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    37 Products Over $50 Reviewers Say Are The Best They've Bought All Year

    These bbs are worth the money, big time — that's right, some reviewers call these their best purchases ever.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A luxurious double-sided shaggy faux-fur duvet set that'll transform your already amazing bed into a cloud-like paradise. It'll make it so hard to get out of bed, every day will feel like a No Bones Day (per Noodle the Pug on TikTok, of course).

    the off white faux fur duvet set on a bed

    Just choose between the two (very cozy) sides: faux-fur plush velvet and get to cuddling! Btw, the twin set comes with one pom-pom fringed pillow sham, and the larger sets include two.

    Promising review: "THIS is the best money I've ever spent SO WORTH IT! Wanna make your bed feel like a cloud of divine bliss and your room HEAVENLY? BUY THIS! Seriously, thank you Lifevero and Amazon this bed set is BOMB! I thought the sheet would be too hot to sleep on but nope! Super breathable and SO SOFT! I can even say I've gotten BETTER SLEEP on this bed set!" —Kylie Lynne

    Promising review: "If my house caught on fire, this is the first thing I’d grab. But seriously, this is one of my favorite things in my whole house. I feel like it tied my entire room together. I get so many compliments on it and it seriously so cozy and well made. My only complaint would be how hard thing thing makes it to get out of bed in the mornings. It’s incredibly soft and isn’t the type of 'fur' that will mat and get gross-looking over time. I rely heavily on reviews when I buy things so I’m here to tell you — if you’re on the fence about buying this ... do it!! Also, the pillowcases are amazing also. Super soft and the pom-pom fringe is adorable." —SK

    Get the set from Amazon for $69.99+ (available in sizes twin–king and 27 colors).

    2. A Philips Sonicare Diamondclean toothbrush with four modes, three intensities, and three different brush heads so you can customize your cleaning to your dental needs.

    The pink toothbrush in a charging glass with replacement heads, travel case, and phone showing the app

    And it has sensors to show on a smartphone where you missed so you can improve your brushing habits. (It was one of Oprah's Favorite Things in 2017!).

    Promising review: "Even though I'd only had this for a few weeks after replacing a cheap electric toothbrush, I am absolutely floored by the quality. My dentist was HAPPY with my teeth for literally the first time since I've been seeing him. I have a very tightly packed mouth that is really hard to brush thoroughly. Dentist didn't even have to get out the power toothbrush for more than a few back molars. The charging cup looks beautiful in the bathroom. A major investment purchase, but cheaper than deep cleanings or fillings under nitrous oxide!" —HyperlexicXMan

    Promising review: "AWESOME! Cleans your teeth way better then your standard toothbrush. They feel smooth all day, even long after you eat. Would highly recommend it to everyone. Best purchase I’ve made!" —Gilberta Montoya

    Get it from Amazon for $199.95 (available in five colors).

    This was our pick for best splurge-worthy electric toothbrush, btw.

    3. The Nintendo Switch Lite, which will keep you (and/or a loved one) entertained with video games for hours, whether you're at home or on your commute. Animal Crossing, anyone?

    The aqua blue switch

    Promising review: "This feels sooo much better in the hands than the bulkier original Switch, that I can't go back. Even though its lighter, it feels more solid as the Joycons do not come off, and it doesn't bend like the old one did. My arms don't get tired at all holding this. AND it had an actual D-pad! I also do not notice the smaller screen when playing, at all. It's just a much more pleasant handheld experience, which is exactly why I got it." —J. Fox

    Promising review: "Bought this + Pokemon - Let's Go Eevee for my wife. She barely spoke to me for five days. Best money I ever spent." —Justin D.

    Get it from Amazon for $199 (available in five colors, and options to bundle with memory cards).

    Check out our Nintendo Switch Lite review for all the details!

    4. A handy dandy over-the-door mirror with a secret — inside is a (lockable!) compartment with space for alllllll your jewelry, plus LED lights so you can see your fave pieces ~sparkle~.

    It's got spaces for (even large cuff) bracelets, hanging earrings, rings, necklaces, and more. If you don't have a free door, you can also mount it on any wall.

    Promising review: "The best thing I've ever bought. This jewelry cabinet has exceeded my expectations. It fits all of my jewelry with room to spare, it’s excellent quality, and it was easy to assemble and set up! Now I can see everything much easier and I know it will help make my mornings getting ready so much less stressful! I highly recommend this product." —Chelsea

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in six colors).

    5. A stylish acrylic block and set of sleek black knives, because this'll really dress up your kitchen — and the bonus is they actually are really great knives too! Reviewers swear they're the best, sharpest knives — especially for the price.


    This bb comes with 13 knives, a pair of kitchen scissors, a peeler, and a two-stage knife sharpener.

    Promising review: "These knives are great! They stay super sharp, they’re comfortable to hold, and I love how much counter space it leaves as opposed to a big bulky knife block. Fits perfectly in my minimalist kitchen!!! And it looks great on my counter being one of the few things that I keep on my countertop! It is the perfect amount of knives without being too many knives (I don’t like things in excess)! I have never had a cheese knife before, and this baby is my favorite one in the whole set! LOL! It slices through hard cheeses like butter! Have not tried on soft cheese, but I’m sure it’ll be great because it is super sharp! I can’t say enough about how much I love these knives!!" —Sadie Allen

    Promising review: "This set is wonderful and they're very sharp. Definitely the best purchase I've made all year." —Bella

    Get them from Amazon for $54.99 (also available in a smaller, five-knife set).

