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    37 Incredibly Comfy Pieces Of Clothing You'll Want To Wear Every Day

    The softest and coziest tees, leggings, jackets, and more that you honestly need in your life.

    1. A pair of deep pile, fleece-lined leggings so soft, you'll feel like you might be wearing actual clouds.

    2. A textured velvet dress that'll look equally fabulous over leggings, tights, or over-the-knee boots for softness + warmth.

    3. A open-back sweatshirt top for those occasions you're ~going out~ with friends, but don't want to sacrifice feeling cozy.

    4. A Goldilocks-approved v-neck tee with the perfect drape and a super soft modal and spandex blend the brand calls "absurdly soft." Yes please!

    5. A pair of ribbed PJ leggings you just might spend the whole weekend in.

    6. An oversized turtleneck dress you (like the turtle himself) will want to bring with you wherever you go.

    7. Impossibly soft lounge shorts, because spring is coming, and wearing shorts under a blanket is way cozier than just wearing PJ pants.

    8. A draped jumpsuit (with pockets!) for a look as elegant as an LBD...but actually feels like you're wearing sweats.

    9. A monogrammed sherpa fleece pullover everyone will want to steal from you — but no one can, because DUH, it has your name on it!

    10. A soft and durable plaid flannel shirt perfect for layering with any outfit.

    11. A faux fur hoodie jacket that only *looks* expensive with its plush exterior and silky interior.

    12. A five-pack of plush socks to toast (but not overheat) your tootsies.

    13. An oversized teddy coat, because you deserve to stay up to date on the latest trends AND stay warm, even on the chilliest false spring days.

    14. An enormous plaid blanket scarf you can tie SO many ways for a different look every time you wear it.

    15. A super-soft sweatshirt top featuring lace-up sides and a tailored cut for an upgraded version of your standard college hoodie.

    16. A pair of stylish skinny jeans with a secret alter ego — shh! They're actually jeggings. (And they have over 1,000 glowing reviews!)

    17. Investment-worthy Spanx faux leather leggings to provide all-day comfort and effortless style. Pop a sweater on over these, add your favorite booties, sneakers, or heels, and head right out the door. Outfit complete!

    18. A sherpa-lined hoodie that's basically a game changer for anyone who's allllllways cold. You best buy two, otherwise your S.O. will be stealing this on the daily.

    19. A velvet duster with a ruffled hem so you can sweep dramatically in and out of rooms — without the restricted-arm feeling you get with regular jackets.

    20. A velour crop top and shorts set that'll prove that lounging in style *and* comfort is oh-so possible. And if your friends call to hang at the last minute? You don't even need to change.

    21. A ribbed swing dress in a super-soft knit you'll want to wear at least three days a week. Just check out that cool open back detail!

    22. A Calvin Klein bralette and boyshort set definitely comfortable enough to sleep in.

    23. A cool sweatshirt with an asymmetrical side zipper that gives a moto jacket effect.

    24. A pair of plush boot socks emblazoned with cute critters to keep you company.

    25. ~Feel cool~ high-waisted leggings designed with moisture-wicking fabric, a cool colorblock accent, and a POCKET for comfort and convenience.

    26. A terry and modal cotton blend hoodie dress for a one-and-done outfit your inner lazy fashionista will love.

    27. An oversized sweater in a soft thermal knit that's not itchy at all.

    28. A deceptively warm zip-up fleece with patch pockets that are both stylish and convenient.

    29. Buttery-soft Adidas-esque striped leggings...but for way less money than actual Adidas.

    30. A varsity stripe mini that combines the comfort of sweatpants with the best part of wearing a dress: not having to put an outfit together.

    31. A pair of athletic leggings you'll want to wear to far more than just the gym — to the office, out shopping, to a brunch buffet, lounging at home all day...the list goes on.

    32. A knit moto jacket that's even better than a leather jacket. Why? You get all the cool factor, but at a fraction of the price — while being able to move your arms!

    33. A ruffled cold shoulder dress made out of a sweatshirtlike fleece to keep you warm. Good luck not reaching for this every single day.

    34. Stylish joggers with all the comfort of sweatpants, but that are cute enough to inspire a fashion blogger–style Instagram while running errands.

    35. A pair of pull-on pants so you can bring the D-R-A-M-A and vintage-y vibes without ever feeling constrained or uncomfy.

    36. A balloon-sleeve pullover sweater for those occasions you want to be cocooned in yarn, but don't want to sacrifice looking trendy. #StatementSleeves #OOTD

    37. A fleecy dress (with pockets!) to combine the comfort of sweatpants with the best part of wearing a dress: not having to put an outfit together.

    Me, realizing the clothes I have on are not comfy enough and how I need to go home and change immediately:

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