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    40 Things We've Tried (And Loved) That Are On Major Sale For Cyber Monday

    It's your last day to shop incredible deals on products we honestly can't stop yelling about, because we love them so much.

    Cyber Week, the week when almost every store has deals (more than you could ever conceivably look through in an entire lifetime), is *here*.

    We're wading through mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Cyber Week to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. Olaplexes No. 3 (pre-wash repairing treatment), No. 4 (shampoo), and No. 5 (conditioner), No. 6 (bond smoother), and No. 8 (moisture mask) for 20% off! If you color your hair or use heat tools, Olaplex's bond-strengthening magic is pretty much a must.

    2. An Always Pan for $50 off designed to do the work of EIGHT pieces of regular old cookware. Whether you're already great at cooking or seem to burn everything, this is a great (and pretty) addition to any kitchen, thanks to the non-toxic nonstick surface that makes for very easy cleanup.

    3. Or! A Mini Always Pan for $40 off that cooks small meals to perfection *and* won't take up too much space on a stove. You can skip pouring a bunch of olive oil before heating up eggs, salmon, or veggies, because it has a non-stick surface that'll make flipping and scooping up food less of a hassle. It even comes with a beechwood spatula that nestles right on the handle!

    4. A Freck Beauty Lashrocket Liner for 30% off that'll give you a cool cat-eye look and condition lashes with lash-enhancing peptides. Reviewers say this makeup essential is highly pigmented and easy to apply, thanks to its precise brush tip!

    5. *THE* Amazon Coat for 41% off, a chicly oversized parka that'll keep you truly toasty warm — and make everyone think you splurged big time. Mega style, mega warmth, and pockets for days? Yeah this is my new fave winter coat.

    6. Glossier Solution for 20% off, an easy-to-use exfoliant chockfull of promising acids (AHA, BHA, and PHA, oh my!) that reduce acne and dark spots, brighten, improve skin tone and texture, unclog pores, exfoliate, and reduce signs of stress. Like, that's a lot of stuff.

    7. Adjustable Bala Bangles for 20% off that'll add a lil' resistance (not to mention style) to your virtual fitness classes. These bracelet-like babies weigh 1 pound each, but they'll help boost strength whenever you're doing cardio or strength training.

    8. A Foreo Luna Mini 2 for 50% off, a silicone face-cleansing brush designed to totally remove makeup, dirt, and oil, AAAAND gently exfoliate your skin in just 60 seconds (I know, it's a gamechanger). It's like a quick little baby facial every day.

    Me using the Luna 2 on my face with face cleaner lathered on, with text "makeup, dead skin cells, excess oil, grime, etc. All gone in 60 seconds", and me showing the device in my hand

    9. A set of Parachute percale sheets for 20% off made of 100% Egyptian cotton for a lightweight and cool, breathable yet unbelievably soft and cozy feel. Sounds like a paradox, but they're like magic.

    10. A large Madewell leather transport tote for 60% off from that (take it from my colleague Rachel) will last for Y E A R S.

    11. Levi's ribcage straight jeans for 48% off that come up to — as the name would imply — your ribcage. These are ideal for anyone who prefers truly high-waisted denim. None of that "comes up underneath my belly button" nonsense.

    12. An air fryer (from the makers of the INSTANT POT!!) for 33% off so you can crisp up leftovers, make homemade versions of your favorite fried foods (without having to deal with hot oil), and more.

    13. An Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (we've reviewed the previous gen, but this one's 50% faster!) for 50% off you can simply plug into your existing TV and stream all the shows, movies, and music you want at the push of a button.

    buzzfeed editor holding the firestick remote in front of her TV

    14. A Korres Greek Yoghurt Wide Awake Eye Gel for 40% off that'll gently minimize dark circles and puffiness, plus feel like a lil' chilly treat for tired eyes. It provides a cooling sensation thanks to a roller ball and helps hydrate delicate under-eye skin with a soothing blend of probiotics, vitamins, and caffeine.

    me, holding the eye gel roller ball next to my face, which has less dark circles

    15. $70 off a Walking Pad under-desk treadmill that folds right in half for easy storage so you can get your steps in while you're watching TV or attending yet another meeting that should have been an email.

    16. Sperry duck boots for 50% off so you can tackle any weather on any given day. These are great for snow and rain and are anything but clunky. Adorbs!

    17. An interactive dog puzzle for 46% off that'll help your pup get creative and find treats in moveable sliders. It'll be like a fun game for them, and you'll enjoy watching them figure out where their favorite snack is.

    18. A Lodge pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet for 42% off so you can get a great sear on a steak, transfer dishes right from the stove to the oven, and (of course) make a giant skillet cookie.

    the black skillet with salmon asparagus

    19. Ultralip for 20% off, which has the same weightless comfort of Generation G, plus a hint of shine and buildable coverage for the perfect everyday look. Glossier calls it the "cashmere sweatpants of lipstick" and...yes!

    20. A Girlfriend Collective Paloma bra for 40% off designed with a band across the bottom for extra support you need in any medium-impact workouts. Plus, it's so cute, you may just want to wear it even if you're not working out.

    21. And Girlfriend Collective Luxe Leggings for 60% off with a hint of compression, soft stretchy material, and pretty color options that'll complete any activewear outfit. Going on a chill hike? Wear these. Headed to the gym for leg day? Wear these. Reviewers (and I) love these so much because they're comfortable *and* stay up on the waist thanks to a high-rise fit.

    22. A splurge-worthy smart-toaster for $50 off because it's *chef's kiss* awesome for heating up English muffins, bagels, and Pop-Tarts. A touchscreen with over 60 settings will help you properly heat up sliced bread so you can bite into a crispy piece of toast that's not too burned or too moist. 🍞

    23. A portable car vacuum for up to 65% off so the next time you explore the great outdoors or enjoy a particularly messy snack you don't have to coexist with the evidence of until the next time you do a deep car clean. With this easy peasy gadget, you can scoop it all up and leave your interiors looking brand- spanking-new.

    reviewer holding small black handled vacuum

    24. A leakproof Bentgo lunch box for up to 44% off to keep foods separated (aka not soggy) for your kiddo's best lunchtime ever.

    25. Orly nail polish for 40% off so you can treat yourself to a high-quality mani *and* try fun shades — including cheery light blue, electric purple, and others!

    26. Or! An Olive & June ~Studio Box~ for 25% off complete with everything you need for a f l a w l e s s at-home mani — including your next-level polish handle to make painting neatly so much easier.

    27. A Revlon one-step hair dryer and volumizer hot air brush for 37% off that'll assist you in getting the perfect blowout in *half* the time — without juggling a blow dryer and round brush.

    28. A pair of Spanx faux leather leggings for 20% off to add a hint of edge to your oversized sweater outfits.

    Heather in the black leggings

    29. A UV phone sanitizer for 50% off for folks who shudder at the thought of going about their day as if they weren't just clutching a slippery germ brick for hours on end. Clutch that subway pole without fear!

    30. A Barefoot Dreams blanket for 25% off that fans say is totally worth the splurge — personally I'm dreaming of taking a Turkey Nap under it.

    Two blankets

    31. A satin scrunchie for 20% off ranging in sizes from mini to XL so you can choose the size of your statement (while keeping you hair back and protected).

    32. An Instagram-famous, celebrity-loved JW Pei handbag for 26% off, plus an extra 12% off in a fun orange color, perfect for making any simple outfit *pop*.

    buzzfeed editor's bag in orange

    33. A shampoo scalp massager for 20% off that'll create an enjoyable lather all the way down to the roots. If you're in for one tingly shower experience that'll probably give you goosebumps, this deal is a no-brainer.