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    26 Baby Shower Gifts That Are Actually Fun

    Everyone else is giving a Sophie the Giraffe — you need to start out your reputation as the good gift-giver before the kid's even born.

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    1. Delicious-looking baby booties that'll make your amazing gift-giving skills all the other shower guests want to ~taco-bout~.

    2. A two-in-one nightlight and sound soother masquerading as a jar filled with fireflies — just because something is actually useful doesn't mean it can't also be cute AF!

    3. A charming map of Neverland the parents-to-be are sure to hang up in a prized place in their nursery. Over a cabinet filled with storybooks perhaps?

    4. A darling Snuggle blanket guaranteed to become baby's new bestie.

    5. A silicone placemat plate that'll echo the happy face any parent will make when they realize their kid can't knock their food off the high chair tray anymore!

    6. A ~magical~ onesie sure to turn any tot into a future Hogwarts student.

    7. A faux leather diaper backpack for the parent who doesn't want to sacrifice on style when schlepping around all their baby stuff.

    8. Teeny tiny socks designed to look like hiking boots for the child born of outdoorsy AF parents. They don't know what they've gotten themselves into.

    9. Or a pair of red-bottomed moccasins any Louboutin-lover would adore. Honestly, if no one buys these for Cardi B's baby, I will be so disappointed.

    10. A book of fold-and-mail letters that'll serve as mini time capsules the kid can open when they're all grown up. Hello PRICELESS gift!!

    11. A cushy bathtime helper for the couple who already has an Insta handle picked out for their kid — can you say artfully-arranged photo op? Plus it actually makes bathing a baby bloomin' easy!

    12. A supersoft milestone blanket so they'll remember to take plenty of pics at every stage. They just grow so fast! 😭

    13. A copy of Go the Fuck To Sleep, because the new parents will definitely need a good laugh when they're totally sleep-deprived.

    14. A knit cold brew rattle for the offspring of anyone who drinks iced coffee 365 days a year — now their kid can join in on the fun!

    15. Or a teether shaped like a coffee to-go cup to keep them busy while mommy or daddy gets their fix in the morning. "Just give me a minute."

    16. An album or two of lullaby renditions inspired by the parents' favorite artists (like The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac) — we're talking soothing and non-repetitive music that *won't* make them want to shove cotton balls in their ears.

    17. A cushy shark-themed bath or beach set that'll make the kid so friggin' adorable you'll just want to take a big ole bite out of 'em. *Cue cute aggression*

    18. A plush elephant mat to make sure they never forget the importance of tummy time (because elephants never forget!!).

    19. A Magic Bullet Baby Bullet emblazoned with happy faces, because making baby food will be so easy with this 20-piece set, their smiles will be that big too.

    20. A pacifier combined with a stuffed animal, making this both the most delightful thing of all time AND super easy for baby to grab and hold themselves!

    21. A Q&A a Day journal for mom, because it might be nice to give something that isn't just for that lucky kid.

    22. An ice cream cone set that'll make the little bundle of joy even sweeter!

    23. A cozy crown to keep your royal niece or nephew's head warm and officially designate you the king or queen of gift-giving — for the same amount of money you'd spend on a fancy card!

    24. A non-toxic, dishwasher safe teether that'll prove to be a true gem 😉 when the kid's teeth start to come in.

    25. A board book for scientists in the making, because the person reading aloud deserves to learn a little something, too!

    26. An interactive squirrel stroller toy that'll make entertaining any kid a ~walk in the park~.

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