    6. An air fryer (from the makers of the INSTANT POT!!) so you can crisp up leftovers, make homemade versions of your favorite fried foods (without having to deal with hot oil), and more.

    The air fryer
    Some chicken wings before and after cooking in the fryer
    Hannah Loewentheil / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This is the best thing I’ve ever bought. Easy to use and clean." —Dean Cuba

    Aaaand here's what BuzzFeed Food writer Hannah Loewentheil has to say about it: "I'd been contemplating buying an air fryer for quite some time, but it wasn't until I found myself cooking every night with my family due to COVID-19 that I finally decided it was the right time to get one. Friends of mine were raving about their new Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer, so after reading similar feedback on Amazon, I decided it looked like a winner. And it happens to be made by the same company that makes the crowd-favorite Instant Pot. I figured I would be using this appliance primarily as air air fryer, but as an added bonus, it can also roast, broil, bake, re-heat, and dehydrate food.

    I've had this air fryer for about three weeks now, and I can honestly say it's become the hero of my kitchen. It preheats quickly, it's large enough to a good amount of food at once, it's easy to clean, and it makes food taste crispy on the outside and moist on the inside without any oil. I've been using my air fryer to make vegetables just about every night and it makes them taste so good. If you're cooking for kids, picky eaters, or you just don't get so excited about eating vegetables, the air fryer could be perfect for you. If you like chicken, the air fryer might change your life, and I don't mean that to be dramatic. The air fryer produces restaurant-quality chicken that tastes absurdly decadent, except there's no oil involved in the cooking — just air. We also tried making sesame chicken in the air fryer using boneless skinless chicken thighs. The sesame chicken tasted almost identical to my favorite Chinese takeout, and it had nothing to do with my cooking skills. Thanks to the air fryer, the chicken gets so crispy. I couldn't believe I made this at home!!"

    Get it from Amazon for $114.99.

    Check out the full review, plus some air fryer recipe suggestions for more!

    7. A compact Verilux therapy lamp (called the "Happy Light") that casts UV-free, full-spectrum light to mimic the sun's rays. Reviewers with insomnia, seasonal affective disorder, and even those who work in an office that's low on natural light swear by these to make the darker winter days a little more bearable.

    The white rectangular light on the stand (about a foot tall in total) on a desk

    It has two brightness levels and two interchangeable lenses (one brighter and one to reduce glare). Either keep it on the detachable stand or mount it on the wall, whichever you prefer!

    Promising review: "I’ve suffered from SAD for a numbers of years now, and have been looking for some sort of relief that I could do on my own. Decided to give this a try although I am a natural sceptic. The Happy Light has been the best purchase I’ve made in years!! Started using it just after DST ended in November and I have to say that I did notice a difference in how I managed seasonal changes emotionally this year. This product worked so well that I purchased a smaller one to use when I’m at the office." —P. Willis

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99. It's also available in a smaller size for $29.99.

    8. A countertop Aerogarden Harvest hydroponic garden so you can grow all the herbs you want (no backyard required). And thanks to the LED grow lights, plus a watering-reminding system, no green thumb required either.

    Aerogarden review photo full of herbs with five/five stars and text "fun and tasty! It's not often that my final result looks like the advertising photo, but the AeroGarden does"

    The grow lights are energy efficient (aka they turn on and off automatically), and it tells you when to water (and feed with the included Miracle-Gro plant food!) your baby greens, so these herbs'll basically grow themselves. The system comes with seed pods to grow Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, mint, thyme, and Thai basil. Y U M! You can grow up to six plants at a time.

    You can also swap out with other seed pods (hello salad greens and heirloom cherry tomatoes), or even get a grow-anything kit and use what seeds you like!

    Promising review: "I am very happy with my Aerogarden. I had purchased a similar one for my mother, and she had a nice time growing veggies and herbs in her kitchen, so I bought one for myself, and I am happy with how fast my seeds sprouted and how fast they grow. It's nice to have a gardening option even when it's cold outside or when you run out of garden space, and you just want to have some nice little herbs for cooking or salad greens. I like the timer, and the set up was simple. This is a particularly good idea for people who live in an apartment or people who have a constant itch to garden even when the weather is not conducive. I was able to save my garden space outside for fruits and veggies and plant my herbs with the Aerogarden. This is a worthy purchase." —Primemama

    Promising review: "I got this to brighten up my dark living room and grow a few herbs. I put it in the corner of the room and it really lightens up the place and looks great. It's so easy to use, I love it. Best purchase I've made ALL year (besides my air fryer!)!!! Highly recommend." —Ashley

    Get it from Amazon for $99.99+ (available in three colors).

    9. The Dyson's Air Wrap Complete, a six-in-one hair dryer and styler that's basically like magic (if you've seen the TikToks, you know). It comes with a pre-styling dryer, two smoothing brushes, and two sizes of curling barrels — all which use hot air to dry *and* style your hair in one. With no damage in sight!

    I.....will never go back after using the Dyson Air Wrap. My well-documented love of the John Frieda hot air brush remains true (and for the price, it's still a great blowout brush!) but this bb is beyond next level (which it should be for over $500 hard-earned dollars). I have coarse, type 2/3 waves and curls (different curl types with basically every strand), and the attachements dry and style my hair with ease. And the curls last and last — shocking in this truly tropical summer we're having in New York this year. The curling effect that just SUCKS ON your hair is...mind-blowing. It maxes out at a non-damaging temperature, so even though your style is locked-in for days, your hair will stay healthy. After years of heavy balayage and....lots of curling iron activity, after using this and no other hot tools exclusively, my curl pattern finally is looking the best it has in a long time! Just a note though — if you have longer hair, definitely get the longer curling barrels. My hair is about mid-back, and while I *can* use the shorter ones, I'm going to upgrade soon myself! 

