers that are probably enough to get any Love, Simon fan choked up with in two seconds of unwrapping them.

A gray text bubble sticker that reads "Dear Jacques," and a blue text bubble sticker that reads "Dear Blue," both stuck to the back of a laptop

19. A mini (but bright and powerful) multimedia projector to turn any room into a movie room, because the bigger the screen, the better when it comes to rom-coms. We want to IMMERSE OURSELVES in the EMOTION.

The projector and screen

20. A gorgeous Pretty Woman print featuring all of Vivian's enviable outfits from the movie. They're sure to like it better than Pirates of Penzance *and* think it's so good they almost pee their pants.

The pink background print that reads "Pretty Woman: Vivian" on the top and has 28 silhouettes of her in different outfits from the movie

21. Or a stylish tee emblazoned with one of the most famous lines in the history of cinema that is a Big mood. Big. Huge.

A model wearing the white short sleeve tee that reads "Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now. Vivian Ward"

22. A Breakfast at Tiffany's eye mask so any Holly Golightlys can sleep Holly Go-heavily, even when the sun comes streaming in a bit too early.

The aqua mask with gold sequin trim and gold embroidery to look like eyebrows and eyelashes

23. A sweet little music box that plays music from Amélie and has a little illustration of Audrey Tautou's face. It might even sound better than the satisfying crunch of breaking into a crème brulée.

The little white music box with Amelie written on it in red

24. Sugar, Butter, Flour, a Waitress-inspired cookbook so they can make Jenna's famous pies right in their very own kitchen.

The cover of the book

25. A classic rom-com quote pencil set they can use to get started on their own rom-com screenplay, a heartfelt love letter, or just a plain old grocery list (just make sure said list includes Razzles).

The pink and gold embossed pencils that read "Thirty, flirty, and thriving!," "You had me at hello," "What, like it's hard?," "As you wish," and "Ugh, as if!"

26. A hilarious dancing Hugh Grant throw pillow that'll undoubtedly make them ~jump~ for joy and want to dance around the room with it to a certain Pointer Sisters tune.

The square white pillow with a silhouette of Hugh Grant in "Love, Actually" pointing his fingers and dancing

27. An actual "love fern" I 100% believe they can keep alive, unlike Benjamin Barry in the 2003 classic How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. "No honey, it's just sleeping!"

The fern in a blue pot

28. A sticker of Eleanor Young's ring from Crazy Rich Asians they'll be so glad they don't have to win a game of mah-jongg to earn.

A sticker of the green jeweled ring on a water bottle

29. An inspirational sign with a powerful quote from Hitch to remind them to savor every minute, especially every one of the 118 minutes of their favorite movie.

The black sign that reads "Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away. Hitch 2005"

30. A minimalist The Proposal movie poster to make their decor look fit for a film buff, even if they exclusively watch romantic comedies made between the years 1995 and 2010 and/or things with Sandra Bullock in them.

The poster, which features silhouettes of the main characters on an orange background and the text "The Proposal 2009 Running Time 108 minutes Directed By Anne Fletcher Starring Ryan Reynolds Sandra Bullock"

31. A boss notepad that looks like it came from the desk of their favorite rom-com heroine and that they'll actually look forward to using at work (yes, even if they have to work instead of watching another Nora Ephron marathon, sigh).

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