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26 Brilliant Gifts Only English Nerds Will Appreciate

Second only to getting them a job.

1. A tee that proclaims the universal truth about movie adaptations.

2. Temporary quote tattoos to practice for the real thing.

$5, Litographs.

3. A table light that makes any room an Actual Library.

4. A flask with one of the great ~writing tenets~ emblazoned on it.

5. A mug to sass anyone who asks how English majors earn a living.

6. A journal with 642 unique writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing.

7. A double-headed booklight so speed readers don't have to adjust it EVERY page.

$20, MoMA.

8. A notebook designed to help plot out the next Great Novel.

9. A bag to tote around a full library of novels.

10. A tee that'll fit any punster to a T.

11. A pair of banned book socks to show the ~edgy~ side of an English major.

12. An invisible bookshelf that also marks where you left off.

13. A print that depicts famous novels' opening lines — in sentence diagram form.

14. Book-printed cardboard stools that pop together when you need emergency seating.

15. A handmade comma rug to show you're #TeamOxfordComma.

16. Or punctuation earrings that will add DrAmA to your look.

17. A typewriter memo pad for only the most urgent reminders.

18. A tent for book nerds who are answering The Call of the Wild.

19. A quirky notebook to push right past the writer's block.

20. A pen for taking notes in the book you're ~not~ supposed to be reading for class.

21. A USB drive that lets you bring 3000 classic books with you wherever you go.

22. A dainty pencil brooch to show everyone you're in writer mode.

23. A tote with the the face you make any time someone asks, "Why do you have so many books?"

24. A notebook that doubles as a pocket square for jotting down the jauntiest notes.

25. A simple reminder for writers of any sort.

26. And a bookend to hold back the dwindling number of books you haven't read yet.

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