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21 Pieces Of "Doctor Who" Swag You Didn't Know You Needed


1. "Don't Blink" Tee

$19.95. Ok, that's pretty damn cool.

2. TARDIS Headphones

$50. Because the 12th Doctor just told you to listen.

3. Whovian Nail Polish Set

$84. Get the 9-bottle collection here.

4. The Crack in Amy Pond's Wall Tee

$32.50. For all your graphic tee needs.

5. TARDIS Slouchy Hat

$23.80. Because fezzes don't keep you that warm.

6. Gallifreyan Text Cuff

$36. You can even choose your own text!

7. Fourth Doctor's Scarf

$62. Because duh.

8. Stormageddon Onesie

$12.95. Pass your fandom on to your child here.

9. Future Companion Tank Top

$18. Because we can all dream, right?

10. Hello Sweetie Boyshorts

$12. So cheeky.

11. TARDIS Bow Tie

$25. Because bow ties are cool, damnit!

12. Police Box Cufflinks

$16.49. In case the Doctor drops by a more formal occasion?

13. David Tennant Idiot's Lantern Tee


14. Time Lord Toffee Lip Balm

$3.85. The only better smell would be fish fingers and custard. Or Jammy Dodger.

15. Run Tank Top

$10. Good for either exercising your body OR your Netflix. (But really, just Netflix).

16. TARDIS Perler Bead Bow Tie

$6.50. Pixelated and super cool.

17. Doctor Who Pocket Tee

$20.50. Perfect storage for your sonic screwdriver.

18. Bad Wolf Wrap Ring

$9.99. Because some of us miss Rose Tyler.

19. TARDIS Suspenders

$30. To go with your bow tie, duh.

20. Vincent and The Doctor Converse

$63. The finest Converse of them all.

21. Norwegian-Style Doctor Who Sweater

$139. Because space is probably pretty cold.