    Promising review: "I have 4b/c natural hair, and was looking to blow-dry quickly on the days when I'm bored with my coils. I wasn't sure about the curling attachments getting hot enough to style my hair, but thought if it worked, this might be worth the investment. So far I'm very impressed! Was able to blow-dry my hair in about 25 mins (a task that usually takes twice that long) and use the barrels to create some nice beachy waves. I've even used the dryer without attachments to quickly dry make-up setting spray, and nail polish. I'm pretty happy with my purchase." —Dyson Customer

    Promising review: "Best thing that ever happen to me this year. Best investment I have made this year, I would use three different tools to straighten my hair after I showered and now I can quickly blow dry my and use the brush to straighten it and I only need to use my straighten for a couple pieces that don’t straighten perfectly. I have thick hair and my hair dries in less than 30 min. And it’s so smooth and not frizzy. I love this." —jazz4545

    Get it from Dyson, Sephora, or Nordstrom for $549.

    10. A weighted blanket reviewers swear by to help with anxiety, stress, and insomnia. The just-heavy-enough pressure can help you relax and feel comforted enough to drift off.

    Model cuddled up under a striped weighted blanket

    It's available in three sizes and and 10 weights, so whether you're looking for one for a kid, for yourself, or to use in a king or queen-sized bed with your partner, there's an option for you!

    Promising review: "This is the BEST purchase I have ever made. I have been an insomniac for years and have never successfully been treated. Even with many doctors' appointments and medications — NOTHING worked! On top of that I have RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). I thought I would give this blanket a try. This product is not advertised for RLS but it absolutely should be! I have had my blanket for three days and I have been basically sleeping in a coma-like state!!! It is the soundest and best sleep I have ever had in my life. And the comforting weight on my legs and boy just eases those RLS symptoms and drifts me off to a sound sleep!!! It is so hard to describe the feeling of peace and comfort the minute you lay it on your body. I actually ordered the 15-pound blanket for my weight and height because I wanted the extra weight just in case. I decided to go ahead an order a second one if I have an emergency situation and need even more weight on my legs. This product is phenomenal to say the least!!!" —DeAnn Barksdale

    Get it from Amazon for $54.50.80 (available in six colors and prints).

    11. The most recent version (it has a built-in light now!!) of the original basic Kindle so you can *instantly download* your next read — either from the Kindle store or from your local library's selection of ebooks. No waiting.

    The Kindle in black with text

    It's glare-free, and has an adjustable front light so you can read in ANY lighting condition — including outside and in the dark!

    Promising review: "I love reading. But I've always considered myself as a paper books person. I've started reading electronic books many times, but almost always failed to read them till the end, and I never had this problem with real, physical books. It was especially noticeable when I started to read only in English (which is not my native language): it was ways harder to read from the screen (or so I thought). I bought a Kindle because at some point I couldn't have my paper books with me (because they are bulky and heavy), my friend recommended it to me, and because I already had a bunch of Kindle books bought in a hope to read them someday. And that drastically changed my perception of the electronic books, because:

    - the screen and built in light is very comfortable for the eyes

    - It is very light and easy to hold in any weird position I read

    - it fits in almost all pockets in my jackets (wow)

    - most important for me: no distractions. Ever. Just me and the book. I could leave my phone at home and just head to the park or to the beach to read, and read only.

    And somehow the combination of those factors helped me fall in love with electronic books. Since I spend a lot of time in European countries which languages I don't speak, now I don't have to bring a pack of books with me everywhere. So I would really name it best purchase I made, for years." —Elena

    As a personal note, I love my Kindle SO MUCH, and would definitely consider it the best purchase I made that year. I get books immediately downloaded from the library, and I bring it with me *everywhere* I go. I'm literally reading 10 times as many books a year as I was pre-Kindle.

    PSST! Right now, for the same price, you get three months of Kindle Unlimited included!

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99 (available in black and white, and with or without special offers).

    12. An under-the-sink water filtration system to help you kiss your Brita goodbye and pour a glass of the good stuff straight from the tap. And fun fact: It's designed to be installed in under three minutes.

    The system hooked up in the cabinet under a kitchen sink (it's about the size of a small fire extinguisher)
    A reviewer's dirty filter after five months, plus a clean new one

    It has a two-step filter that removes 99.99% of contaminants, and it comes with direct connect hoses to hook right up to the standard 3/8-inch valves in US kitchen sinks. That image on the right? What a reviewer's filter looks like after five months of use in Houston, Texas.

