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    31 Inexpensive Luxuries You Should 100% Treat Yourself To

    Because you've earned it. (P.S.: nothing here is more than $25!)

    1. A two-piece velvet bra and undies set so you can walk around your apartment feeling like a glamorous old-fashioned movie star.

    2. A canister of Cadbury drinking chocolate imported from the UK, because as Remus Lupin knows, chocolate has fantastic, mood-enhancing properties.

    3. An illustrated print of the incomparable Sonja Tremont Morgan reclining in bed, watching TV and wearing a tiara; now you, too, can be inspired by this iconic scene from RHONY.

    4. A faux suede baseball cap so you can look effortlessly cool, even when you haven't washed you hair in...a while.

    5. A variety pack of 15 different Innisfree sheet masks to transform your couch or bed into a mini spa. They'll hydrate and soothe without making sensitive skin flare up.

    6. A kabuki brush with pink hairs and a faux pearl handle that'll look stunning sitting out on your vanity.

    7. A set of metallic ballpoint pens shaped like feathers for all the aesthetics of a quill with none of the annoying ink dipping.

    8. A stylish circular fanny pack made of silver satin, because your arms and shoulders deserve a dang rest from holding your bag all the time!

    9. A super soft robe with textured, contrasted cuffs and collar to give serious smoking jacket/dressing gown vibes.

    10. A pair of two-tone socks with a knit outside and a fluffy lining, just like you: put-together on the outside and cozy on the inside.

    11. A pair of ombre tassel earrings to make a ~sweeping~ style statement for under $10.

    12. A 600-thread count, natural silk pillowcase that'll feel so unbelievably smooth and cool against your face, you'll feel like you're spending every night at a five-star resort.

    13. A set of essential oil-infused bath bombs, each with a different happy hour-inspired scent: pomegranate champagne, margarita, blue Hawaiian, blackberry cabernet, mojito, and piña colada.

    14. Resin rings filled with real flower petals and gold flakes; honestly these are just so fucking gorgeous they speak for themselves. Every time you look down at your hand, you'll be like, "Damn!"

    15. Champagne jelly beans for when it's not quite 5 o'clock and you're in the office, but you just want to celebrate something. Even if that something is simply getting through another spreadsheet.

    16. A facial brush designed by K-beauty brand CLE, because washing your face is already hard enough. With two sides (a silicone bristle head and a super soft synthetic brush head), it sucks dirt and oil out of pores and boosts circulation to keep your skin clean, clear, and softer than ever.

    17. A mug with a gilded rim and lipstick print *already* on there, so you don't need to worry about leaving your red-lipped mark there, too.

    18. Tinted lip balms infused with jojoba oil, coconut oil, and aloe extract to keep your pout looking perfect. It doesn't hurt that they're packaged beautifully, featuring prints by UK designer Sarah Bagshaw.

    19. A natural wax candle featuring any of 19 beautiful, grown-up scents to make your whole home smell ahh-mazing.

    20. A four-pack of just-rough-enough exfoliating gloves to take your next shower or bath to a whole new level of smoooooth. Good luck not stroking your newly-soft skin all day long.

    21. A set of diamond-shaped paperclips that prove your research paper or work presentation is an actual *gem* every time you look at it.

    22. A keychain for anyone who wishes they could have champagne at the press of a button. If you can dream it, you can do it.

    23. An extra large cashmere scarf that makes bundling up in the office AC or in the winter months feel significantly more luxe.

    24. Bejeweled adhesive eyeliner so your wings can stay golden and sharp AF all day.

    25. A retro-inspired velvet pillow sure to make even the most basic Ikea sofa seem straight out of a period piece. Plus, it's really great to lean back against and sigh dramatically.

    26. A 24K gold- and pumpkin-infused sleeping pack and sheet mask to detoxify, hydrate, and nourish your skin. Also because pumpkin spice season needs more gold in it, tbh.

    27. Flower-shaped earrings with textured details, pearls, and crystals so elegant, people will swear you bought them at a high-end vintage store.

    28. A gift box of rose petal soaps perfect for giving to...yourself (duh). Sticking a few of these petals in the bath is the definition of treat yo'self, amirite?

    29. A refillable cut crystal perfume atomizer to make applying your favorite scent feel impossibly fancy. You know you wanna.

    30. Fuzzy flamingo slippers that'll help you ~pink~ only the loveliest thoughts while lounging around the house.

    31. And a pair of fleece-lined leggings that will never turn sheer on your legs — because you deserve to be warm, cuddly, and, most importantly, pants-free.

    Now just ask yourself...