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    11 Gorgeous Dresses That Deserve To Be Danced In

    Clear eyes, full skirts, can't lose.

    1. A long-sleeve midi dress in print that says, "Florals? For fall? Groundbreaking."

    2. A gorgeous beaded dress inspired by the 1920s. The fringed bottom is basically begging to be danced in — you just need to choose between the Charleston, Jitterbug, or Lindyhop.

    3. A plunging skater dress with stunning feathered wing details so you can practice your perfect Swan Lake pirouettes

    4. A v-neck rockabilly dress you can layer with a poofy petticoat for the ultimate in dance wear.

    5. A button-up maxi dress with a slit up the front that's equal parts boho casual and teatime elegant.

    6. A sheer sweetheart dress with embroidered flowers and fluted sleeves to add just the right amount of breezy movement.

    7. A 3/4-sleeve trapeze dress that comes in 17 different patterns, so you have to get one for every possible occasion.

    8. A swing dress that nips in at the waist with a removable sash belt. Still have *more* weddings to go to this fall? This dress'll be perfect for dancing all night!

    9. A full-skirted party dress with a scalloped neckline straight from the 1950s.

    10. A high-low plaid shirtdress that'll flow out behind you on every woodsy fall stroll you go on.

    11. And a retro-inspired swing dress with a scoop back and bow detailing to ~tie~ together the perfect outfit.

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