16 Hilariously Awkward Yearbook Photos

    To make you feel better about your own.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their most awkward yearbook photos. Here are the painfully hilarious results.

    1. This circa 2004 beauty.

    2. This business in the front, party in the back wonder.

    @BuzzFeedFashion @BuzzFeed my pre-k one where i cut my hair myself and i look like i have a mullet

    3. This glorious lesson in haircut to t-shirt matching.

    4. This delightful ode to the 80s.

    5. This delightful lack of enthusiasm.

    @BuzzFeedFashion @BuzzFeed I'm the blonde in the middle. I'm not big on "school spirit."

    6. This patriotic youngster.

    7. This wondrous take on curly bangs.

    8. The most dapper of facial hair.

    @BuzzFeedFashion @BuzzFeed look at those chops!

    9. This ~overall~ amazing photo.

    10. This toothiest of grins.

    11. This photo, taken on bring your bear to school day?

    12. This eyepatch on point.

    13. This double trouble gem.

    14. This fond reminder of our goth days.

    15. This ode to the tattoo choker.

    16. And this babby Lord Voldemort? #thenosegoes

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