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    26 State Fair Foods From 2015 That Will Blow Your Mind

    Can you get through this post without drooling?

    1. The Defibrillator

    2. S'Mores Beer

    3. Pizza Cones

    4. Wine-Fried Kalettes

    5. Maple Bacon Funnel Cake

    6. Deep-Fried Oreo Burger

    7. Idaho Potato Ice Cream

    8. Sweet Martha's Cookies and All-You-Can-Drink Milk

    9. Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger

    10. Deep-Fried Pretzel-Crusted Brownie on a Stick

    11. Mac and Cheese Cupcake

    12. S'Mores Mini Doughnuts

    13. Red Velvet Funnel Cake

    14. Frosted Flakes-Crusted Chicken on a Stick

    15. Snicker Bar Salad

    16. Lamb and Mashed Potato Parfait

    17. Deep-Fried Grilled Cheese

    18. Bacon-Wrapped Corn

    19. Deep-Fried Ribs

    20. Italian Dessert Nachos

    21. Bacon Crust Pizza

    22. Deep-Fried Cookie Dough

    23. Hot Beef Sundae

    24. Grilled Mac and Cheese

    25. Fried Chicken and Gravy in a Waffle Cone

    26. Pop Rocks French Toast