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    26 Reasons Going To College In New York City Ruins You For Life

    Put down the textbook and get on the subway.

    1. Because you can walk out of class and already be somewhere.

    2. You can get into all of New York's amazing museums, often for FREE.

    3. An afternoon snack can be as amazing as Magnolia's banana pudding.

    4. Or a nice big pickle.

    5. Because you don't have to worry about designated drivers when you hit the bars.

    6. Don't even start on how much better the bagels are than anywhere else.

    7. And if the dining hall is closed, you know your favorite bodega is open.

    8. And you never know when you might happen to run into a celebrity.

    9. There are endless opportunities for extracurricular activities.

    10. It's so bright at night, you could do your reading outside if you wanted to.

    11. You can get any kind of food you want at any time of day.

    12. Pizza can look like this.

    13. Or this.

    14. Or this.

    15. And this is a real thing that is real!

    16. The limit to pizza does not exist.

    17. You can get free tickets to all sorts of stuff. Like The Daily Show.

    18. Or cheaper student rush tickets to Broadway shows.

    19. It's easy to convince your friends and family to come visit.

    20. You can wear black all the time without it being weird.

    21. The dorms you live in are probably way nicer than your NYC apartment will ever be.

    22. And your student discount matters a lot on a SoHo shopping spree.

    23. Because your campus can look like this:

    24. Or this:

    25. Or this:

    26. Pretty much anywhere counts as on-campus.

    After four years, you really question why any of your friends would choose other college towns.