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    27 Pieces Of Home Decor Worth Splurging On

    Ya gotta live there, so why not love what's in your home?

    1. A two-in-one floor lamp and table for maximum utility and maximum visual impact — this thing just looks dang cool.

    2. A vintage-y weathered rug with just enough color to liven up a room without totally dominating the color scheme and a lived-in look that'll feel cozy and high-end at the same time.

    3. A swiveling velvet club chair that'll make your eyes happy when you look at it and your butt happy when you sit on it.

    4. A mixed metal and wood table you can use as a buffet, foyer storage area, or even media/TV console! The options are endless — and so are the compliments you'll get on this piece.

    5. A mirrored tray that'll reflect light in your home while adding extra storage space for your favorite ~objets d'art~.

    6. A faux leather and wood grain office chair that'll make you burst into song the moment it arrives — "Let's get down to business... to defeat... these expense reports!"

    7. A tufted linen ottoman so you can prop your feet up with panache. Add a stylish tray and this can totally function as a table, too!

    8. A set of two nesting methacrylate tables so you can have extra surfaces at arm's reach without taking up a lot of visual space.

    9. A 10-bulb lighted vanity to make your skincare routine feel so much more luxe.

    10. A pair of selenite bookends to add serious glam to your bookshelves (your favorite novels deserve pretty accessories) without feeling cluttered or overdone.

    11. A plush shag rug in a pretty color to make entering your room like walking on cloud nine.

    12. A faux sheepskin and acrylic bench you can use as a window seat or place at the foot of your bed for extra coziness (and storage space for the clothes you haven't put away yet).

    13. A unique end table (literally — they're hand-carved so no two look alike) that'll make it look like you hired a super high-end interior decorator.

    14. A two-layered glass coffee table so you can keep fancy books, magazines, etc. on the bottom shelf to decorate your space *without* taking up precious surface area.

    15. An emerald green chaise lounge that'll be the ~crown jewel~ of your teeny tiny apartment — and a great place to lay down when you really need to collapse and sigh dramatically about your most recent Netflix binge.

    16. A bed frame with built-in storage space to corral and reduce the extra stuff in your field of vision so you can stay focused and feel serene.

    17. A starburst chandelier for radiating style and warm light throughout your space. One small touch like this will transform the whole look of the room!

    18. A brass shelving unit that'll serve a double purpose: 1. to finally store ALL your books and other (pretty) crap. 2. to add visual interest — this is so much cooler than regular shelves.

    19. A potted faux Sanseviera plant for adding a super realistic touch of no-effort greenery to your space. Constantly forget to water? This is for you.

    20. A three-level bar cart so you can be ready to entertain at a moment's notice. And with its tall design and small footprint, you're getting a lot of storage space without taking up tons of floor area.

    21. A large floor mirror edged in a minimal metallic frame for a perfect accessory for putting together the perfect room — and the perfect outfit.

    22. A faux leather loveseat and/or chair, because sleek (and comfy) decor never goes out of style.

    23. A luxe bar cabinet with a snakeskin design for the ideal combo of storage space and timeless style.

    24. An incredibly real-looking faux fur throw blanket to give any home a touch of interior-design-magazine-meets-Winterfell luxe.

    25. A geometric, natural marble–topped cocktail table for a living room that feels truly grown-up, even if all your other furniture is Ikea-via-Craigslist.

    26. A combo desk and bookcase set with a narrow design and plenty of storage space so you can create a home office or work space, no matter the size of your room.

    27. A velvet tuxedo sofa for finally cornering the perfect piece to comfortably complete your living room. Gorgeous *and* nap-worthy? Sign me up.

    Brb, going in to take a nap on that couch right there.

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