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    23 Easy Hairstyles To Keep You Cool All Summer Long

    You might even say these 'dos are ~no sweat~!

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    1. Use an elastic headband to create an under-two-minute updo — no bobby pins required. It's as easy as wrap + tuck!

    Use a plain headband for an everyday look, or bump it up for an event-worthy updo with an embellished or sparkly version.

    Check out all the tutorial details at Hello Glow.

    2. Part your hair down the middle, work moisturizer in, then gather the two sections into high ponytails, wrapping each one around into a bun for an adorable style that's *also* protective.

    Check out all the steps at The Maria Antoinette.

    3. Turn post-gym wet hair into an effortlessly cool look: Just make a high ponytail, braid it, and wrap the braid into a bun. DONE.

    Lauren Zaser / Via BuzzFeed Life

    Learn more about recreating this style in This Braided Bun Is The Best Thing You Can Do With Wet Hair.

    Tame any potential flyaways in the front with some smoothing balm, like this Amika one that tames frizz and locks out humidity ($25 on Amazon).

    4. Wow everyone around you by creating a surprisingly simple fauxhawk with a few side combs and some moisturizing cream. You'll get that voluminous look without any hair getting in your face.

    Jessicaattie /

    Tutorial creator Nathalie Holmes recommends As I Am Double Butter moisturizer to help shape your look.

    Check out all the steps to this 'do at Camille Styles.

    5. Work a wet hair style that *isn't* just a messy topknot: Create three buns in the back of your head to distribute the weight of your hair (less likely to fall out!).

    Bonus: It'll totally create loose curls when your hair dries.

    Get all the info at Hair Romance.

    6. Master the secret to a voluminous-in-the-front, never-fall-out topknot. Just clip the front of your hair back, leaving volume at the roots, with a large claw clip. Then create a ponytail with the rest of your hair and *wrap it around the clip*, then pin in place.,

    Your bun game will never be the same.

    Check out the full tutorial video at Extra Petite.

    7. Try your hand at a sleek chignon that only takes FIVE STEPS, so when you have a black tie wedding to go to and it's already 97°, you're prepared.

    I can boil it down to just two steps: do a half loop with your pony, then take the extra tail of hair and wrap it around the elastic, then secure in place. THAT'S HOW EASY!

    Learn more at The Beauty Department.

    8. If you have box braids, gather them into a low fallen bun for an off-your-neck look that's still dramatically stylish.

    Just make a side part with your front braids and pull them all back into a low ponytail with an elastic hairband. Wrap the pony around to make a low bu, tucking the ends into a hairband. Pull the bun (gently!) so it falls slightly, but the ends stay tucked for a lovely low-key look.

    For more inspiration, check out these 7 Ways To Style Your Braids If You Suck At Hair.

    9. Quickly braid both sides back for a low-pony look that *won't* have you looking like a founding father this Fourth of July.

    The best part? The messier this looks, the cuter!

    Check out all the steps at The Wonder Forest.

    10. Whip together an updo that looks intricate as heck, but is actually only three regular braids wrapped up and pinned to your head.

    If your hair is straight or feeling a little limp, add some Moroccanoil texturizing spray ($28 on Amazon) beforehand to get mega fat braids.

    Learn more at Paper & Stitch.

    11. Swap out your regular pony for a piled-high, pinned-forward one that'll create a waterfall-like effect that stays far away from the sweaty back of your neck.

    Lauren Zaser / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Learn more about each step in 26 Hairstyles You Can Learn in 10 Steps or Less.

    12. Top off your favorite vintage sundress with a ~lazy~ beehive that doesn't require the usual load of teasing — just use a mesh chignon form!

    Pin in the form — you can use this mesh styling donut, which *also* clips into a circle so you can use it to help form your bun ($8.99 on Amazon)! Then wrap the hair around it and secure in place.

    Get more info at Vavoom Vintage.

    13. If you're tired of wearing a plain ole topknot for the 87th day in a row this summer, scooch it forward to the very front of your hair for a fashion-forward look. It's still juuuuuuust as easy.

    Lauren Zaser / Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    Learn more about each step in 26 Hairstyles You Can Learn in 10 Steps or Less.

    14. Showcase your hair *while* keeping it out of your face by tying a head wrap that looks more intricate than it actually is. Just three knots + tuck!

    Taylor Miller / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Check out the full post of 8 Head Wrap Cheat Sheets You Can Do In 7 Steps Or Less for all the awesome looks!

    15. Achieve mermaid hair with a fishtail braid tutorial designed for beginners. As you're mastering it, just braid the top section above your pony so you can head out the door in no time flat.

    It's only two strands, wrapping as you go, so it's really easier than regular braiding! As you get better, you can braid the full length of your hair for an Elsa-level look.

    Check out the fishtail tutorial at Twist Me Pretty.

    And check out more hair inspo on Twist Me Pretty's Instagram!

    16. Rock a dramatic puff in just a few quick and easy steps — and with just a non-damaging hair tie.

    BuzzFeed /

    Check the full tutorial (and others!) in 1 Woman + 11 Hairstyles.

    Just use non-damaging hair ties like these ones designed for curly hair. Get a pack of 20 on Amazon for $7.99 (available in three color sets).

    17. If your hair is too short (or just slips out easily) for a regular braid, try a *faux* braid that'll stay put and look really thiccck.

    It might *look* tough, but it's basically pulling a series of stacked ponytails through each other.

    Follow the full tutorial at A Beautiful Mess to try it yourself..

    18. Upgrade your pony in a casual way by simply tying a bandana around it. Your post-gym pony is suddenly #OOTD-worthy.

    A little Rodgers & Hammerstein's Oklahoma! style this summer. If you're looking for cotton bandanas to work with, you can get a 12-pack of different fun colors from Amazon for $11.88.

    Get the steps, plus ideas for five other ways to style a bandana, at Paper & Stitch.

    19. Show off your long hair without feeling like it's alllllllll over you. Create a high pony, then attach more elastics along the lengh of your hair, then fan out the sections for a ~bubble~ effect.

    Jessicaattie /

    Learn more at Camille Styles.

    20. For a casual-trendy look that'll sit comfortably under a baseball cap or straw hat, section your hair into two pigtails. Instead of braiding them try a knot braid (literally just tying large knots in your hair) to up the cool factor.

    To ensure your hair doesn't actually get tangled, keep the knots pretty big.

    Get all the steps at Advice from A Twenty-Something.

    21. Or once you've braided your two pigtails, wrap them around each other and pin up for an occasion-worthy updo. Even if you can't get the ~figure eight~ quite right, this'll still look fancy-schmancy when it's messy!

    Lauren Zaser / Jenny Chang / Via BuzzFeed Life

    22. Got a bob that's a little longer in the front, and don't have a lot to work with in the back? Braid the top back, then twist + pin everything else with colorful or metallic bobby pins showing for an easy and edgy finished look.

    Because short hair can get hot during the summer too!

    Learn more at The Beauty Department.

    23. Get colorful with a scarf bun that takes less than 90 SECONDS to create. Only three steps: 1. create ponytail, 2. twist the scarf around your pony in two strands, and 3. wrap the pony into a bun.

    Long and narrow scarves are key for this style! Get a 12-pack of skinny satin scarves in a variety of trendy colors and patterns from Amazon for $12.99.

    Check out the full tutorial at Gina Michele.

    These delightful 'dos are a like an instant dose of:

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