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    19 Products That Are Actually Designed With Lefties In Mind

    No. more. inky. hands.

    1. A measuring tape readable for BOTH lefties and righties β€” no flipping mid-measurement to find the "right side." I don't want centimeters!!!

    2. A tee for when your friend of many years looks at you and goes, "Wait, you're a lefty?"

    3. A stylish gold watch with buttons placed perfectly for that specific 10% of the population.

    4. A pair of full-size scissors that won't immediately frustrate you or lead to accidents β€” those post-crafting hand cramps are real.

    5. And a pair of left-handed scissors for kids with a cool splattery handle so you can pass on the lefty love.

    6. A set of pencils that knows right-brained people are in their right mind.

    7. A laptop desk designed for use with a mouse on the left β€” relax and enjoy your left-handed, lazing-in-bed paradise.

    8. A detailed 2020 planner with spiral binding on the left (aka you don't have to hold your wrist uncomfortable over it) AND filled with fun facts about and quotes from famous lefties.

    9. A can opener for any soup-loving southpaw. Grip in your right hand, turn the top with your stronger left hand β€” you'll be surprised what a difference this makes.

    10. A deck of playing cards you can fan out the way you want. I didn't even realize how annoying this was until I saw these cards!

    11. A set of notebooks for when you need to go left to ~write~. Note-taking in class is about to get a whole lot faster + easier.

    12. A cool left-handed guitar that would make Jimi Hendrix proud.

    13. A handwarming mug you can tuck your left hand inside to keep it warm and cozy on chilly mornings. Mmmmm!

    14. A fish spatula designed for your true dominant hand to make flipping eggs, fish, and more way easier. No more broken yolks!

    15. And a silicone spatula spoon that'll finally mean the end of awkwardly reaching around your KitchenAid to scrape down the sides.

    16. A pair of pruning shears for snipping safely in the garden.

    17. A liquid measuring cup you can actually read from above β€” no filling, then turning the cup around to actually see how full it is.

    18. An ergonomic, angled pen to keep ink from smearing and smudging allllllllll over the side of your hand.

    19. And a counterclockwise corkscrew that'll get any lefty to that glass of wine way faster.

    Because it's time for some wine after years of contorting your WHOLE BOD to write something in those little right-handed desks.

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