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21 Important Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Right Now

Proceed at your own risk.

1. Did you lock your front door?

2. Is your stove turned off?

3. Did you leave the curling iron plugged in?

4. Did you put on deodorant today?

5. Are your car lights off? / Via giphy

6. Is the garage door closed?

7. Did you take your medication?

Universal Pictures / Via

8. What about your birth control?

Warner Brothers Television / Via

9. Did you hit "reply all"?

ABC Studios / Via

10. Is that mole getting bigger?

11. Are you almost out of gas?

12. Did you forget about a work presentation?

13. Is your fly zipped?

14. Is your shirt see-through?

15. Is it your anniversary today?

20th Century Fox / Via

16. Did you pay your cable bill?

17. Did you brush your teeth?

18. Is your period late?

CBS Productions / Via

19. Did you accidentally pocket dial that person you just bad-mouthed?

20. Did you remember your mom's birthday?

21. Is it too late to return that thing you wanted to return?

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