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    21 Inexpensive Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Minimalist Paradise

    Less is more, especially when it comes to spending money.

    1. Hang a wall mirror with a simple wooden half frame to reflect lots of bright light without cluttering up your walls too much.

    2. Create a home office space by adding a stylish desk without a lot of extra space for minimal tchotchkes and maximum focusing.

    3. Light up your space with a single socket sconce perfect for showing off cool Edison lightbulbs.

    4. Add a touch of greenery in a simple plant stand that also requires ~minimal~ effort (it's secretly an artificial plant!).

    5. Cozy up with a double-layered plush blanket printed with the swiss cross pattern that's a minimalist's go-to.

    6. Upgrade your eat-in kitchen or dining area with sleek Eames-style chairs at a fraction of the price of the real deal.

    7. Skip the boring old throw pillows and try a knotted cushion for a modern yet cozy touch.

    8. Keep track of the time with a frameless wall clock that comes in one of five metallic colors.

    9. Recline on an elegant and modern faux leather sofa that also converts to a bed.

    10. Pop some bottles in a sleek wine rack that makes a statement on your kitchen counter (and, most importantly, keeps the good stuff at arm's reach).

    11. Cushion your feet on a plush area rug with a cream and grey diamond pattern that's neither loud nor boring.

    12. Decorate the walls with minimalist references to your favorite movies or television shows.

    13. Set the mood in your soothing reading nook with a birch-toned tripod lamp.

    14. Opt for a low-profile bed to create a tidy oasis perfect for drifting off to sleep.

    15. And dress up your bed by adding a grid-printed duvet cover to neatly tie everything together.

    16. Organize all your crap into a wire basket with clean-looking lines.

    17. Add some Scandinavian style to your living room with a glossy coffee table with narrow wooden legs.

    18. Brighten up your home by adding a pendant light with all the drama of a chandelier but none of the fussiness.

    19. Cap off your couch with a hairpin-legged end table that's surprisingly inexpensive.

    20. Create an entertainment space; add a few low-profile bar stools to your bar area for a sleek look that's also comfortable.

    21. And hang your favorite literary quote as a custom piece of art floating in a black frame for the perfect personalized touch.

    You, coming home to your crisp, minimalist paradise every day.