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27 Of The Coolest Ways To Wrap Gifts This Year

These just might turn you one of those gift wrap reusers.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Felt Santa bags with legs that dangle over your mantle.

Get a set of six from Amazon for $12.99.

2. Galaxy print paper that proves your presents are out of this world.

Get it from Thumbs Up x 2 on Etsy for $5.87+.

3. An Official North Pole-certified sack for those presents that are hardest to wrap.

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

4. ~Mapping paper~ for anyone who's been diagnosed with wanderlust.

Get it from The Container Store for $6.99.

5. Lemonade gift wrap that knows your best revenge is your (wrapping) paper.

Perfect for Beyoncé fans! So, you know, for anyone on planet Earth.

Get it from Shop Beyoncé for $16.

6. Chalkboard gift wrap you can personalize with illustrations, messages and more.

Get a kit that includes wrapping paper, twine, and a white chalkboard pen from Amazon for $16.45.

Get just the roll of chalk board wrapping paper here.

7. Dapper dachsund paper that's definitely not hiding a boxed sweater. No siree.

Get it from Mary Kilvert on Etsy for $12.94.

8. Gold splattered paper to make any present Pollock-esque.

9. A gift bag perfect for any double decker present.

Get it from World Market for $3.15 (on sale from $4.50).

10. Narwhal paper that makes presents toot their own ~horn~.

PSA: even though narwhals are the "unicorns of the sea" they actually exist for realsies and you can symbolically adopt one here!

Get it from Paper Source for $2.95+.

11. Metallic-edged boxes that make opening gift cards way more fun.

Get a pack of 16 boxes from Amazon for $13.49.

12. Drake paper that turns gift wrap into gift rap.

Get it from Little Lungs Design on Etsy for $7.68.

Get Kanye here, Jay Z here, and Eminem here.

13. Silver scalloped gift bags that are (mer)made for only the prettiest presents.

Get them from Paper Source for $3.95+ each.

14. Gold foil paper that proves simple is always stunning.

Get them from Target for $6 each. Get the tree one here and the swirly one here.

15. A gift box (or three) that are so pretty they don't even need a bow.

Get the set of three scalloped boxes for $10 and the red box for $5.

Check out Target's whole Sugar and Paper gift box selection here.

16. Dino gift wrap to open next to a rawr-ing fire.

Get it from Sea Urchin Studio on Etsy for $8.50.

17. Silver boxes that look perfect under a glamorous Christmas tree.

Get them from Paper Source for $3.95+ each.

18. Vegetable wrapping paper for anyone you care(rot) about.

Get the paper (plus a gift tag) from Clara and Macy on Etsy for $6.15+.

19. Extra-thick wrap that'll transform any present pile into a forest of birch trees.

Get a jumbo roll (72 square feet!) from Amazon for $10.99.

20. Customizable wrapping paper covered in frames you can fill with personal photos.

Get it from Minted for $15. Also available in red and green backgrounds.

21. Illustrated kraft paper for any ~party animal~.

Get it from World Market for $4.99.

Get gift bags in the same style here (for shark) and here (for unicorn).

22. Gold marble bags that make any gift a little fancier.

Get them from Paper Source for $3.95+.

23. Gift wrap for the straight-talker in the family.

It's pretty black and white.

Get it?

Get it from Lukanna Designs on Etsy for $2.27.

24. Cozy kitty paper for presents meant to give the warm & fuzzies.

Get it from World Market for $5.59 (on sale from $7.99)

25. Sweary paper perfect for hiding bullshit presents.

Get it from BuzzFeed's Fuck Shit Shop for $4.

26. Très chic gift wrap that's covered in vintage dress patterns.

Get it from Norman's Printery on Etsy for $14.

27. Cheeky paper that's a twist on a classic.

Get it from Sweet Perversion on Etsy for $12.

Still not sure what to put ~inside~ the wrapping paper? See every single one of our 2016 gift guides here.

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