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    17 Ways To Keep In Touch With Your Long-Distance BFF

    BFFFFA = BFF from far away.

    This is what happens when you and your friends separate:

    For even five minutes. Here's how to make the most of your time apart.

    1. Set a specific time every week for Snapchat updates.

    No matter where you are or what you're doing at 9pm Thursday night, you take a pic.

    2. Use Rabbit to watch ~your stories~ at the same time. / Via

    You can even live chat while doing it!

    3. Use a countdown jar to keep track of the days before you see each other.

    For bonus points, use a delicious treat. Find out more here.

    4. Celebrating a new job or birthday? Send a little packet of confetti to throw in the air.

    Get this assortment at Catbird.

    5. Use a site like to listen to the same music together.

    500 mile apart dance party? It's happening.

    6. Set aside #throwbackThursdays for actual letter or postcard-writing time.

    While actual post still exists. Get these adorable cards on Etsy.

    Bonus: postcard stamps only cost 35 cents!

    7. Surf the web together using Same Surf.

    So you can plan your "accidentally" matching fall outfits.

    8. Go head-to-head on any Sporcle quiz by hitting the "challenge" button.

    Like this "Can you name the costume each cat is dressed up as?" quiz.

    9. Start a book club over Skype or Google Hangouts as an excuse to talk every week.

    10. Make matching state mugs for impromptu coffee dates.

    Learn how to make them here.

    11. Send creative care packages filled with goodies and (printed!) photos.

    12. Send a postcard pillow as a you substitute for cuddle times.

    Check this one out on Etsy.

    13. Use Miranda to get organized with friends who live in different time zones.

    It'll even show you where it's day and night.

    14. Try the app Glympse to send your location to buds.

    It's also a great way to make sure your friends get home safely!

    15. Turn major food events into a reason to chat.

    16. Plan meet-up spots exactly half way between the two of you.

    17. Or you can buy a pair of pants that magically fits and send them back and forth to each other.

    Warner Bros.

    As only the best friends do.

    And [as always], Skype, call, and obsessively like each other's Instagrams.

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    Cuz that's how we do.

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