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26 Products For People Who Love Makeup, But Suck At Putting It On

Never be late because of uneven eyeliner again.

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1. A makeup-erasing pen that'll undo errant mascara dots — without starting all over again.

2. A super-pigmented eyeshadow quad with numbered sections for the easiest possible smoky eye.

3. A mini sponge that pops right on your finger to perfectly blend hard to reach areas.


4. A universal (color-free) lip liner that'll make your lipstick last so much longer AND prevent any feathering.

5. A super-soft domed brush that makes your makeup look perfectly airbrushed.

So that cake is something that you eat, not something that's on your face.

Get it from The Grommet for $32 or Amazon for $18.99 (on sale from $32).

6. A buildable lip and cheek color that's super easy to apply — and is actually good for your skin.

It even has UVA/UVB protection, antioxidants, and moisturizing ingredients.

Get it from Amazon for $12.87. Also available in natural peach.

7. A box of adhesive shadow shields that catch eyeshadow fallout and also guide your liner into the fiercest wing.


8. A precise lip pencil that'll help you cheat at the perfect lip outline.

11. A volumizing tube of Boy Brow that's as easy to put on as a coat of mascara — and will help your amped-up eyebrows stay in place all day.


12. Or a double-ended brow product that tints your brows (and the skin below) for up to seven days.

13. A triple-edged eyeliner guide that'll give you three different, perfectly symmetrical liner looks.

15. A set of beginner-friendly creamy contour sticks with guides on how to highlight, bronze, and contour for your face shape.


16. A budget-friendly contour kit full of lightly pigmented powders so you won't end up looking like an extra for The Lion King on Broadway. (Unless you want to, because that's a fierce-AF look.)

18. Or a white primer that'll make the color of your eyeshadow POP.

19. A buzzy silicone makeup blender that won't suck up your precious foundation in the pursuit of picturesque blending.


21. A setting spray with a matte or dewy finish to maintain your look.

22. A baby-soft primer that smooths out your sensitive skin and results in an even finish with less foundation.

23. A liner organizer that helps you zero in on which eyeliner you need for today's smoky eye.


24. A two-colors-in-one lip crayon that makes mastering the ombre lip trend a no-brainer.

26. A set of six peel-off lip stains that deliver beautiful color that'll last all day.