19 Products You Can Totally Borrow From The Opposite Gender

    As told to us by you.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what product meant for the opposite gender they used. Here are the results.

    1. Tampons

    "Well my boyfriend used tampons in the military that were shipped to his base to clean his weaponry, not realizing what their actual purpose was — ha." — jenloring425.

    "I used a tampon once for a nosebleed. Some nice girl told me to use it and it worked really well. It hurt when I took it off but that was pretty much the only downside." — godcat.

    2. Men's Razors

    "I use men's razors. They're so much sharper and better and last longer and when they're the same price it's a pretty easy choice." — hatherine42db5103f.

    "Dollar shave club — they send a newsletter with my razors that helps me be a better man with articles such as "Is going commando bad for my testicles?" or "How to pretend you know about craft beer." So I feel like I'm not exactly their target demo, buttttt #MoMoney4Me *shugs*" — Merry Buelken (Facebook).

    "I'm also a fan of using the men's Gillette Fusion razors and shaving cream since those seem to do great on my legs and ~other~ areas without dulling as fast and it leaves me nice and smooth for several days before I get a case of the fuzzies." — Malkavian13.

    3. Makeup

    "Makeup. I don't wear it everyday, usually I just do it for fun when I'm drinking with friends getting ready to go out; or if I'm stressed, I find it pretty relaxing." — Chris Waylon (Facebook).

    "I use clear mascara to tame the arch in my eyebrows so they look straighter." — rossd43f3977a9.

    "I use Cover Girl BB cream and concealer to cover up blemishes and give my skin a matte finish. I love it because it still looks natural and you can't even tell I'm wearing makeup." — nicholasc42865fa5a.

    4. Styptic Pencils

    Buy one here.

    "Styptic pencils are AWESOME for shaving. Quickly stops bleeding and helps prevent ingrown hairs :)" — saraw13.

    "I use a styptic pencil when I cut my legs shaving to stop the bleeding." — geomod.

    5. Innersoles

    "I thought Dr. Scholl's insert would be the same for both genders, but when I accidentally ordered Men's inserts (Pro Pain Relief Orthotics for Heels), I discovered that the men's were so much more comfortably, squishy, and thicker than the Women's inserts, while fitting my dainty little lady shoes just fine. Such baloney! I only order the Men's inserts now." — Apollina Vita (Facebook).

    6. Men's Shoes

    "I also like boy's shoes and sneakers. I'm a size 8.5 women's and I can fit into size 6 for boys, that way you can get sweet shoes like high top Nikes for cheap!" — geomod.

    "I sometimes buy men's shoes. I have big, wide feet. I can wear a U.S. 11 in women's or a U.S. 10 in men's. For athletic shoes or sneakers, the men's are often more comfortable. I should probably also buy men's socks." — Clair Ryan (Facebook).

    "Men's running shoes in my size tend to feel bigger, last longer, cause less blistering, and cost half as much." — Kathleen Reeve (Facebook).

    7. Midol

    "Midol. Sinus headaches due to allergies? Midol. Migraine? Midol. Sinus infection? Midol. The only thing I really don't use it for is when I'm hung over." — Zak Steib (Facebook).

    "One of my guy friends told me that he uses Midol when he is hungover. Makes sense since PMS and hangovers have virtually the same symptoms. Lol." — jackirose.

    8. Women's Shampoo

    "As a guy with very long hair, I find it hard to find a shampoo aimed at men that does the job. Which means more often than not, I end up using women's shampoo, a lot of them having really feminine bottle designs. I get a few funny looks at the checkout, but I stopped caring a while ago." — Dave Miller (Facebook).

    "Women's shampoo. Most men's shampoo is pretty crappy and cheap and most of the time its 2 in 1. I think women care more about their hair then most men do, so I like to use stuff that has lather and shine, cause it feels better on my head." — lordofpizza666.

    "I use women's shampoo because all of the men's shampoo in my house is "sports" scented (what does that even mean?)" — SqueakyOtaku.

    9. Men's Underwear

    "I use men's boxer briefs as spandex. Cheaper, stays where it should, doesn't run, and it's easier to wash!" Submitted by lydiag4e8d227ee.

    "Men's boxer briefs. They help combat the dreaded chub rub in the summertime." — amyk43e11f28d.

    "Men's boxer briefs! I think ladies' underwear is sexy, but it is not practical in the least. It always rised up and leaves me feeling itchy and uncomfortable the whole day. Boxer briefs are still fitted and never ride up. I'll choose them over lacy cheeksters any day of the week." — Kimberly Honious (Facebook).

    10. Women's Face Products

    "I find that women's skin products are about 10x better than mens ones, which just assume that you could not possibly know the difference between combination and normal type skin. They cost about twice as much though!" — aaronv433716ef8.

