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    25 Of Oprah's Favorite Things You Can Afford Even If You Aren't A Billionaire

    Everything's under $50!

    Oprah *just* released her *~Favorite Things~* list for 2018, and it's alllllll on Amazon! So we've rounded up some of the coolest things on it under $50.

    Now you can live your best Oprah life, but not on an Oprah budget.

    1. A pair of Pudus thermal boot socks to keep your tootsies toasty when out and about in the chilly air, snow, sleet, or rain.

    2. A rapid car charger with a whopping FIVE USB ports and a FIVE-FOOT cable to power up the whole family's devices on the go. No more fighting, kids!

    3. A three-row lasagna pan so you can prep different recipes at the same time. Families with a mix of vegetarian eaters, carnivores, and tomato-haters? This is for you.

    4. A stylish and compact crossbody bag with built-in credit card slots (that are also RFID-protected) and a main compartment for your phone, glasses, and lipstick so you can find everything you need at a glance.

    Or if you can’t give up that ~large purse life~, an LED-lit organizer you can move between handbags and never leave anything behind.

    5. A pair of Peepers blue light–filtering reading glasses so you can read from your Kindle, tablet, or computer screen without squinting *and* prevent digital eye strain.

    6. A letter-writing kit with everything you need to write letters of appreciation to all the most important people in your life.

    7. A bottle of Truff, a black truffle and agave nectar hot sauce (I'm already drooling) for the perfect combination of spicy, sweet, and savory you'll want to drizzle on *all the foods!*

    8. A Black + Decker hand mixer so you can get that brownie batter made (and ready to eat) in no time flat.

    9. Adorable cable-knit beanies any kids you know would surely go ~wild~ for.

    10. A P.F. Candle Co. scented candle housed in a terracotta container to add a piece of decor *and* an amazing scent to your space.

    11. A dog spa day gift set so you can pamper your pupper, since they spoil you with unconditional love every day.

    12. A set of six jumbo coffee mugs perfectly sized for your morning caffeine fix... and perfectly pretty for a flat lay Instagram with your current read and a snack.

    13. An arts & crafts library chock-full of over *1,250* supplies for endless entertainment, creating anything you can imagine from jewelry to lil' animal friends to abstract sculptures.

    14. Classically delicious Hillards peppermint bark, because that combo of dark and white chocolate, peppermint oil, and peppermint candy is almost too good.

    15. A mini travel pillow with a washable cover, plush hypoallergenic fulling, and fun embroidery (like "bon voyage!" or "live your best life!") so you can arrive at your destination refreshed and rested... without wasting precious suitcase space.

    16. An Empowered by Maya J bracelet plated in yellow or white gold and available in six inspirational words designed to celebrate and (of course) empower women.

    17. Burt's Bees pajamas and onesies made of 100% organic cotton in sizes for the whole dang family — including a bandana for your four-legged family (I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING!).

    18. A from-scratch bundt cake that'll have all your guests drooling.. and also quoting the best part of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    19. Organic coffee-infused maple syrup, because those two flavors are lit'rally the best part of breakfast and wow, how has no one ever thought of this before?!

    20. A colored pencil set to let out your inner artist, no matter how old you are.

    21. A pretty notebook with a sturdy faux-leather cover that'll make it easy to travel — and fill with your brightest ideas and most interesting stories.

    22. A set of scented goat milk soaps to really class up your guest bathroom (or you know, the one bathroom in your apartment).

    23. A set of three flavors of chai (it comes with Maharaja Oolong, Ginger, and Sweet Cinnamon) in gorgeous gold tins to add a bit of luxury to your afternoon tea.

    24. Kids' tees or onesies by Love Bubby for any kid with a bright future.

    25. A box of Lee Lee's rugelach, because the best say to say "I love you" is with the gift of food.

    Check out the full list of Oprah's Favorite Things 2018 for even more gifting ideas!

    Say it with me, "You get a favorite thing, you get a favorite thing, you get a favorite thing!"

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