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21 Pieces of Food Jewelry You'll Wear Every Day

You wear what you eat.

1. Golden studs to wear on every taco Tuesday.

2. A pin that's bananas; B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

3. Cupcake earrings that'll whisper ~sweet~ nothings into your ears.

4. Heart pendants that spell out your actual true loves: tacos and BBQ.

Get them both from Urban Outfitters for $58 each.

5. Pizza friendship necklaces for the only person you'd share a slice with.

6. Or just a whole pie to keep for yourself.

7. A pendant that's totally cheesy, but in a good way.

8. A pair of fortune cookie earrings you won't want to crack open.

9. A set of cake pins you can take a bite out of.

10. A fried egg pin for anyone who tops every meal with a runny yolk.

Get it from ShopBop for $15.

11. Tiny hot dog studs that you must(ard) have.

12. A necklace for only the most committed bacon-lovers.

13. A dainty wishbone you won't want to snap in half.

14. A pair of tea set studs for anyone whose favorite meal is teatime.

15. A pineapple ring that'll take you right to the tropics.

16. A burger on a chain that sets the gold standard.

17. And a side of fries to go along with it.

18. A necklace that's the cherry on top of any cute outfit.

19. Sparkly pretzel earrings for anyone feeling a little salty.

20. Mix-n-match red fruit studs to rock all summer.

21. But mostly a ring to remind you it's always snack time.

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