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Here's How To Tie Anything And Everything

Knots, laces, togas, scarves — you have met your match. Bookmark this immediately.

1. Make your beverage easy to schlep on longer hikes with a DIY water bottle carrying strap.

2. Make your own paracord survival bracelet in case of emergencies.

3. Suit up properly for a karate or judo class.

4. Learn how to tie your bean boots like the pros.

5. Learn all the knots you need to know for boating, camping, and fishing. Sooo outdoorsy.

6. Master the bow tie once and for all.

7. And get creative with your neckties too.

8. Belt strap too long? Just knot it.

9. Get Animal House-ready with a simple toga tutorial.

10. Cinch your trench coat with the perfect knotted belt.

Get all the steps here.

11. Learn how to tie an easy sarong for hot days at the beach.

12. DIY a no-sew tutu for any kid-at-heart.

13. Never get bored with your scarf again.

14. Or dress up your hairdo with a head scarf.

15. DIY your own version of these beloved snag-free hair ties.

16. Give your sneakers a little extra kick with these cool lacing patterns.

17. Get out of the house faster in the morning with this utter magic.

18. Make any necklace or bracelet adjustable with an easy sliding knot.

19. Make a pretty celtic heart knot.

20. Whip up a couple quick friendship bracelets for your besties.

21. Turn your sweatshirt in to a laptop sleeve in moments of desperation.

22. Get a perfectly-wrapped present every time.

23. Or learn this poofy bow for even ~fancier~ gifts.

24. Braid the edges of a tie blanket instead of knotting them for a neater land less bulky look.

25. Give your puppy a toy and a treat with this knotted rope DIY.

26. And finally, master the art of tying a cherry stem in your mouth.

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