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11 Perfect Gifts For Your Best Friend At Work

The cubicle mate of your heart.

1. A mug for the coworker who will never be team #standingdesk.

2. A set of four colorful pencil sharpeners for the only person you'll poop in the stall next to.

3. A paper weight for your sweary coworker who has to rein it in during work hours.

4. A pie chart pouch for the friend who is 90% perspiration, 9% inspiration and 1% useless graphics.

5. A book for the girl boss who inspires you on the daily.

6. A virus stress toy for the coworker who gets nervous when their desk neighbor starts sneezing.

7. A panda filled with hand cream for the desk buddy who always borrows your lotion.

8. A desk sign for the friend who needs a title bump.

9. A pair of drumstick pens for the coworker who marches to the beat of their own drum.

10. A desktop zen garden for the coworker who deserves a dang break.

11. A set of colorful cord wranglers for anyone who has too many cables to keep track of.

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