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Posted on Dec 20, 2015

21 Awesome Lunch Boxes To Get Your Adult On This Year

2016 is the year of the happy desk lunch.


1. Relive your childhood with this Lego set.

$14.96, Amazon.

2. Use this stretchy container to keep your sandwiches from sliding apart.

$29.89, Firebox.

3. Remind yourself to take an Instagram of your perfectly-packed snacks.

$14.33, ASOS.

4. Talk yourself into eating your healthy lunch with a personalized lunchbox.

5. ~Your only hope~ for keeping your lunch hot or cold is this insulated R2D2.

$19.16, Amazon.

6. Keep your carrots and hummus in a like-minded snack box.

$7.28, Amazon.

7. Or opt for apples and ~caramel~ for a sweet afternoon treat.

$8.11, Amazon.

8. Go full retro with a true classic.

9. Totorotally enjoy your lunch in this Studio Ghibli bento box.

$11.22, Amazon.

10. Chill your food by keeping an ice pack in the belly of this gummy bear box.

11. Stash your brightly colored veggies in bold tins.

Or brightly colored cookies, either way is fine with me.

$10.50, Amazon.

12. Pack a smoothie and some nuts in this combo cup for a mid-morning boost.

$11.99, Amazon.

13. Keep your salads in order in this cheery globe container.

$9.99, Amazon.

14. Prevent thieving coworkers with this sneaky container.

15. Keep it futuristic with a tin robot case.

16. Trick prying eyes into thinking you brought a ~very~ healthy lunch in this box.

17. Make the lunch bell music to your ears with a guitar case.

It also comes with a pack of stickers to personalize it!

$26.95, Amazon.

18. Heat your leftovers directly in an updated lunch pail.

19. Go green with the reusable version of the classic brown bag.

20. Opt for a lunchbox that collapses neatly when your food has been eaten.

Just like your happiness when you take that last bite. :(

$12.99, Amazon.

21. Pack your brain food in this book-themed bento box.