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    24 Amazing Hair Products That Really And Truly Work

    Products to get your 'do done right. The products in this post were updated in July 2018.

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    1. A pack of virtually unbreakable hair ties specifically designed for long and thick hair. No slipping, no stretching out, and no damage to your strands.

    2. A cult-status Wet Brush with 82% five-star reviews for a reason. It'll detangle even the most stubborn hair...WITHOUT ripping it from your scalp.

    3. A deeply moisturizing hair mask that'll restore health and shine to your hair with nourishing argan oil and green tea, plus protein-rich ingredients like quinoa, oat, and hydrolized keratin.

    4. A blowout spray to seriously cut down your drying time while protecting your hair from heat damage.

    5. A volume-boosting shampoo you can use every few washes to remove all the product residue and buildup you've accumulated with styling.

    6. A pack of hair elastics with rubber treading to make sure they stay in place on even the slipperiest hair and during even the most intense workouts.

    7. A hot-air brush that combines the powers of a round brush and a hair dryer, giving you the bounciest blowout with just one tool.

    8. A canister of fan-favorite Basiste dry shampoo to add the perfect amount of texture and body to your day-old hair and make oily, flat roots disappear.

    9. A delicious-smelling sea salt spray that's guaranteed to add beachy waves to your hair without any crunchy stiffness.

    10. A scalp brush for anyone looking to replicate that amazing hair salon scalp massage at home.

    11. A five-in-one curling iron and wand set with interchangeable barrels to make achieving the curls of your Pinterest board dreams a reality.

    12. Texture-boosting styling cream specially designed for air-drying your hair and perfect for when it's just too damn hot to whip out the hot tools.

    13. A microfiber cloth that dries your wet hair ~without~ adding the extra frizz that a regular towel does.

    14. A root-lifting spray with a lightweight and flexible formula to boost volume into the second day.

    15. A borderline-magical spiral hair tie for anyone sick and tired of waking up with creased hair.

    16. A high-control hairspray that looks at the weather forecast...and laughs. Humidity is no match for this spray.

    17. A deep-conditioning Tonymoly hair pack chock-full of vitamins, nutritious oils, and shea butter to make your hair softer than ever.

    18. A ceramic straightener that costs less than $20 but works as well as the super-expensive ones.

    19. A powder and brush combo to cover your grown-in roots instantly and make your hair look fuller — and it'll last until you shampoo it out!

    20. A jar of forming hair cream that'll hold all day without looking wet or feeling crunchy.

    21. A 42-pack of curling rods you can use wet or dry to create perfect no-heat styles on all hair textures.

    22. A silk protein and neem oil–infused mist to refresh and bring your curls back to life when you don't want to wash them quite yet.

    23. A weightless volumizing powder to take even the finest hair from limp AF to lush AF.

    24. And a natural silk pillowcase that helps maintain hair health even as you sleep, reducing frizz and breakage when compared with regular cotton or other fiber pillowcases.

    Get ready for your best hair yet.

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