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    41 Of The Most Out Of Control Outfits On "Pretty Little Liars"

    Five television seasons, but it's always early autumn. Sorry in advance, Aria.

    1. Aria's skirt. It's MADE OF TIES. / Via

    And combined with an animal print.

    2. The Liars' funeral attire. / Via

    Maybe backless dresses and rompers become appropriate funeral wear when you have to attend them so often.

    3. Rawr.

    4. Rawr rawr.

    5. This cut-out turtleneck on Spencer Hastings. / Via

    In case only your neck gets cold.

    6. Emily's Christmas tee.

    Facebook: prettylittleliars / Via

    HOORAY. There's an inkling of what time of year it is!

    7. Foil pants, foil jacket and a bunny tee? / Via

    Perfect for a magician's assistant.

    8. PLL goes normcore. / Via Facebook: prettylittleliars

    Cool jeans, but the least "Ali" outfit of all time.

    9. Outcast-era Mona. / Via

    Grandma pink plus pigtails. What a transformation!

    10. That time the Liars went to a hoe down. / Via


    11. Oh Spencer, what happened to you?

    12. Not Mona's best.

    13. Aria's comic book skirt set. / Via

    Complete with canary yellow bag. And a collection of pins.

    14. Did Spencer shop in Aria's closet?

    15. What does the "F" on Aria's shirt even stand for? / Via Facebook: prettylittleliars

    It certainly isn't "fashion."

    16. Looking a little ragged there, Han.

    17. Glamping, apparently. / Via Facebook: prettylittleliars

    #throwback to pre-Radley Mona.

    18. Wonder Woman strikes Rosewood.

    19. Lotsa sleeve. With surprise Nala print. / Via

    Spencer's face says it all.

    20. Aria's mini jacket, and bustier dress, and belt.

    21. Cable knit and corduroy are more frumpterable than Spencer's usual outfits.

    22. For the annual Rosewood Charity Fashion Show. / Via

    Annual here meaning that it's only happened once in five seasons.

    23. Very mixed prints. / Via Facebook: prettylittleliars

    Causing very mixed reviews.

    24. SLEEVES.

    25. When Hannah looks the weirdest, you know something is wrong.

    26. Orange is the new PLL.

    Not the Liars' usual jumpsuits.

    27. A lot happening here on Mona.

    And don't forget the neon pink belt, which she seems to be trying to hide.

    28. Is it a python jumpsuit? Matching set?

    29. Did Aria even dress up for Halloween? / Via Facebook: prettylittleliars

    Doesn't seem too different from her usual school wear.

    30. Radley Sanitorium chic.

    Bonus points for the red lipstick.

    31. Remember when Paige looked like this? / Via Facebook: prettylittleliars

    #denimskirt #thathaircut

    How times have changed.

    32. That's a lot of bra action for a school day, Han.

    33. Sheer skirt over bike shorts. / Via Facebook: pretytlittleliars

    Also Spencer's white lace ups.

    34. What what what is going on here?

    35. Zoomed in: nice, gold and black. / Via facebook/com/prettylittleliars

    Zoomed out: Skeletor.

    36. These Liars have outfits for every occasion. / Via Facebook: prettylittleliars

    Matching equestrian looks. Really.

    37. Minus the lace knee-highs, this wouldn't be terrible. / Via Facebook: prettylittleliars

    In the grand scheme of PLL outfits.

    38. Any/all of the candy stripers in the history of PLL. / Via Facebook: prettylittleliars

    Do candy stripers even wear things like this anymore?

    39. Everything you used to buy at Limited Too.

    40. Hannah. Come on.

    41. This isn't even the worst outfit on PLL.

    When in doubt, just throw on A black hoodie.