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    25 Things To Reward Yourself With After Getting Stuff Done

    A llama duster, jumbo champagne flute, actual Dundie award, and 22 other fun things to treat yourself to anytime you accomplish something.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cactus-embroidered mini bucket bag that'll encourage you to clean out your closet and start fresh for fall (gotta make room for cute accessories!).


    Get it from Amazon for $25.99+ (also available in black, plus four colors of snake print).

    Promising review: "This purse was even better than I expected! When it first arrived I thought it was too small but it actually fits much more than I thought. I have only worn it out twice but I've gotten tons of compliments on it already! It's well made and I was able to fit my wallet, keys, sunglasses, and a small makeup bag inside without it feeling overstuffed! Very pleased!" β€”MzBerry

    2. A slate board with brass handles to deck out your first grown up wine-and-cheese night or dinner party.


    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this product. I bought two of these as gifts and both recipients love them. This is a wonderful product for the very reasonable price. I want one for myself now!" β€”Shelby Young

    3. A Ramona Singer eyes sleep mask you can now take a well-deserved nap in total darkness. Ah, luxury.


    Yes, Ramona from Real Housewives of New York. WHOMST else?!

    Get it from Esther and Opal on Etsy for $14.99.

    4. A 10-pack of sheet masks packed with vitamins, minerals, and Icelandic glacier water to refresh and hydrate your skin after you've been thoroughly stressed.

    You get two of each of the five kinds: peach (for moisture), papaya (for exfoliation), litchi (for brightening), mangosteen (for calming), and almond (for nutrients).

    Get the set of 10 (plus the silicone puff) from Amazon for $10.98.

    Promising review: "I bought these on a whim and I fell in love. I have really dry skin and these soften and hydrate my skin. I have turned all my girlfriends to these masks as well!" β€”Christine Sunny

    5. A grill-top raclette utensil for a ~not-too-cheesy~ way to say "I'm proud of you" to yourself.

    It slides right out to top the food of your choosing β€” without oil or grease!

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $10.

    Promising review: "This makes the perfect melty cheese that you want on your food - my husband absolutely loves his cheese, so I ordered it and thought it would be a great gift. He uses it almost everyday and it's easy to use and clean!" β€”Juliet

    6. An ~eye-catching~ photo holder so you can display memories of your proudest moments (graduations, milestones, that bakery you discovered all your friends are now obsessed with, etc.) β€” hello continuing inspiration!

    Urban Outfitters

    You'll get even *more* done when baby-you is watching.

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $8.

    7. A skull-shaped cakelet pan you can whip up treats in after successfully arranging your five-person friend group Halloween costume.


    Some reviewers used this to make stuffed pizzas (aka skullzones), and they look INCREDIBLE.

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99.

    Promising review: "Don't let the price scare you. This pan is very good quality and even being the poor baker that I am, I have had great success every time I've used it. The definition of the skulls on the baked product is very impressive. Just a quick rinse with hot soapy water and it's clean. No sticking what-so-ever. I am definitely a fan of Nordicware now." β€”ShopperBee

    8. A calming print to remind you after getting through a trying day that your home is The Good Place, even if the world seems like it's the opposite.

    Green Frog Prints

    Get it from Green Frog Prints on Etsy for $10+ (available in four sizes).

    9. A stylish cold brew maker, because you need to feel awake in the morning now that you've scored that awesome job.


    The fine mesh will keep pesky grounds from getting in your coffee. This pitcher has an airtight rubber seal to keep those fridge smells out and the coffee flavor in. And it's dishwasher safe!

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in two sizes).

    Promising review: "I love cold brewed coffee! The biggest problem with making iced or cold coffee was the watered down taste that I had when I added ice to freshly brewed coffee. This solved that problem! This product is incredibly easy to use, and the coffee is delicious! All it takes is some coarsely ground coffee, water and time to brew. I followed the directions, placing the coffee and water in the Takeya. In less than three minutes, I had the Takeya loaded and set it in the fridge to brew overnight. While I missed the smell of fresh coffee brewing the next morning, I got over it pretty fast when I tasted the cold brew. So happy to be able to enjoy my favorite brew without the acidic taste. I am thinking about buying a second one so that I can have a cup or two in the afternoon." β€”TennisVol

    My Starbucks cold brew habit cut back *significantly* when I bought this. Check out my review of this iced coffee maker for all the deets!

