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24 Products That Are Savage AF

Ya burnt.

1. A tee that faux-pologizes for your reluctance-induced lateness.

2. A checklist notepad to tear off and school anyone exhibiting truly messy behavior.

3. Or a work-specific pad for the Miranda Priestly of your office.

4. A light-up marquee letter K you can point to to deliver the most scathing of text responses.

5. A book on sleeping or picky eating that will make you the ultimate savage parent.

Get the sleep book from Amazon for $10.69 (hardcover) or $4.49 (Kindle) and the eating book from Amazon for $11.24 (hardcover) or $4.49 (Kindle).

6. A sweatshirt that understands the world is your library, and everyone just needs to shush.

7. A book to add to your ~lending library~ for anyone who needs a lesson or two.

8. A text-heavy enamel pin that reminds people that they're the reason for your existential suffering.

9. An excuse-generating pen to click through in front of anyone who invites you to hang out.

10. A tee for any Disney Princess who feels like shitting on someone.

11. A watercolor print that knows the world is more colorful with less bullshit in it.

12. A set of notebooks that'll remind people to stay the fuck away from your personal property.

13. A tee to point to when someone asks for your digits.

14. A set of rings that give your waves hello a double meaning.

Get the set of two rings from Java Jane on Etsy for $14.95.

15. A wordy hat that'll really ~cap~ off your social interactions.

Get it from Lindsay Bottos on Etsy for $20.

16. A "welcome" (lol as if) mat that'll remind unwanted visitors to go away before they can even knock.

17. A tee to curse anyone who is looking at their phone while slow-walking ahead of you.

18. A mug that'll remind any of your co-workers to not talk to you before you've had your morning coffee.

19. A set of calling cards that represent the social graces you live by.

Get a set of 20 for $9.95.

20. A pair of socks that'll make you want to flash some ankle.

Get a pair from It Fils Good on Etsy for $9.86.

21. A laptop skin that flips the bird at anyone who suggests you smile while working or studying.

22. A pack of gum to offer to anyone who is just spouting some nonsense.

23. A mug that's perfect for taking slow, meaningful sips of tea from.

24. An enamel pin that'll spray away the nonsense.

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