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    31 Pieces Of Clothing That'll Solve Your "What Should I Wear?" Problems

    Because getting dressed in the morning shouldn't feel like a chore.

    1. A textured mini dress with a waist tie to make getting dressed on dark mornings (ugh why am I up this early?) a ~cinch~.

    2. A lovely lace tank your friends are going to need to get used to seeing you in, because you're wearing this every time you guys go out.

    3. A breezy high-low top *with pockets* to make posing for that photo op even easier — and keeping your lipstick on hand at all times, too.

    4. A pleated leather midi skirt for the perfect mix of twirl-all-day with an edge.

    5. A snake-print mock-neck bodysuit for an effortl-hiss way to let this current trend ~slither~ into your closet — and stay tucked into your pants all day and all night.

    6. A velvet cami to give your plain white one a break for the winter and add a lil' something extra to your outfits.

    7. An embellished shift that'll make for a ~sheerly~ perfect option for last-minute parties or all 5,000 weddings you were suddenly invited to.

    8. A chambray button-down to pair with all your hard-to-match bottoms. From jacquard pants to wildly printed leggings to a sequin skirt and everything in between, this closet staple is the perfect neutral top.

    9. A longline leopard print cardigan you can throw on over yesterday's clothes to make 'em look brand new.

    10. A draped midi so you do ~knot~ have to fret over what to wear to work, that last-minute party, or out for your friend's birthday dinner — this knit dress works for all.

    11. A metallic co-ord set that'll make it look like you tried, even though you didn't even have to match a top and bottom. Plus, you can mix 'n' match with other separates for outfits galore.

    12. A tie-back sweater for when you're torn between going out with your friends and staying home in your PJs. This is the best of both worlds!

    13. A velvet duster with a ruffled hem so you can sweep dramatically in and out of rooms — without the restricted-arm feeling you get with regular jackets.

    14. High-waist, slim-fit pants you might even choose over your leggings — these are high enough to wear with crop tops, never turn see-through, and are still just as comfy.

    15. A faux fur leopard coat for when your puffer coat just feels like a *whole* lot, and you want something more old fashioned glam.

    16. An all-over lace bodysuit you can tuck in easily under jeans or a skirt to ~top off~ your look.

    17. An off-the-shoulder caftan maxi for a slouchy feel you can dress up with gorgeous accessories.

    18. A sleeveless chiffon blouse you can wear now under a sweater or blazer and all summer as-is to show off you professional side *and* personality at the same time.

    19. A surprisingly stylish sweatshirt with side slits and a longer back for gym-to-hanging-with-friends dressing you'll want to put on your Instagram.

    20. A light and lovely windbreaker that'll be a no-brainer when you're like "is it gonna rain?? is it not going to rain?" But not feel like you're wearing a whole dang raincoat. It's also perfectly packable for your next vacation!

    21. A boyfriend-style blazer with patch pockets to hold your stuff *and* help you layer effortlessly, whether you're wearing a dress, dress pants, or looking for something to wear over your leggings.

    22. A polkadot dress so your feathers don't get in a ~ruffle~ when deciding what to put on after gazing into your closet abyss for 37 minutes straight.

    23. High-waisted faux leather leggings that'll feel oh-so buttery and upgrade your sweater-and-leggings outfit into style blogger territory.

    24. A plaid pinafore dress straight from your fall/winter fashion mood board — just pair with a cozy knit turtleneck or sheer top (and over-the-knee socks, duh!) for ~layers~ of cuteness.

    25. An A-line button-down miniskirt you might be ~suede~ to buy more than one of. Get a different color for each day of the week!

    26. A pair of floral-print culottes for anyone who's often torn between a skirt and pants — these bbs'll dress up any occasion, without your having to choose!

    27. A flowy animal-print wrap skirt that'll be a closet staple through all four seasons — with a light sweater in the spring, breezy tank in the summer, a moto jacket and booties in the fall, and fleece-lined tights, heels, and a turtleneck in the winter.

    28. A perfect pair of cotton denim overalls for a casually stylish break from your jeans-and-a-tee outfits.

    29. A classic wool-blend coat you can pull out when your puffer isn't quite dressy enough for your look — but you still want to stay warm.

    30. A mega-full tulle skirt to take out for a ~twirl~ at least once a week. Party? Photo shoot? Fancy event? Regular ole Thursday? Wear this.

    31. An oversized v-back maxi that'll make packing for your next trip so much easier — and turn any beach, pool, or sweltering city into your own personal catwalk.

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