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    If You Can't Draw A Cat Eye To Save Your Life, You Need This $6 Eyeliner

    Maybelline Master Precise All Day Liquid Liner is the foolproof felt-tip eyeliner you've been looking for.

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    We all wish putting on liquid eyeliner was this easy, right?


    Well folks, we're all in luck, because the Maybelline Master Precise All Day Liquid Liner ($5.89+ on Amazon) is probably the easiest eyeliner to apply of ALL TIME.

    The long & pointed felt tip is super precise, so you can draw anything from a super fine line for making your lashes look thicc to a mega-dramatic cat eye.

    I'm Not Great at eyeliner — I recently resorted to a cat eye stamp*, but this liner glides on without even LETTING you make a mistake. I'm in love!

    *(which actually legit worked; you can check out my review for the deets)

    Seriously, look how smoothly that applies! It's like it guides itself, creating a perfect crisp line.


    Here's another BuzzFeeder who swears by this liner and highly recommends it for cat eye beginners:


    "I haven’t worn eyeliner in years. It wears off too easily and is too hard to put on. But a friend threw this Maybelline liquid liner into my lap, I threw it onto my eyes, and I’m never taking it off (except when I responsibly wash my face before bed each night, mostly to prep my eyelids for this magic in the morning).

    This liner has an applicator designed with a thin tip that gets slightly thicker at the base. The style allows me to lightly outline my game plan (the closest I’ll ever get to a sport’s reference in my life), create fine-tipped 'wings,' and then glide on a defined line from one end of my eyelid to the other. It dries fast enough that I don’t have a dark crease when I open my eyes to apply mascara and it stays on all day. I was hanging out in the seventh level of hell this morning (the F train in New York during the morning commute in the middle of summer) and it was so hot my lip sweat game was strong. But so was my eyeliner, unaffected by the blistering heat or the tears falling down my eyes. Because of its simplicity, results, and longevity, I’d confidently recommend this liner to anyone — as long as you’re up for getting your own (I’m not sharing)." —Mallory Mower

    We BuzzFeeders are not alone in loving this, either. It has over 1,900 five-star reviews on Amazon alone!


    Here's a couple for you to check out:

    "I saw a recommendation for this liner in a review for a much more expensive liner I was debating buying. I’m so glad I bought this instead of the pricier liner. This goes on easier than any liquid liner I’ve ever used. It makes a super thin line that you can easily make thicker if needed. It stays put and still looks great hours later." —Lacey J.

    "I'm usually not a fan or liquid liners but this makes it so easy it's hard to resist sometimes. If you are like me and have a hard time making an even line, this is your savior, the thin tip makes everything so easy to apply, and if you make a mistake it's easy to clean up. This is also an eyeliner that will stay on for a long time, is has lasted the test of staying on in 100 degree weather even when you're sweaty. Overall I would highly recommend this product to anyone, people just starting to get into makeup and also the makeup gurus. This is a very good go-to eyeliner." —Daniel Smith

    And honestly I could look at the Amazon review photos ALL DAY:


    "I've been wearing winged eyeliner for over 10 years, no joke! So I have used a lot of products. I really like this eyeliner, because the applicator tip is really long. That makes it easier to get around my lashes and simplified my longer strokes. It also doesn't crack or flake after all day wear. It comes off easy, so if you're a newbie, it will let you give you a few retakes without irritating your eyes. I'd recommend for anyone!" —Devon Michelle


    "Love this eyeliner! It goes on seamlessly, and because of its thin precision tip, I can perfect my wing and make sure the entire line is smooth." —Liz



    "Great eyeliner for when you are on a budget. The application is pretty easy and it lasts all day. Has good black color (not super shiny) and the tip is great for thin and thick lines" —Zulema V.


    Plus! It comes in three colors (black, brown, and blue), so you can try 'em all without spending a ton of moolah.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Get it from Amazon for $5.89+ (available in three colors).

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