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Rejoice, For This Clever Lid Is Here To Aid Your Public Drinking

Turn your IPA into a SPY PA.

Picnics and beach days are great. But they'd be even greater if there was a way to stealthily drink your ice cold beer outside.


Meet the Lolo Lid, your new best friend when it comes to stealth drinking.

It'll take your beach party from this...


To this!

20th Century Fox

Step one: attach the lid to the top of the can.

Step two: insert the can into almost any coffee cup.

(There are only two steps).

It works with most coffee cups (including Starbucks and 7-Eleven) and any Solo cup!

Plus, the insulation of the cardboard and air'll keep your beer cold longer.

You can get A THOUSAND cardboard Solo cups from Amazon for $69 or buy the Lolo brand ones here.

AND you can fill the cardboard cup with ice and salt to rapidly chill your can.


Yes hello sir I am caffeinating wisely with this hot coffee beverage.

JK it's beer o'clock!

Get it from Amazon for $11.49.

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