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27 Graduation Gifts That Will Kickstart Adulthood

Even better than a check.

1. A handy book that teaches skills that college doesn't.

Like how to find an apartment, what all that stuff on a paycheck means, and how to ask someone out on a date.

Get it from Amazon for $7.45.

2. A cookbook they'll actually use.

3. A dainty espresso maker that will fit in any dorm room or postgrad hovel.

4. A cute money organizer that tracks purchases and store receipts and bills.

Get it from Amazon for $12.

5. A scratch-off map for those who are immediately going abroad...or will do it someday!

6. A ceramic storage set with vacuum seal lids that keep food fre$h.

Leftovers that last = save those dollar bills.

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $34.

7. A complete cocktail set for the aspiring scientist.

8. A slow cooker that comes with three bowls in different sizes — to feed one, a couple, or a whole party.

9. A classic weekend bag that'll actually hold up on overnights or trips.

10. A bestselling electric wine opener for the inevitable transition from boxed to bottled wine.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

11. A Groupon to a local spa for a good post-thesis massage or schmancy dinner.

Especially great for friends and relatives who want to pamper from afar.

Check out local options that fit every budget here.

12. An alarm clock you have to flip to turn off.

No more snoozes.

Get it from Soho Design Shop for $55.

13. An instant photo printer that connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

14. A mini 3-in-1 breakfast maker that'll save them so much money on a daily bacon, egg, and cheese.

15. A cheery mirror to use during daily affirmations.

16. A 10-in-1 multi-tool that'll be sure to come in handy.

17. A 32-piece apartment-in-a-box dining set that'll suit any style.

18. A cutesy piggy bank you can jumpstart with the gift of cash.

19. A job-hunt-themed card game that will make your grad laugh...and then cry.

20. A Beyoncé bath mat that will make any new apartment actually feel like home.

21. A sleek fitness tracker that helps track exercise, food, and sleep.

22. A Shakespearean insults mug to help use that English degree in the workplace.

23. A "Letters to My Future Self" kit so they can set goals and look back at their wayward youth.

24. A monogrammed signet ring that's a great complement to (or replacement for) a class ring.

25. A money machine, which is possibly the most fun way to give a wad o' cash.

26. A mortarboard champagne glass to toast from afar.

27. And a bottle of bubbly to fill it with.

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