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18 Clever Ways To Keep People From Stealing Your Stuff

Because opening the fridge to see your lunch missing is ~not~ ok.

1. Never mix up your can of beer or soda again at a party — brand it with a can stamp. / Via

MINE. $6.99 Can Stamp.

2. Make your personal library more official with a DIY borrowing card.

No more subtle hints like, "Hmmm I can't find my copy of Gone Girl. Did I lend it to somebody?" Find the printable here.

3. No one will want to eat your sandwich if it's safely stowed in this lunchbox.

4. Or go a step further by using lunch baggies that look moldy.

Your coworkers may think you're gross, but whatever. You're eating your sandwich. Get these for $6 a box at Amazon.

5. Etch your name onto your favorite glass bakeware when gifting treats to friends and neighbors.

Just because they get the pie doesn't mean they get the pie pan. Get the how-to here.

6. Stencil your initial onto your favorite mug so your significant other stops using it.

Because your morning brew doesn't have the same effect if it's not in YOUR mug. Get the tutorial here.

7. Or use this "dirty" mug at the office.

Hands off, co-workers. $14.49 at Perpetual Kid.

8. Try this mug, which is unusable without the removable plug.

Keep the mug on the shelf and the plug in your drawer. $12.50 on Amazon.

9. Use metal stamps to personalize your pencils with your name or a fun phrase.

Maybe someone will actually return a borrowed pencil if it has your name on it.*

*Less effective for those with common names Get the tutorial here.

10. Or buy these "pre-chewed" pencils that may discourage borrowing entirely.

11. Prettify your standard earbuds with colorful embroidery thread.

They won't stray over to the ~other~ side of your dorm room. Find out how to make them here.

12. Wrap your charger in bright washi tape.

So you can spot yours among a sea of white chargers in a crowded library. Tutorial here.

13. Use masking tape stencils to jazz up a plain umbrella.

Kimberly Genevieve /

AKA never lose it in the umbrella bucket again. Check out the steps here.

14. Personalize your keys with a coat of nail polish.

Stopping roommate squabbles before they begin. Learn more here.

15. Make an iPhone case that no one else has.

When your whole friend group has the same phone in the same case, it is easy to mix them up. Check it out here.

16. Dip wine glass stems in chalkboard paint to customize at parties.

No more wine time confusion. Get the how-to here.

17. Lock your favorite snacks away from prying hands.

It's meant for "self-discipline", but it'll work even better on snack-stealers. Get it here.

18. Or you can always stick googly eyes on your food and hope that deters people.

Good luck.

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