    Promising review: "The best purchase I've made. Installed it under the kitchen sink, stopped buying cases of bottled water. Drinking LA tap water, I never thought it was possible. Tastes great." —Paul

    Promising review:  "We have town water and it seems they are putting more and more chlorine in it every year. We should be getting used to it and tasting it less and less, not more! The refrigerator filters are super expensive and weren't cutting it. Every time I put a glass to my mouth it smelled like a swimming pool. I searched the internet and decided to give this a try due to the positive reviews and affordability. Wow! easy install (I'm an avid DIYer). And the taste! The chlorine taste is just gone! No more overpriced fridge filters for us. I love that the filter replacement procedure is basically the same as a fridge. Just twist and remove. We love it so much I teed off the fridge line and put a dispenser at our sink as well. The flow on this thing is just amazing! And the water tastes great! Don't waste your money on the expensive, complicated ones. My parents have a three-chambered, name brand filter at their house. It was expensive, the replacement filters are expensive, it is a pain in the petunias to replace the filters, and the flow rate is pathetic! But guess what! Our water from this filter tastes just as good as theirs at a fraction of the price, plus it's way more convenient, plus the flow rate is way better. I just can't say enough. Love, Love it! You will too!" —BJ

    Get it from Amazon for $74.99.

    13. A plush shag rug in a pretty or neutral color you can lay down as base layer that makes entering any room feel like walking on Cloud 9.

    The shag rug in pink

    Reviewers love this one for being an ~extra-thick~ 3 inches, and feeling super cushiony under the feet!

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this rug. It's gorgeous and though we have a thick rug pad under it, it it is thick and luxurious even without the pad. I vacuumed it for the first time and no fluff no shedding; I was very impressed. Great buy, I am totally thrilled." —Jt

    Promising review: "I purchased two of the shag rugs. It was the best purchase I ever made!" —Howard T. Watters

    Get an 8'x10'-size rug from Amazon for $274.99 (available in 13 shapes/sizes and sizes and six colors).

    14. A pair of Apple AirPods (25% off for Amazon's Epic Deals right now) reviewers say are a must if you have an iPhone or other Apple products. They pair easily, stay comfortably in your ears all day, and sound great!

    the airpods

    Promising review: "I was sooooo hesitant on purchasing AirPods. I’ve been plotting on the idea for months, literally. Let me start by saying, I AM SO HAPPY I FINALLY DID. I actually ordered my boyfriend a pair too. Prior to owning Airpods my only wireless headphones were Beats Solo 3s. What a difference, AirPods are so convenient, comfortable, reliable, and so much more! The sound is awesome and they are so easy to operate. I’d recommend them to everyone and I’d say if you’ve been hesitant like I have you should take the leap!" —Sierra

    Promising review: "Wish I would have bought them years ago. Best purchase I have ever made. These are life changing." —Brian Kling

    Get them from Amazon for $119.99 (currently 25% off the original price of $159).

    If you want excellent noise-cancelling, try AirPods Pro — they're almost $70 off right now!

    15. A mini (but bright and powerful) multimedia projector (and screen!) perfect for turning any room into a mini movie theater. Just plug in a phone, gaming system, streaming stick (including the Amazon Fire TV stick), or laptop.

    A reviewer's backyard setup with the projector screen

    Promising review: "This is by far the best investment I've made. Beautiful picture quality, sound, and everything else. I do not use the screen, because I prefer to just have it play on the wall. I was very impressed with the quality. I will update with a picture later. I will probably purchase at least three more. I literally can talk forever about how great this is, but I won't LOL. I'll just say if you're thinking about buying it DO IT! Best purchase ever!!" —TN

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99.

    16. A Philips alarm clock that simulates sunrise so you wake up more naturally — aka more rarin' to go, less groggy, and ready to hit the day running.

    A model in bed with the clock glowing warm, sunny light

    It has 20 brightness settings that slowly increase over 30 minutes so you rise ~with the sun~, feeling energized and ready for the day. Once it's at full brightness, only *then* will the alarm sound go off. AAAAANNNNDDD it has a *reverse* sunset mode that slowly fades away, while you fade out of consciousness yourself.

    Promising review: "I used to have such issues waking up. Sleeping through alarms that would wake up neighbors in the next apartment but not me. This is the only alarm/wake up remedy that has worked out of a baker's dozen. I wake up and feel excited that I've worked up for class on time and when you live in sub-freezing temperatures that is something that is rare. If you're on the fence do it. It's the best buy I've made in years." —Andy Anderson

    Get it from Amazon for $99.99.

    17. A foldable exercise bike with all the basic features you need if you don't have space or budget for a Peloton but want access to a quick cardio workout at home. It has a magnetic tension system to up the difficulty, and handy features on the screen so you can track your time, speed, distance, and more!

    The silvery bike, with text

    Promising review: "The day I put a COVID-19 suspension on my gym membership, I researched affordable, maneuverable exercise bikes lest my knees get painful for lack of this daily exercise! It arrived in a large box (40 lbs) but this 70-year-old gal was able to easily drag into my house and unpack. The directions are a little hard to follow and I’m not 'handy' but I was able to add a little reasoning and put it together in less than an hour. Now sheltering in place for two weeks, this bike starts my day each morning. The mechanics and electronics work perfectly and help me set goals each day. It has variable tension settings, seat height options and a seat position for tall and for shorter people. I’m 5-foot-6 and selected the setting for a taller person. The seat height is on the fourth hole so you could drop for shorter biker. I have biked and binge-watched series, biked and worked off creeping anxiety as I watch the news and rolled it onto the deck on an unseasonably warm day to peddle to Led Zeppelin on my headphones. BEST purchase for the money that I’ve made in years; it’s a solid investment in both my physical and mental health!" —SG

    Get it from Amazon for $166.39.

