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23 Awesome Products For Anyone Who Loves Lipstick

Besides, you know, lipstick.

1. A lip lamp to set your room aglow.

$29.99, Amazon.

2. Lipstick pendants based on vintage charms.

3. A handy cosmetic mirror to check your post-sandwich lipstick chin.

$3.90, Forever 21.

4. Minimalist cupid's bow earrings for a subtle effect.

5. A sequined tee that's basically lipgloss in clothing form.

6. A bubble umbrella that'll keep your face from melting off in the rain.

7. A kiss-print bra you'll want to wear under everything.

8. A tote bag that illustrates the face you make when someone says they don't like a bold lip. 😒

9. A smooch-worthy clutch to hold all your essentials.

10. A graphic luggage tag that'll make your suitcase instantly recognizable.

11. A pair of tights that'll make you feel like a human 😘 emoji.

12. Bandages that will *kiss and make better* all your booboos.

13. A scarf for anyone who loves black lipstick.

14. A pen for anyone who carries six lip colors instead of an actual writing utensil.

15. A beanbag that won't give you lip when you watch too much Netflix.

16. Or a next-level ~cashmere~ sofa.

17. A printed drinking cup you can sip on all day.

18. Or a booze-filled flask you can pucker up to.

19. An envelope clutch that'll make you feel like hot stuff.

20. A pin for anyone in the "trying to find the perfect red" club.

21. A statement-lipped pacifier to start your child early.

22. A cheese plate that'll keep you cheesin'.

23. Framed kisses you can download and print.