    "As a guy with really oily skin, I find that using makeup removal wipes in the restroom before lunch or sometimes between classes is a great way to get rid of a shiny face." — AustinStakes.

    "My ex boyfriend used to use my Olay Regenerist face cream. TBH, he had great skin." — BrittFlinn .

    11. Men's Shirts

    "One time I was with my roommates at the mall in a store that I didn't have the money for, so I headed straight for the [men's] clearance racks.... Men's shirts just have so much more give in them. In some women's clothing I can barely raise my arms above my head." — Laurie Wilson Keller (Facebook).

    "I love buying men's clothes at J Crew. Usually the button downs are longer and fit more relaxed so they are perfect over leggings in the fall... Once I found two almost identical sweaters on sale, the woman's sweater was 59.00 and the men's was 12.00!" — megans49fd3ad47.

    12. Socks

    "Men's tube socks make the best boot socks!" — kayannl.

    "Women's socks.... not every guy has size 13 feet and I don't think they know what "fits" means. No sock can fit a size 10 AND a size 13; no matter how many times they say it will on the package." — Greg Oechslin (Facebook).

    "Men's wool socks. There are many more choices, and not all of them have pink borders. Also, they're generally bigger, so in extra cold weather, I can layer them!" — emmabess1.

    For more suggestions, check here.

    13. Men's Soap

    "I use Irish Spring body wash. It smells so fresh and the smell sticks around for the whole day." — lmaccarthy.

    "Old Spice Sport body wash. It smells amazing and is so much cheaper than shaving cream!" — lizardb1.

    "Men's body wash , it smells so good & the smell lasts longer then most women's body washes & cleans better." — rebeccam43922a1a2.

    14. Boys' Toys

    "I challenge you to go to Toys R Us and see that ALL the girl aisles are pink and generic brands (including pretend cooking and cleaning products) and no pop culture references except for Barbie and Disney. Then, experience the boy aisles. There is a whole aisle dedicated to Star Wars and tons of name brand stuff like Disney, Pokemon, Nickelodeon, Pixar, collectible figures, etc…

    I'm all for gender neutrality, but it's so obvious where the line is drawn and where name brands are highlighted." — annac4f6f7cf6c.

    15. Men's Pajamas

    "Men's pyjama bottoms always have a longer leg length than the women's and often include pockets - cosy!" — jenp496080407.

    "Men's lounge pants! For half the price, I can get lounge pants or PJ bottoms with actual pockets. Who cares if I have to sacrifice pink and purple as options, when I gain POCKETS?" — marieadriana.

    "Men's PJ pants have pockets and are longer, so they are a must. In fact, men's pants in general sometimes fit my weird body better and gosh darn it if girl pants don't really have pockets!" — KickDBaboon.

    16. Men's Deodorant

    "Men's deoderant, specifically the Old Spice brand. The scents are better, the packaging isn't half as embarrassing, the prices are better and you get more product for the price." — Malkavian13.

    "MENS DEODORANT. The stuff is stronger, man- no more worries on a hot day!" — lauras4cb5b720c.

    "I've been using Old Spice deodorant for a few years now. A lot of my friends do too! Almost every girl friend I have actually, haha. Women's deodorant/antiperspirant just doesn't cut it! So much more protection and no more of that baby powder smell which is usually in women's deodorants. I use [Old Spice] Fiji." — graced403427fda.

    17. Perfume/Cologne

    "I wear a number of different men's colognes - Eau Sauvage, Luna Rossa, Bulgari Black, Cool Water, to name a few - no one can tell the difference. I tend to get more compliments on those days, even. I also find that men's cologne has better sillage, so I can wear significantly less." — rebeccas41f7725bb.

    "Sometimes I'll use women's perfume. I really like D&G's The One For Her." — David Spears (Facebook).

    "Men's cologne. Specifically, Polo Blue. My dad always used to wear it, so it reminds me of him." — Ruchama.

    18. Men's Tissues

    "Kleenex 'mansize' tissues, because I wouldn't want my little girly nose to miss out on all the fun men get to have blowing their nose into their huge beastly tissues." — holliep4dd0770f5.

    "Kleenex 'Mansize' tissues" — Zelah Meyer (Facebook).

    19. Men's Exercise Clothing

    "Male workout shirts. I'm a plus size girl with big boobs. There was no way I would wear girl's shirts (which are usually tighter) to work out." — Giuliana Mandonça (Facebook).

    "I buy boy workout clothes and tennis shoes. Cheaper and more comfortable." — Emily Aust (Facebook).

    "I'm a lady who wears men's gym shorts when I work out. Women's are always short-shorts for some reason; men's are cheaper and actually cover your rear end." — caroliner4f34a2a95.

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