    I bought this bike just as the pandemic was starting last spring, and it was a *great* choice. I put it together in nooooo time flat, with the help of a handy YouTube video (as suggested by one of the reviewers). And the fold-up size is great, but the bike is sturdy and has great features for the price! I love the cushioned seat, which is muuuuuch comfier than most exercise bike seats I've sat on. My parents ended up getting one after I did, and they are PEDALING away too!

    18. Or if you don't have room for (even a fold-up) bike, a mini pedal exerciser you can stick under your desk — and the office or at home — and stay energized while reading, watching reality TV, or during that meeting that could very much have been an email.

    A reviewer using the desk cycle

    It even has *eight* magnetic resistance levels to choose from.

    Promising review: "This thing is awesome!! I work from home at at my desk/computer most of the day. I've biked over 40 miles a day this week (something like a 1,000 calories a day) while I work. Takes some time to get it to a comfortable position under your desk. Have my chair and cycle on an area rug (wouldn't stay put on hardwood floor). Also recommend comfortable desk chair (I have a Realspace Lundey Mid-Back Mesh Chair). So far best purchase I've made in years. I'll let you know how it is 3 months from now!" —Peter S.

    Get it from Amazon for $149 (clip the $40 off coupon to score this price).

    19. A fancy-schmancy single-blade razor that glides evenly with yours skin to ensure minimal razor burn and ingrown hairs. Plus, you can use it foreeeevveerrrrr with replacement blades and reduce your plastic use!

    Model using the razor on their armpit
    Oui the People

    Promising review: "Best Investment EVER. Not only is this razor gorgeous, it is super easy to wield. I got the closest, smoothest shave EVER. It was a learning curve, since I had previously been used to flexible plastic razors, but it's so worth it. Most importantly, I feel great about not continuing to toss plastic razors in the landfill. Great experience, I'm so glad I found Oui the People." —Kathryn Harris

    Promising review: "My first time using the Oui Razor, I got the closest shave I’ve ever experienced. I have super sensitive skin, and am very prone to razor burn, but this razor, paired with the shave gel, made my legs feel like they had been waxed, and I got NO razor burn! I love this razor!" —Jamie

    Get it from Oui the People for $75 (available for pre-order). 

    Oui the People is a Black-owned business, and their products are designed to help you get your shave on *without* ingrowns and razor burn — and make you feel good in your skin.

    20. A seven-in-one Instant Pot Duo you've probably heard a lot about — for a good reason. Or rather seven good reasons: It'll slow cook, pressure cook, make rice, sauté, make yogurt, and keep food warm. Bye-bye other appliances!

    Instant pot making mac and cheese

    Promising review: "Best thing I’ve ever bought! I use it constantly and it’s wonderfully fast! Producing great meals." —Trubyslippers

    Promising review: "We bought this a few weeks ago since we have been hearing so much about them and let me tell you, these are the best thing to come around since sliced bread. Basically we haven't had anything to eat in two weeks that hasn't been made in the Instant Pot. The pot itself comes with a recipe book and there are so many more online and we are yet to find a recipe that isn't amazing. The build of the Pot is super sturdy as well. highly recommend." —Thomas D

    Get a six-quart Instant Pot from Amazon for $89 (also available in three-quart and eight-quart sizes).

    21. A Waterpik that'll take all the work out of flossing (including...buying floss at all). Just aim the nozzle, and a targeted jet of water'll get right in between your teeth, removing plaque and food particles without irritating your gums — or cutting off the circulation to your fingertips like regular floss.

    Model using the waterpik handle with text
    A rendering of the jet of water cleaning between teeth with text

    This model has an on/off switch right on the handle so you can pause easily without squirting water all over your bathroom. It comes with seven flossing tips for different needs, including for crowns and implants — this is great for braces, too!

    Promising review: "My hygienist at the dentist office recommended I buy one of these. This is the best thing I ever bought. Works just fantastic! I love it." —robert taylor

    Promising review:  "This thing is a necessity. That's how strongly I feel about it after a month of usage. I had regularly used floss and felt that it was adequate, but decided to purchase a Waterpik because it was on sale and I was bored. Wow. This is one of the most important purchases I've made in years. I feel like a good analogy would be to try imagining cleaning the hard-to-reach parts of your vehicle with a rope. You've done it for years because it's all you know. Then enters the pressure washer, which allows you to blast things to smithereens. Floss = rope, Waterpik = pressure washer. Bam. Done. Not going back as long as it works." —Damian

    Get it from Amazon for $67+ (available in four colors).

    Check our our review of a different Waterpik model to learn more about water flossing!

    22. A stylish acrylic Squatty Potty to make pooping easier so constipation is no longer a #1 (or should we say #2) consternation.

    The clear squatty potty

    If you somehow still don't know what a Squatty Potty is, it's a toilet stool that keeps your feet raised while pooping. ~Going~ in this position is supposed to fully relax your puborectalis muscle, meaning you have an easier elimination, with no straining. And if you think that's TMI, just try it and see. I LOVE MY SQUATTY POTTY. I started out with the original, but upgraded to this ~ghost~ one in 2020. Yes, a few guests have stubbed their toe on it, but I love how it blends in and helps me...go.

    Promising review: "Best purchase I have ever made! Looks great and stylish in my bathroom. I hesitated on buying a Squatty Potty for a long time because I didn't like the design of most of them. This one is worth the splurge for the look." —Christina Wong

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

    23. The Shark Tank–famous Comfy, a wearable sweatshirt–blanket hybrid that'll become your standard uniform this fall and winter. Microfiber fleece on the outside, sherpa fluff on the inside, a truly gigantic pocket (for snacks!!), an oversized hood, and a slouchier-than-slouchy fit...what more can you ask for?!

