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The 25 Colorful Stages Of Becoming A Lipstick Addict

Bite the (lip) bullet.

1. Pale-lipped, pre-lipstick you sees someone wearing a bold color.

"Hmmmm. Wonder if I could pull that off."

2. You head to Sephora, only to be overwhelmed by the number of available shades.

3. And overwhelmed by the jargon.

MTV / Via

"Wait, how can a red lipstick be too blue?"

4. But you buy one anyway, because ~YOLO~.

5. The first application goes far less smoothly than you'd expect.

Universal Pictures / Via

... Is this really how it's supposed to look?

6. And then you figure out the whole lip brush, lip pencil thing, and it all looks a little neater. / Via

And for the first time you think, I can do this!

7. But you head out and look in the mirror AND HATE IT.

^You, IRL.

8. And then someone compliments you on the lip color and everything changes. / Via


9. And it's started making you feel like a Real Adult Person.

Columbia Pictures / Via

10. Heaven forbid anyone interrupt your careful and unpracticed hand.

Sony Pictures Television / Via

Otherwise bad things will happen.

11. And you start dreaming up lipstick-related gadgets to solve your woes.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via


12. And leaving your imprint everywhere you go.

Cups, napkins, kleenex, other people's cheeks... the list goes on.

13. You experience the delightful first time you get lipstick on your chin from eating a sandwich. / Via


14. You may have been momentarily concerned about the opinions of the opposite sex. / Via

But that ended pretty quickly.

15. So you start experimenting with darker colors.

Warner Bros. Animation / Via

Like a mood ring for your mouth.

16. Soon you develop the perfect response to anyone who hates on your lipstick game.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

17. And a bold lip becomes part of your game face. / Via

Red lipstick = war paint.

18. People start to come to you for lipstick advice. / Via

Hehehehehe, the fools.

19. And you learn exactly what you need for a little dose of badass. / Via

::Opens purse, takes out pretty little tube::

20. And you have to eventually face the struggle of running out of your fave shade and resorting to ~darker~ options.

CBS Television Distribution / Via

No judgment.

21. You start to find lipstick weird places, like on your neck.

"How the actual eff did this get here?"

22. A brand new lipstick becomes the Most Joyous of occasions.

23. While a discontinued color justifies full mourning.

24. You've reached the point where you're embarrassed to be caught without your signature shade. / Via

No lipstick? No leaving the house.

25. But hey — at least you never have to be worried about being caught without a pen.

Or something.