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19 Cute Shoe Brands That May Just Save Your Feet

Walking on sunshine.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite comfortable shoe brands. Here are the results:

1. Hotter

"After two ankle surgeries, the second resulting in four pins, I had to buy all new shoes. I got two pair of Hotter oxfords and they are stylish and comfy."


Best part?: Hotter shoes have removable insoles and a side range of sizes, including slim and extra wide widths, to best fit your feet.

Prices: Starting at $27.

Sizes: 5–11.

2. Dexflex Comfort

"All of the shoes have memory foam and are SO comfortable. Wedges, heels, flats, loafers — you name it, they probably have it."

Rachel S.

"You can find them at Payless! Only brand of heeled boots I'll wear."

Brooke J.

Prices: Starting at $12.

Sizes: 5–13.

3. Sanuk

"Super squishy and very cute."

Sarah H.

Bonus: The footbed is made. From. A. Yoga. Mat.

Prices: Starting at $26.

Sizes: 5–11.

4. El Naturalista

"The most comfortable shoe I have ever owned."

Rebeka H.

Prices: Starting at $110.

Sizes: 5–12.

5. Dansko

"Dansko booties have seriously changed my life. I can walk and stand for hours. I wanted something I could walk miles in but would be cute enough to wear straight to dinner at a nice restaurant."

Moon Jock

Prices: Starting at $85.

Sizes: 35–43.

6. Yellow Box

"My mom wore a pair to Disneyland for a day and her feet never hurt. They have a huge variety that's very cute."


Prices: Starting at $19.

Sizes: 5.5–11.

7. Rockport Seven to 7

"Like walking on a cloud! Absolutely love my pumps, even after wearing them all day."

Mrs. M.

Bonus: These heels actually feel like flats, thanks to Adiprene by Adidas cushioning.

Prices: Starting at $89.99.

Sizes: 5–11.

8. Tieks

"Tieks honestly changed my life! I am a resident physician so I am on my feet and walking through the hospital for 14–16-plus hours a day. They are a little pricey but I promise they are worth every penny. And the cute blue soles add a little something special."

Morgan C.

Prices: Starting at $175.

Sizes: 5–13.

9. Bernie Mev

10. Rieker

11. Chaco

"REALLY comfortable. They hurt your feet a little bit when you break them in, but once you do they mold to your feet and it is foot heaven. Perfect for hiking, camping, or even just standing for a long time."

Caroline Crane

Prices: Starting at $64.

Sizes: 5–12.

12. Geox

13. Avon

PSA: Yes, ~that~ Avon sells shoes. And they're friggin' cute!

"The cushion walk line from Avon is freaking amazing! They have heels, wedges, flats, boots, and, my ultimate favorite, the loafers!"

Chelsea W

Prices: Starting at $7.99.

Sizes: 5–12.

14. Aerosoles

"Their wide calf boots fit like a dream, and all their heels can hold up all day at work, or all evening at the bar. AND they are updating their styles to be hip and more modern."

—Kim Pedersen, Facebook

Prices: Starting at $19.99.

Sizes: 5–12.

15. Vagabond

"Cute, comfortable, and well-made so they'll last figuratively forever."

Camilla L

Prices: Starting at $90.

Sizes: 35–42.

16. Clarks

17. Ariat

"They come with a really lovely insole — you could walk all day on them. Bonus: If, like me, your feet are wide, your arch is high, and your calves would not be described as dainty, they still fit comfortably."

—Margaret G. Garry, Facebook

Prices: Starting at $89.95.

Sizes: 4–11.

18. Naturalizer

19. Blowfish

"Adorable and crazy comfy! I get compliments on all five pairs I own. As someone who has had three knee surgeries all on the same knee, their heels are the only ones I have found in my entire life that I can wear for more than an hour. Zero pain!"

Megan A.

Prices: Starting at $45.

Sizes: 6–11.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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