    10. A llama-shaped duster to keep you company after you've cleaned the house from attic to basement (or at least vacuumed your bedroom).


    He's very flexible, which makes him even better at grabbing dust bunnies in hard-to-reach areas.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.01.

    Promising review: "Purchased this for my co-worker and I and we both love it! It does NOT spread dust around like some other feather dusters... this little guy leaves nothing behind and works great!" β€”Autumn Birch

    11. A printed yoga mat so every time you bend into downward-facing dog, you're reminded of your imminent future. Spoiler alert: it's looking like it's topped with guac.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (also available in a pizza one, plus six other styles).

    Promising review: "Functional and fun! A good reminder of why I'm working out!" β€”Kourtney Elzie

    12. A set of four succulent enamel pins to wear as a badge of honor when you've kept a plant alive for more than a week.

    Get them from Amazon for $5.99.

    Promising review: "I bought these to put on my jean jacket and I have gotten tons of compliments on them already! They are tiny but Oh SO CUTE! Good buy and great price!" β€”S.A.

    13. A literal Dundie award so you can properly celebrate completing a big work project or getting a promotion.


    Get it from Amazon for $18.98.

    Promising review: "Hilarious and awesome for any fan of The Office. Got lots of laughs from coworkers. I thought it would be flimsy but it’s actually well built!" β€”Laura

    14. A colorful lunchbox in the shape of a chic crossbody bag you can buy with all the money you've saved by remembering to bring your lunch with you! Oops!!!


    It's made of vegan leather, has an adjustable strap, and comes with an outside pocket to drop your phone or MetroCard in for easy access. Oh and the food-safe inside just easily wipes clean in case you run into any spills.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95 (available in four colors).

    Promising review: "I love this lunchbox! It is perfect for carrying your lunch hands-free! (Which is important for this teacher!) It is super cute. I have gotten many compliments on my new 'handbag!'" β€”Andra Graydon

    15. A pair of adorable lil' socks great for treating yourself after getting 100% on that bio exam... or finally finishing your binge of Breaking Bad. It's the little things.


    Get them from ModCloth for $12.

    16. A tear-out booklet of ready-to-frame botanical prints you should hang for easy decoration upon moving into your first apartment.,

    You know that thing where it takes you for-e-ver to actually hang things on your walls? These'll make it easy.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.09.

    Promising review: "This was a great deal. I loved every single illustration in the book. The artwork is classic and gorgeous. The botanical prints are on semi-glossy, thicker-than-average paper. I framed my favorite ones and used them as artwork on the gallery wall in my living room. They look fantastic! I'm very happy with this purchase!" β€”Shizarla13

    17. A pair of cuddly and stylish pillows for when you've reached a new record of ~number of days you've made your bed in a row~.


    Get a set of two from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in three sizes and eight colors).

    Promising review: "I have had pillow covers like this before that 'shed' their faux fur. I have had no issues with these and since they sip off, they are easy to take off and clean! love them!" β€”Vince Scappini

    18. A four-pigment holographic highlighter palette so you can show off all you've learned from those YouTube makeup tutorials. They're basically educational videos at this point.,

    Get it from Amazon for $8.89.

    Promising review: "Absolutely a stunning value! For the price, these super light and silky highlighters cannot be beat!! I love the ever-so-soft and subtle shimmer and glow they give my complexion. They are not in the least garish. The product itself is finely milled. I believe the ultra micro fine texture of the powder is what allows the subtle prismatic effect!! I simply was delighted with this product!!!" β€”Susan H.

    19. A heatable sloth pillow to use when you've made it through a day sitting at the office with cramps. Now it's time to cuddle up with this warm little fellow and soothe your uterus in front of the television.

