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    37 Photos That Prove Real Men Wear Pink

    Think pink.

    1. Pink is what's up.

    2. Looking good, man.

    3. Chillin' at home.

    4. Or in the mountains.

    5. All pink everything.

    6. In solids and patterns.

    7. An ideal color for matchy-matching.

    8. Inject a little sass into your lewk.

    9. Get the summer vibes rolling.

    10. Magenta goes well with a milkshake.

    11. #GroomsmenWearPink

    12. Be sure to pass it on.

    13. Older dudes.

    14. Younger dudes.

    15. Really very young dudes.

    16. Suit up.

    17. Go soft.

    18. Or bright.

    19. Color block it.

    20. Be a perfect pastel pair.

    21. Or make it your own.

    22. Whether it's head-to-toe...

    23. Just the head...

    24. Or just the toes.

    25. So dapper.

    26. So ~fresh~.

    27. So sPoRtY.

    28. A totally dad-tacular color.

    29. Magenta sweaters make cold Aprils way better.

    30. Do the pink and red thing.

    31. Make a coral statement on the subway.

    32. Spray it on.

    33. Warm it up.

    34. Make it festive.

    35. Get the whole team involved.

    36. Let's face it, #RealMenWearPink.

    37. *Not restricted to human males.*