    A reviewer in the grey sweatshirt, which goes down to their knees

    Promising review: "This is the best thing I've ever bought. I love it, my dog loves it, my friends are envious. It feels like being wrapped up in the best blanket ever. I'm short (5'0") and wide (~2x-3x) and this fits perfectly loose. I wish the sleeves were shorter, but I know that I have dinosaur arms and for people with longer arms, it probably fits better. Wish the pocket was lower too, but it's nice and big and I can fit my phone and probably a small child in it. It does attract dog hair, but it brushes right off. Didn't notice any issues with stitching/quality. I know what I'm getting people for Christmas if I run out of ideas." —Amazon Customer

    Get the quarter-zip version from Amazon for $54.99 (available in one size, fits up to about 4X according to reviewers, and 11 colors, plus a non-zippered version).

    24. A Nutribullet for anyone who loves smoothies, hummus, soup, and other blended delicacies you don't need to make A TON of at a time — but hates using extra dishes. AKA every single person.

    The blender with a small blending cup and to go cup

    Travel cup, no blender = one less thing to clean. This set includes the blender base, a tall cup, two short cups, a flat blade, an emulsifying blade, two re-sealable lids, and a manual with recipes!

    Promising review: "Best $$ I’ve ever spent! So easy to clean and blending power is amazing!! Ice never gets stuck!!" —lauren

    Promising review: "I've owned my Nutribullet for about two months now, and I still can't believe how amazing this product is!!! It makes getting healthy, nutritious food into your diet so incredibly easy. I can roll out of bed in the morning, grab an avocado, some nonfat plain yogurt, raw honey, flax seeds, and kale, blend up a delicious breakfast, AND clean everything up in less than 10 minutes. This blender is so seriously easy to clean. I love the cups that it comes with, too. It comes with a neat book full of recipes, although I haven't tried any yet... I'm still having too much fun making up my own recipes :) :) anyway, if you're on the fence about buying this product JUST DO IT :)" —Kira Wilhelm

    Get it from Amazon for $51.30.

    But if you're looking for a full-size blender AND to-go cups, try the combo Nutribullet for $123.87.

    25. A folding two-level desk so you can get your WFH on in style without sacrificing permanent space. You can store this right under your bed or couch when not in use!

    The woodgrain and black desk with a computer level and a smaller higher level for display items

    Promising review: "I do not usually write reviews but love this product and just had to share! As a full-time student and single parent, I needed something that didn’t take up much space and can easily move around with me. It came already assembled (which is a HUGE plus) and took less than a minute to get the hang of folding/unfolding. It’s big enough to use my laptop, notebooks, and a portable monitor all at the same time with still ample amount of space for note taking. It’s light enough to carry but extremely sturdy when unfolded. If you’re wondering if this is worth buying, the answer is unquestionably a YES!" —jessica quackenbush

    Get it from Amazon for $71.99+ (available in three colors).

    26. Grande Cosmetics' lash serum that, with a one-minute nightly application, can help your lashes grow to their full potential, looking longer and fuller in just a few weeks.

    A before/after of a reviewer's lashes, looking much fuller and longer after

    I use this religiously and notice a huuuge difference. I have allergies and tend to rub my eyes, which isn't great for my lashes, but this serum seriously helps with fallout and helps my lashes look much longer — when I use this they grow long enough to brush my brow bone, which would never happen otherwise.

    Promising review: "Best product I've ever bought. I can’t say enough about this stuff; my lashes have tripled in length in a year and a half of using product. And if I stop using for a few weeks I see no difference In my lashes. People always think I have extensions. It was def. a confidence boost I tell everyone I know about it. It takes about a month of using every day and then they take off!" —damronville

    Get a three-month supply from Amazon for $65.

    27. A feather-trimmed sheer robe for any time you want to bring the D-R-A-M-A every time you sweep into a room. You may have seen this all over TikTok (I know I have), and reviewers say it's just *beautiful* in person.,

    Promising review: "Best purchase ever! I was a bit skeptical, to be honest. I've just about given up on buying clothing through Amazon. But this was worth it! I got it for a boudoir shoot I'll be doing next month, and it came sooner than expected and it's exactly what I wanted! The color is great, it fits perfectly, and the length works when I'm in heels." —Sara

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99+ (available in one size and 45 colors).

    28. *The Amazon Coat* if you need a chic parka that'll keep you warm this coming winter. Bonus: it'll make everyone think you splurged big time. Mega style and mega warmth? Sign me up.

    Me showing the sherpa-lined hood and many pockets in the green winter coat
    BuzzFeed / Maitland Quitmeyer

    I bought this on Prime Day *two years ago* and it's WORTH IT !! SO WARM!!!! I LIVE in it all winter. Check out my review of the Amazon coat for more info. And btw it's 10% off right now when you click the coupon before adding to cart!

    Promising review: "This coat is phenomenal. Literally the best purchase of my life. I have never in my 40 years had a coat that fit as well as this one does. I’m sad I waited three years to order it." —Amber

    Get it from Amazon for $159.99 (available in women's sizes XXS–5X and 13 colors)

    29. A percussion massager with six different head attachments for targeting different areas and reviewers love it for soothing sore muscles, easing neck and shoulder pain, and working through tough knots. And who doesn't love a massage?!

    the black massage gun, case, and heads

    It has an LCD touch screen to control the speed, a five-hour run time on a single charge, but auto-shuts off after 20 minutes so you know how long to use it.

