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23 Awesome Ideas For Throwing Your First Dinner Party

Are you not entertained?

1. Learn how to make a proper cheese board that'll ruin your guests' appetites.

2. Or hit up your local Trader Joe's to put together a charcuterie board for under $30.

3. Erase the waste by using cute and reusable toothpicks to spear nibbles and garnish drinks.

Get a set from Amazon for $5.99.

4. Get the wine right so everyone will be happy.

5. Or make a big-batch cocktail so everyone gets drunk enough to enjoy the food.

6. If you don't have storage for pitchers or punch bowls, make one out of a watermelon or other gourd.

7. Create ambiance with LED corks that turn empty bottles into lamps.

8. Keep your furniture looking nice by putting out coasters that your guests will actually want to use.

9. Instead of making a menu, identify dishes with dry-erase meal tags (the punnier, the better).

10. Make sure you're serving the right amount of food so your guests leave full.

11. Dish it up family-style on a platter that goes straight from fridge or oven to table.

12. And fill the platter with family style–friendly dishes.

13. Make cleanup a breeze by using disposable plates that actually look cool.

Or even better, go green with these compostable plates made from fallen palm leaves.

14. Upgrade super inexpensive wooden serving spoons by dipping them in paint.

15. Set out bargain brand napkins in an adorable dispenser for the convenience of your messy guesties.

16. Serve pre-portioned dessert ramekins so you don't have to leave the party to slice a cake.

17. Or put out baked goods in advance on a DIY serving stand.

18. Add whimsical touches to traditional dinner party elements like place cards.

19. Play a game that's a step between "adult conversation" and college-level drinking games.

20. Don a cute apron that says, "I worked very hard for this food, so you best enjoy it."

21. Check out a highly rated how-to-host book that will actually entertain YOU.

22. Set out a guestbook so people can leave feedback (read: compliments).

23. And take advice from Ina Garten, queen of actually having fun at her own parties.


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