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25 Investments That Will Save You Money In The Long Run

Like retail therapy for your bank account.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite purchases that have saved them money. Here are the economic results:

1. Reusable Norwex microfiber cloths that will cut your cleaning costs.

2. A SodaStream to replace your LaCroix addiction.

3. A pair of wireless headphones that won't break on you.

4. A set of wool dryer balls to replace dryer sheets and make your laundry extra fluffy.

5. A bread machine so making delicious homemade loaves can be so much easier (and cheaper than buying bread all the time).

"Unless I'm being, fancy flour/yeast/etc costs about 40p per loaf (50 cents) compared to £1.20 ($1.60) for an equivalent loaf in the supermarket. —Hannah Haydock, Facebook

Get a 2-pound bread machine from Amazon for $58.49.

6. A French press that will cut down on your cold-brew bills.

7. A food saver so freezer burn can be a thing of the past.

8. An on-the-go water bottle with a built-in filter.

9. A drying rack that'll save money on your electric bill *and* help your clothes last longer.

10. Reusable sweeping and mopping pads you can use with a Swiffer Sweeper Wet/Dry.

11. Reusable bento boxes that will encourage you to actually make your lunch.

12. A contract-free phone plan that'll save you money.

"We only spend $50 a month and have unlimited talk, text, and internet." —Cassy Michael

Check out the $45 plan at Straight Talk.

13. A family-sized (it holds 18 cups!) Brita dispenser so you can skip all those bottled water purchases.

14. A food subscription to provide all the ingredients you need and cut down on food waste.

15. A sewing kit (and maybe some lessons) that will keep you out of the tailor's.

16. A small chest freezer to stock up on amazing grocery deals.

"I bought a cheapo little chest freezer so I could stock up a little extra when meat went on sale. Then I learned to buy bulk fresh fruit when it was cheap and in season and freeze it for breakfast smoothies. Eventually I managed to cut my food budget for five by 20% *and* we eat healthier! Pro tip I learned from a friend's misfortune: Buy a freezer alert thermometer! They are less than $20 and will alert you to a power outage *before* everything spoils." —Kathleen Hoskey, Facebook

Get this freezer from Amazon for $239.99.

17. A slow cooker that'll make buying (and cooking!) in bulk more logical.

18. A menstrual cup so buying expensive tampons and pads can be a thing of the past.

19. Reusable grocery bags that will save you a lot of cents (while saving the environment).

"Here, the plastic/paper bags costs money (25–50 cents each) so over the years I've probably saved $200–300, and cloth doesn't dig in as hard on your hands." —Emma Cha Black, Facebook

Get a 10-pack of reusable bags from Amazon for $34.95.

20. A book to teach you how to budget, pay off debt, and save money.

21. A water bulb that'll keep your plants alive by watering them over time.

22. A refillable K-Cup so you can use any coffee in your Keurig machine (and create less waste).

23. Gel nail polish and a curing light for creating long-lasting manicures at home.

"I’m a bartender so if I want my nails to stay nice after excessive hand washing, opening bottles and other constant damage by using my hands and nails, I have to get the gel polish at the salon. Since I’ve been getting them done twice a month for years, I’ve learned how to do them by myself. I recently went on Amazon and bought my own light and polish, which are the same brands my favorite salon uses. It was a bit pricey up front but saves me around $80/month." —Stephanie C.

Get the light from Amazon for $31.99 and the OPI gel polish from Jet for $14.95+ (available in three colors).

24. A Kindle that will save you money and shelf space.

25. And a color-coded(!) app to track your spending and keep you up to date on bills.

"It may seem tedious to log every purchase, but if you’re a student like me and have limited money, get a spending tracker! Just download any app, and if you need to pay to upgrade and get full features, DO IT. It will be worth it. I have saved so much money by just keeping track of where my money is going." —Pooki

Download Homebudget from the App Store and Google Play for $4.99.

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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