    Promising review: "I use this massager every day. At the mall they were selling for $350 and worked great but too high. I bought it on Amazon for less than $100. I use this massager everyday from head to toe, watching a movie, sitting at my computer, literally everywhere. If this massager was to break down, I, without hesitation would have to get another one. It's durable, three settings are powerful, but normally use first setting speed, maybe second, well built and not cheap plastic and rechargeable. Best buy I've made and recommend this product." —Edward Torres

    Get it from Amazon for $54.49.

    30. An ~immersive~ LED backlight for your TV that brings the colors on your screen into the room for a truly riveting viewing experience. It senses the colors on the screen in real time, and you can even hook it up to your Google Home or Alexa for voice control!

    It's also helpful for eye strain!

    Btw, this gif is from an Amazon reviewer — checkout the whole video to watch these lights in action, and their very helpful review if you're having trouble calibrating your lights.

    Promising review: "Being a frugal sort it really took me awhile to go ahead and get this product. Worried about buyer's remorse and such. All I can say is boy howdy: I should have gotten this sooner! After installing it to the back of my new 65-inch TV and fired it up I almost cried. It was as if Bob Ross himself had descended from heaven and painted my walls full of happy little lights. Simply amazing. I had seen in some reviews that some colors didn't match so well. As the guardian of a few felines I decided to do a test. First I grabbed my orange cat Ollie and pointed the camera at him. On the wall a glorious orange. Next was my black cat Midnight. Aimed it at him and a light white color splashed the wall. Highly impressed I grab my last cat Skittles, a calico, and swept it over him. Amazing lights bouncing off the wall — I was totally sold at this point. My only regret with this product is that I didn't buy it earlier. If I had maybe I would still have a wife and not so many cats." —Amazon Customer

    Promising review: " I absolutely love this lights , the app is super helpful and has a lot of different settings and colors to choose from , you can even make your own color theme! I love when I play music and it changes with the beat. Best purchase I've ever made!" —Miriam Garcia

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99 (fits 55-65" TVs).

    31. An oscillating tower fan one reviewer nicknamed "THE GLACIER" *and* said is "better than your air conditioner" (I'm immediately sold). It has six speeds — up to 24 feet per second velocity — and three modes, and reviewers agree that it's super quiet.

    A reviewer's narrow black fan with a temperature reading of 73 on the led screen

    It's sleek and narrow, so it won't take up a ton of space in your room, and it looks surprisingly cool! It comes with a remote control so you can turn it on from your bed, and the LED lights turn off in sleep mode, so you don't need to worry about being disturbed.

    Promising review: "Get this! Best purchase I’ve made. I live in Arizona, and while I have AC, my room faces the sunrise and takes the brunt of the direct sun heat. And while I have blackout curtains, they don’t keep the heat at bay. THIS FAN HERE! I finally made the choice to invest in a good fan, and boy was I so shockingly pleased by this fan. The remote responsiveness is great! The sound even at its highest is quite a low hum, the fan is strong, LOVE the quiet mode, please go and get. My room now stays perfectly cool, even during the Arizona summer at its peak." —clarisse

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99.

    32. A Nespresso Vertuo that'll save both counter space ~aNd~ the amount of money you spend at your local coffee shop on high-quality espressos and coffees.

    A reviewer's grey coffee maker brewing an espresso

    It comes with a milk frother, so say hello to delicious lattes and cappuccinos, too. It makes your morning brew quick + delicious — ideal for pre-caffeinated brains! 

    Promising review: "This is the best purchase I have ever made. I have not been to a coffee shop since I bought it. Pods are difficult to find in stores, but, you can order them here easily on Amazon." —Kristi

    Get it from Amazon for $157.99+ (available in five colors, plus options bundled with accessories or coffee pods).

    If you're looking to save on *more* counter space, I have the Vertuo Plus, which I use all the time and love — you can get it for $139.98. When I haven't made cold brew, I opt for a hot coffee make with my Nespresso Vertuo — it makes my mornings *SO* much easier. I'm currently ~subscribed and saving~ to the double espresso capsules!

    33. A Bissell Cleanview bagless vacuum specially designed with a specialized brush roll for picking up embedded pet (and human) hair, powerful suction on carpet and hard floors, and an easy-empty tank so you don't have to (gag) touch all of that icky stuff. You can even get replacement Febreeze filters reviewers swear by for an extra boost of freshness.

    The vacuum filled with pet hair and dust with five stars and review text "holy forking shirtballs you guys!"

    Promising review: "Best money ever spent, suction is powerful!! This is literally the best $100 I’ve spent on Amazon. I’ve had the vacuum for about a year now and the suction is still fantastic. I recently purchased a newer, more expensive vacuum and used this one after and it still picked up dirt. Needless to say I’ll be returning the other one and continuing to use this one. There are also little brushes on the side that are very effective at picking up debris close to the edge of the walls and in corners. It’s also easy to empty and clean the filter. I looooove this vaccuum. Such a good deal and has lasted through a lot of vacuuming so far. (I also have a cat and I myself have extremely long hair, which this vacuum picks up no problem. The brush doesn’t get clogged or stuck!)" —Amazon Customer

    Get the vacuum from Amazon for $106.44, the vacuum bundled with replacement belts and Febreeze filters for $124.74, and the Febreeze filters separately for $11.99 each.

