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    13 Hilarious Ebook Covers You Need To See Right Now

    Kindle Cover Disasters is the terrible ebook cover Tumblr you've been dreaming about. Judging a book by its cover has never been so fun.

    1. This cover's excellent use of the Papyrus font.

    2. This kitten who has definitely ~seen some things~.

    3. The WordArt you didn't know you were missing.

    4. Flames and a bear and an eagle. Oh my.

    5. This case of Never. Sleeping. Again.

    6. This Illuminati-inspired cover. Wake up, sheeple.

    7. The slightly niche genre of hippo ettiquette.

    8. This novel book.

    9. Unrelated to Jaws.

    10. It's all about the Benjamins.

    11. This succinct title.

    12. This apparently Scottish water bear.

    13. The American Werewolf Gothic.

    While the Tumblr creator used to collect the book covers himself, his email inbox is now flooded with people sending them in.

    He told BuzzFeed Life, "That's not to mention cheeky authors forwarding me their own work in the hope of getting some free ([albeit] notorious) advertising."

    H/t The Guardian.