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26 Products For People Who Love Makeup, But Suck At Putting It On

Never be late because of uneven eyeliner again.

1. A makeup-erasing pen that'll undo errant mascara dots — without starting all over again.

2. A super-pigmented eyeshadow quad with numbered sections for the easiest possible smoky eye.

3. A mini sponge that pops right on your finger to perfectly blend hard to reach areas.

4. A universal (color-free) lip liner that'll make your lipstick last so much longer AND prevent any feathering.

5. A super-soft domed brush that makes your makeup look perfectly airbrushed.

6. A buildable lip and cheek color that's super easy to apply — and is actually good for your skin.

7. A box of adhesive shadow shields that catch eyeshadow fallout and also guide your liner into the fiercest wing.

8. A precise lip pencil that'll help you cheat at the perfect lip outline.

9. A cosmetic organizer that doubles as a phone and tablet stand so you can watch makeup tutorials as you practice.

10. An LED vanity mirror with an adjustable magnifying spot that won't let you look totally different in natural light.

11. A volumizing tube of Boy Brow that's as easy to put on as a coat of mascara — and will help your amped-up eyebrows stay in place all day.

12. Or a double-ended brow product that tints your brows (and the skin below) for up to seven days.

13. A triple-edged eyeliner guide that'll give you three different, perfectly symmetrical liner looks.

14. A beauty bible from the queen herself that'll help makeup lovers at all levels.

15. A set of beginner-friendly creamy contour sticks with guides on how to highlight, bronze, and contour for your face shape.

16. A budget-friendly contour kit full of lightly pigmented powders so you won't end up looking like an extra for The Lion King on Broadway. (Unless you want to, because that's a fierce-AF look.)

17. A sworn-by eyelid primer that'll help your painstakingly applied shadow last and last.

18. Or a white primer that'll make the color of your eyeshadow POP.

19. A buzzy silicone makeup blender that won't suck up your precious foundation in the pursuit of picturesque blending.

20. A Tarte cheek stain for an easily blended glow.

21. A setting spray with a matte or dewy finish to maintain your look.

22. A baby-soft primer that smooths out your sensitive skin and results in an even finish with less foundation.

23. A liner organizer that helps you zero in on which eyeliner you need for today's smoky eye.

24. A two-colors-in-one lip crayon that makes mastering the ombre lip trend a no-brainer.

25. A drawstring makeup bag that doubles as a work surface to catch the inevitable spilled powders and liquids.

26. A set of six peel-off lip stains that deliver beautiful color that'll last all day.

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