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22 Products That Will Make The Office Your Happy Place

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1. Pet a docile dachshund tape dispenser and keep his bowl stocked with paperclip bone treats.

2. Add some satisfaction to your calendar by choosing a ~poppable bubble one~.

3. Surround yourself in office supplies that do the talking for you.

4. Apply galaxy stickers to your laptop keyboard for when you just want to leave this planet.

5. Lift your screen to a comfortable height with a minimalist glass monitor stand.

6. Keep the coffee rings off your desk by using a pretty agate coaster under your mug of brew.

7. Or communicate your mood to your coworkers by swapping out emoji coasters.

If you see the grimace face, do not email me.

$12 for set of four, Amazon.

8. Pick a kickass desktop background that will actually inspire you.

9. Rest your feet in an adjustable hammock that takes you from work to chill.

$13.06, Amazon.

10. Pop your keyboard on a fun rug sample to keep it from sliding around.

11. Keep a zero maintenance air plant at your desk in a beach-themed terrarium.

12. ~Lean in~ to a memory foam lumbar pillow on your desk chair.

13. Minimize trips to the horrid work fridge by keeping your very own desktop fridge.

14. Soothe your stress by listening to a bubbling copper mini fountain.

15. Keep your desk cords untangled with a stylish and retractable charging cable.

16. Refresh yourself with a paper humidifier that looks like a garden.

17. Get optimistic with a cheery schedule that doubles as a mousepad.

18. Dress up your desk photos by putting them in a DOLPHIN GLITTER picture frame.

19. Add some elegance to your basic bulletin board by opting for this framed beaut'.

20. Lighten up your space with a combination desk lamp and planter.

21. Hang a baby framed ornament to get that homey vibe.

22. Get the stress out by banging a giant enter key (that actually works!).

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