    34. And/or a robotic vacuum ($50 off with a clipped coupon right now) sure to work hard while you just sit back and relax...picking up crumbs, pet hair, dust, and anything else that keeps your house from feeling fresh and clean.


    Your new robot BFF has an infrared sensor to avoid obstacles in its bath and drop-sensing technology so it doesn't fall down steps. It comes with a remote control, charging base (it automatically recharges so it's always ready to clean), AC power adapter, cleaning tool, an extra set of high-performance filters, four side brushes, and five cable ties. I purchased it myself the other day — I'll let you all know how I like it!

    Promising review (a long one, but worth it!): "I've had my Eufy for one month and it has changed my life. My home has an open floor plan on the main level it's all hardwood floors. That is where I've set up the Eufy with a schedule to automatically begin vacuuming my house at 6:30am every day! That's right, I don't have to do anything, it just starts vacuuming all on its own at 6:30am. Our bedrooms are upstairs and we pretty much wake up between 6:30-7:00am anyway. The eufy is quiet. We can barely hear it from upstairs. I only hear 1 beep, and that's when it turns on. By 8 a.m. to 8:15 a.m,-ish the Eufy finishes and docks itself back in the charging station. Every evening I empty the container of dirt, fuzz, pebbles, feathers from pillows, beads, pasta, pet hair, and whatever other stuff it sucks up. With how clean my floors already look from the daily cleaning work the Eufy is doing, I'm amazed everyday when I open the container to find bunch of gross stuff it has managed to discover and vacuum up. Once every week or so I've been cleaning the filters by just banging them out against the sink until all the dust is off of them. Really, I feel like this is the best purchase I've made all year and I have bought some cool stuff, but nothing as cool as this. To think, I've been a loyal Dyson customer for 12 years but the key to getting a clean home is 2 parts (1) owning a powerful vacuum. (2) doing the chore of pushing it around. I've found that pushing around the vacuum isn't something I was good at remembering to do each week, or even every two weeks and so this eufy is just an unbelievable product because now I don't have to remember. It has never gotten stuck. It has never been a nuisance. It has never failed at docking itself in the charging station. I don't have to do anything to have clean floors in my house any longer except emptying out the container. That takes 30 seconds. Truly, our Eufy is life changing. I highly, highly recommend this product." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $189.99 (available in two colors).

    35. A 10-piece set of bulk food containers that'll make you say "ahhhhh" when you open your pantry door to discover a neat haven of food instead a mish-mosh of half-empty boxes. Who else seriously loves those "restock" TikToks?

    Five containers with black lids, all in different sizes

    Rather than, you know, opening a cabinet door and having a half-empty box of pasta fall on your head. And they vacuum seal for ~maximum freshness~.

    Promising review: "These are amazing!!!!! Best storage containers I’ve ever had. Keeps cookies fresh for a long long time!!!! Best purchase ever!" —mbrown0763

    Promising review: "Love this set! It's pretty enough to set on my countertops, and keeps my frequently used food items close at hand. The ULTIMATE test: After finding no product out there to keep my brown sugar from clumping and hardening, I put it in one of the medium containers. It is SOFT and FRESH! I highly recommend these canisters — pretty, practical, and they WORK! A+" —Kristen B.

    Get the ten-piece set from Amazon for $54.98 (or a five-piece set for $29.99).

    36. A TruSens air purifier with a true HEPA filter because dust, pollen, and pet dander can get you DOWN (and sneezy) — and make it look like you haven't cleaned in ages, when you totally dusted yesterday. This'll suck so much out of the air (99.97% of dust, mold, and pollen!).

    A reviewer's white air purifier with a silver bottom

    I have the smart, large air purifier and I really like it! My allergies are...rough...and every little bit of dust taken out of the air absolutely counts. It ~senses~ your air quality and kicks into gear when the air quality starts to turn. Any time I light a candle, turn on the stove, or even blowdry my hair 🙃 it senses a difference in the air quality! It's SUPER DUPER quiet on whisper mode, which I love too!

    Promising review: "Best purchase yet. Love this air purifier. It works wonderfully and kicks on when needed. My only dislike is that it kicks in every time I cook- which means it’s doing its job. I have a dog and three cats so this has helped tremendously." —Michele

    Get it from Amazon for $149+ (available in three sizes, regular and "smart," which senses air quality).

    37. A très chic storage ottoman that packs a punch of style AND substance — you can sneakily hide your stash of scented candles, little trinkets, or snacks and pretend you are, in fact, a minimalist. As if.

    Amazon, Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    Aaaaaand the lid doubles as a table!

    Here's what BuzzFeed Shopping editor Emma Lord has to say: "I recently got one of these for my new apartment to stash my candles and ~candle accessories~ in and it's pretty much become my favorite piece of furniture?? I use it to prop up my feet during work hours and sometimes if I want to eat on my couch I'll use it as a tray. It's also sturdy enough to sit on, if I ever wanted to have guests over and needed an extra chair. It was RIDICULOUSLY easy to set up — I had it done in less than ten minutes, and probably didn't even need the directions. It also just looks so darn cute (and comes in so many colors that I'm tempted to buy another!)."

    Promising review: "These are THE BEST things I have ever purchased! I’m so very happy with them as storage pieces in my tiny apt, but also make for great extra seating and foot rests. LOVE LOVE LOVE them." —Kathleen Kulikowski

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99 (available in eight colors).

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