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    29 Cool And Random Things You Can Probably Afford

    Shut up and take this small amount of money.

    1. A color-changing nightlight and bluetooth speaker to set the perfect mood lighting and music.

    2. An inflatable gummy bear chair that'll make you feel like you're living in a sugary dreamworld.

    3. A desktop game set for anyone who is way more productive when they take an occasional golf, pool, or bowling break.

    4. A temporary tattoo kit that creates inked designs that last TWO WEEKS.

    5. An elephant whose belly is filled with tea to infuse your favorite beverage. Don't worry, he has his trunk hung over the rim so you can take him out with ease.

    6. A trio of dessert-themed slimes in scents like cookie dough, peanut butter brownies, and cappuccino... sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and your hands.

    7. Or iridescent putty you can move with a magnet and basically feel like a wizard.

    8. An activity book for anyone who is (im)patiently waiting for National Treasure 3.

    9. A selection of hand creams masquerading as fruits.

    10. A game of rainbow jenga that'll add a dose of color to your next game night.

    11. Farfalle-shaped silicone grips to protect your hands from hot pots and pans.

    12. A two-in-one compact mirror and external battery to keep your lipstick poppin' and your phone charged.

    13. Pretty in pink string lights that have it flamin-going on.

    14. A cactus-shaped travel pillow to ensure your airplane seat neighbor stays on their side of the armrest.

    15. A taco-shaped cheese grater that's ~tortill-y grate~.

    16. A memo-holding desk donkey to keep you from looking like an ass when you forget your most important to-do list item.

    17. A recipe book filled with cocktail and game ideas that tie in to your favorite works of literature.

    18. An inflatable cactus who will chill and safeguard all your drinks and threaten to prick any party crasher who tries to steal a beer.

    19. A ring light that clips right on your phone for the most ~lit~ selfies of all time.

    20. A three-pack of travel-size lotions and creams that ~actually~ contain your favorite alcohol. That's right, they're SECRET FLASKS!

    21. A DIY neon sign kit to spell out your favorite symbol or word in glowing splendor.

    22. A unicorn bottle holder who likes to chug wine as much as you do.

    23. Oreo-shaped teethers that are perfect for a last-minute shower gift...and prove that you are, in fact, the cool aunt/uncle.

    24. A jelly cleansing ball to add a little fun to your face-washing and makeup-removing routine.

    25. Erasable highlighters that'll help you out when you accidentally mark the wrong passage during late night study sessions. Accidents happen at 2:15am.

    26. Resealable freeze pop bags perfect for making bOoZy treats to help you beat the heat.

    27. A kit that transforms a watermelon into the ultimate keg — just fill it with your favorite libation and enjoy.

    28. A set of splatter-preventing silicone lids to keep your microwave from turning into a ~pigsty~.

    29. A wall-mounting bottle opener that magnetically holds up to 25 caps on your wall and shows off how many beers you've had recently.

    You, right now.