    Urban Outfitters

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $29.

    Promising review: "This little guy is so soft and warms up nicely. Perfect for cramps or sore muscles! Love it so much I bought the sloth and the llama." β€”Teexo

    20. A Dash mini waffle iron for when you stop ~waffling~ on that big decision you've been putting off. Leslie Knope would be proud.


    This lil' bb makes Eggo-ish size waffles you can easily freeze and toss in the toaster yourself on busy mornings, too!

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in eight colors).

    Promising review: "This makes perfect waffles! Fast and the perfect color and crisp edges. No soggy feeling waffles. Perfect every time even if you don't grease the plates!" β€”FireWitch1

    21. An extra large champagne flute (it can hold a whole bottle of bubbly!) that'll take popping a cork in celebration to the next level.


    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    Promising review: "I ordered three of these when some mimosa loving friends were coming over for brunch. These are great. Nice quality and holds almost a bottle of champagne but not comically large. Well packaged for shipping." β€”Lauren Knowles

    22. A Mary Berry graphic tee so you can celebrate viewing all 50 episodes of The Great British Bake Off on Netflix. That's totally an accomplishment, right?

    Fancy Feast Life

    We miss you Mary!

    Get it from Fancy Feast Life on Etsy for $24.99 (availalbe in sizes XS–2X).

    May I recommend pairing with the Great British Bake Off coloring book? Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    23. A triceratops tortilla shell holder, because you got through Tuesday (which felt like living through the whole Cretaceous period) and now you deserve tacos.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.94 (also available in a taco T-rex and a Stegosaurus whose spine holds nachos).

    Promising review: "Ok, I realize this is kind of a ridiculous item in theory. More like a gag than an actual useful item, right? Wrong-o! I got one as a present and I loved it so much I had to buy one for my husband because he was envious. First it's well-made, sturdy plastic so it stays upright and doesn't wobble. Second it holds two regular sized crunchy tacos upright and ready to go. This way I can pre-make three tacos, one to eat and two for the dino to hold. The fillings in the dino tacos stay inside the tacos while I am eating the first taco. Juices sink to the bottom where they can soften the fold so the taco shell doesn't break in half after the first bite rather than leaking out all over your plate. Seriously, I love my Triceratacos." β€”Christina G.

    24. Brightening and de-puffing gold and collagen eye masks to soothe your under eyes after you write that A plus–worthy paper in one night (and to remove all remnants that you pulled an all-nighter). Your professor will never know!,

    Dude, the Amazon review before & after photos are LEGIT. I'm 10/10 buying some of these, myself.

    Get a pack of 12 pairs from Amazon for $14.45.

    Promising review: "These eye masks are absolutely amazing! I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes, as well as slight bags from being a mother of four. Eye creams do absolutely nothing for me, and I gave these a try just on a whim, not really expecting much. But they really work! The results aren't permanent, but I put these on for about an hour in the evening while I relax and watch TV, and my under eyes are much lighter and less puffy. I absolutely love these eye masks, and I will never be without them again." β€”Kate Johnson

    25. A sloth to-do notepad, because the best way to celebrate checking off your to-do list is buying a…. more fun to-do list.

    BuzzFeed / Emma McAnaw

    It has sections for your must-do tasks (with two different areas for top and lower priority), appointments, errands, and people you need to reach out to.

    Get it from Amazon for $5.95.

    A BuzzFeed editor who loves sloths swears by this to help organize her day β€” check out her review in the July edition of our monthly review series! Here's a snippet: "And for anyone who's not a natural-born multitasker, this is great for you! I, for one, like to do one thing at a time so it's great to be able to list everything by time frame (like to do soon or to do after a nap) so I can think out the order of importance. I don't have to say how SATISFYING it is to check things off when I complete them β€” do I sometimes write things down just to give it a check? Maybe. It also has cute ways to motivate me, like a mood- and productivity-rating method in the form of sloths. Dare I say, I owe these little sloth heads full credit for keeping me out of stress mode every week β€” they just a have a way with...planning?"

    When you literally get *anything* done:

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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